The End

Most will think the title, The End, is connected to my final departure from making music, but that’s far from the truth. It’s symbolic of the season I’m in personally and musically right now. It symbolizes the coming to the end of ourselves, where one door closes so another can open. The state of our nation and the world has caused so many of us to look inward at the legacy we would leave behind if the world were really to end. The end of ourselves is not necessarily the end of our story. The suffering and uncertainty we’re in now feel like the end of everything, but actually, the Lord is clearing the pathway that leads to him and a renewed life!

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Roomis a thought-provoking and introspective album by Christian hip-hop artist Trip Lee. It was released on December 9, 2016 and features a diverse blend of genres including hip-hop, 右&乙, and gospel, creating a unique and powerful sound. With a runtime of 42 分钟, the 10-track album showcases Trip Lee’s exceptional lyricism and storytelling abilities, delivering a message of hope, 信仰, and perseverance in the face of life’s challenges.

Diving into themes of patience, suffering, and the anticipation of God’s promises, “The Waiting Roomis an allegory for the human experience, reflecting the trials and tribulations that individuals face as they navigate through life. Trip Lee’s raw and honest lyrics are complemented by top-notch production, creating an immersive atmosphere that draws listeners in and leaves a lasting impact.

Standout tracks likeToo Cold” 和 “Lord Have Mercyshowcase Trip Lee’s ability to fuse infectious hooks with deep, meaningful lyrics, while tracks likeStill Unashamedfeaturing Tedashii, 和 “Money Upexhibit his prowess in delivering hard-hitting verses that resonate with listeners.

The Waiting Room is a testimony to Trip Lee’s growth as an artist and his commitment to using his platform to share his faith and inspire others. The album is a must-listen for fans of Christian hip-hop and those seeking an authentic, captivating, and uplifting musical experience.



为了传达他的信息, 旅行采取了不同的方法来记录身边这个时候. 相反,与多个生产商的合作, 他与长期生产Gawvi只工作了整张专辑在他的工作室亚特兰大. 从声音, 崛起的第一首单曲 “Shweet” 显示无论Gawvi和跳闸李过人的天赋. 凭借其生产的暗流涌动, 轨道点头纽约风格的讲故事的经典南下休斯顿反弹. 旅行的诗句依然生动,因为他们是至关重要的. 与此同时, “甜蜜的胜利” 从最小的诗句构建成一个彻底的钩子的即时畅快的旅行的传染性流扎根. “马诺洛” 看到他再次组队河段纪录’ 自己为主人兼密友Lecrae. 一起, 他们两个翻转另一嘻哈模式巧妙地编织紧密韵之间烟花.



这张专辑有新的梦想打开, 特色J.R. 昭巴拉卡, 这是一个觉醒的现实是追逐自私的野心将使我们从丰盛的生命上帝希望我们所有. Trip follows with the freeman anthems Robot and I’m Good featuring Lecrae, 这夸自由, 知足和安全性在基督里发现. On Fantasy, 苏茜特色的摇滚, 旅行小心暴露了梦幻世界我们要么住在或长并噩梦就会变成是. 与其他KB合作, 安迪·岭雄, 吉米·尼达姆, V. 罗斯和许多其他, 庆祝生命中的真正救星所带来的美感, 所有的创造者和探宝好. 虽然从肮脏的大米产量, 亚历克斯·梅迪纳, G-样式和约瑟夫Prielozny为生活在基督满意的辉煌背景.



该名男子向上专辑, 在与该男子向上运动相结合, 旨在通过提供配乐的运动回答这个问题! Lecrae, 李之旅, 巴拉卡翔, Tedashii, 临, KB和安迪岭雄呼吁男人在嘻哈文化到真正的圣经男子汉通过总结: 奋勇领先, 拒绝被动, 承担责任,追求谦卑, 通过在基督里的悔改和信心.



旅行李某发现自己在往往很难, 但最终看好状态–注定永生, 但负责通过此导航. 他的第三张专辑, 两个世界之间,提供听众呼应的欢乐和斗争,我们所有的经验作为信徒个人的想法的集合. 开场曲目标题, 现实生活中的音乐, summarizes what to expect from Trip’s latest project.



你看他清楚? 背部采用了第二盘, 旅行李是一个任务给你看神清楚地通过圣经的镜头, 给你一个 20/20 视力. 令人难以置信的特色, 多样的生产, 以及来自Lecrae的一些功能, Tedashii, Shai Linne, 和别的.



李之旅的首张专辑! 这家年轻而毫无顾忌的成员 116 集团制定了一些严重的热 “如果他们只知道”. 你不想错过这一个. 旅行李倒是一吨的不同的问题,你在你的步行与基督面对, 从我们应该如何审视自己的生活一些严重教学上三位一体的第二人. 确保你这个警察的CD和深入的歌词. 你在听到李之旅 116 集团合辑,现在你可以得到他的第一个完整长度的释放与生产由托尼·斯通实打实, JR, Lecrae, 和更多, 再加上一些伟大的功能由大使, Lecrae, Tedashii, 火焰和其他人!