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Built To Brag Pt. 2

Air Jordans are iconic. I didn’t wear them much growing up though, because my parents refused to buy me ridiculously expensive shoes. I didn’t like it, but I knew I would never get my hands on a pair. So I was forced to cope – by pretending they didn’t exist. It was a long couple of years trying to convince myself that Reebok cross trainers were stylish. But as I got older, I realized Jordans were hard to ignore. All of my friends had a pair or two, and one of my friends was downright obsessed with them.

When a new style came out, he wouldn’t just stop by the local Foot Locker when he had some free time; he built his life around getting that new pair. He made sure he knew all the Jordan release dates, he would buy the same shoes in different colors, and he would often spend Saturday mornings camped out in front of shoe stores. It blew my mind. So finally I had to ask myself, “What is so special about these shoes?! Clearly I’m missing out on something.”

My friend’s obsession with Jordans made a statement. Whether true or not, he was saying loud and…

Built To Brag Pt. 1

Nobody likes name droppers. You know who I’m talking about. Those people who want you to know that they know people that you probably want to know. When I think “namedropper,” there’s one guy that immediately comes to mind. I’ve only met him a handful of times, but every time we’ve talked, half of our conversation is taken up with blatant name drops.

He knows a good number of “big time” people, and he has an absurd ability to sneak those names into any conversation. Here’s an example. I say, “Hey man, what time is it?” His reply: “Oh, it’s about noon. Reminds me of that time I played putt putt with Michael Jackson at noon in Paris.” Word?

Honestly, it’s not just name droppers that irk us though. It’s people who brag in general. We get tired of hearing grown men brag about their high school football days (it’s time to move on, sir).  We grow weary of our privileged friends that find some way to tweet about every exotic place they visit. And we don’t have much patience for people who detail for us every expensive item they purchase (unless they’re rappers, of course). Whether it’s covertly bragging about who you…