Are You Living the Good Life?

Earlier this year I went on tour with my new book, 美好生活. Each night, I gave a talk that tried to answer the question, “What does it mean to live the good life?” In Chattanooga, 田納西州, we recorded the message and I’ve posted it above. The book released on October 1, 2012 and you can purchase it 呢度. To learn more about the book you can click 呢度. You can purchase The Good Life album 呢度. Are you living the good life?

What is the Good Life?

If there’s any genre of music that’s always talking about and chasing after the good life, it’s hip-hop. I love hip-hop. I have loved hip-hop for my entire life. There’s just something about the drums, and the rhymes, and the energy that’s always drawn me in. When I was a teenager, when I wasn’t in class or asleep – or asleep in class – I was listening to my favorite rappers. I used to hang on their every word, and they had a lot to say. I know most rappers are not trying to be teachers, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t learning. I listened closely to their ideas about the good life – and I liked what I heard.

I had favorite songs like “Money Ain’t a Thing,” and I was listening to albums with titles like “Get Rich or Die Trying.” So it really isn’t surprising that my idea of the good life was having a wallet so stuffed that it wouldn’t even close. It wasn’t all about money, 雖然. I learned about hedonism, casual sex, materialism, irresponsibility, laziness, drugs, and getting respect – all as pieces to the puzzle that is the

The Good Life Mini Documentary

Take a look behind the scenes with Trip Lee as he discusses highs and lows in the process of making his latest albumThe Good Life.

Lord of the Demons

I want to begin by thinking about stories. Since the beginning of time there have been certain common themes that run through our stories. We have love stories, comedies, and tragedies – or the mixture of all those in one known as romantic comedy. But across all those kinds of movies, there are two themes that almost always show up: good and evil.

Think about your favorite movies. In Braveheart, Scotland and William Wallace are good, while England and King Edward are bad. In the Chronicles of Narnia the kids and Aslan are good, and the witch is bad. Even in Disney movies, this is true. In Aladdin, Aladdin and the genie are good, but Jafar is bad. Don’t act like you don’t know about Aladdin.

You always want the good side to win and most of the time they would.

So when we begin to talk about Jesus and when we begin to talk about God people sometimes think in the same categories. They think of the universe as a cosmic battle between God and the Devil. And like all of our favorite stories, we’re anticipating the end to see who wins. Is Jesus just an


正如你哋好多人所知道嘅, 我一直在寫一本書,以配合我嘅最新專輯, 美好生活. 好啦,呢本書將於10月與穆迪出版社一起發行 1, 2012. 喺下面嘅新聞稿中閱讀更多相關信息. 並轉到 在發佈時收到通知.

嘻哈歌手TRIP LEE將發行處女作 美好生活 10月 1, 2012 透過穆迪出版社


洛杉磯, 加利福尼亞州. (可能 17, 2012) –Billboard排行榜榜首的嘻哈歌手Trip Lee正在為他的處女作做準備, 美好生活 (穆迪出版社). 佢四月份發行嘅最新專輯嘅延續 10, 2012 透過覆蓋記錄, 美好生活 將於10月喺全國門店上市 1, 2012.

朕多年來, 我一直喺做挑戰我哋嘅世界觀並指向基督嘅音樂 – 但音樂一直存在侷限性, 因為一首歌中你只能傳達好多嘢,"特里普話. “The

The Good Life is here!

My fourth solo album, “The Good Lifehas officially been released! Buy the album from iTunes 呢度. You can also pick the album up in stores at Lifeway, Family Christian, Mardel, and Target & Wal-Mart (select stores).

Also, you can watch the new video for “I’m Goodfeaturing Lecrae 呢度. We partnered with Voice of the Martyrs on this one to raise awareness about persecution and encourage believers to stand firm.

Join me in praying that the Lord would use this project to challenge and encourage many!

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

It’s normal to remember the day of somebody’s death. Anyone who’s lost a loved one knows that you’ll never forget the day they passed on. It’s the end of a life, and it’s heartbreaking.

当然, as a human race, we don’t only remember loved ones. When important public figures die prematurely, we remember and mourn the day they were taken from us as well. Our nation remembers the day Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, and the day John F Kennedy was killed. But those particular days are never referred to as good. Those were horrific days, where beloved men were murdered by malicious assassins.

然而, two thousand years ago Jesus of Nazareth was murdered by his own malicious assassins, and we remember that day as “GoodFriday. What’s so good about the day when the most talked about man in human history was violently beaten and killed by his enemies?

The fact that wicked men would plot to murder the Son of God is tragic and it’s undoubtedly the greatest sin ever committed. But his death is unlike any other death before it or after it . We can call that day “Good” Friday for many reasons. He are two.



"我好好” 係我嘅新專輯最後嘅歌曲之一, 美好生活. lecrae 同我實際上寫了一首完全唔同嘅歌, 我中意佢在一開頭. 但最終我哋決定係非常好嘅; 我哋想推出一些偉大嘅嘢. 所以我打咗幾個節拍為佢, 我都冇寫歌詞, 但, 我哋都鍾意呢人. 是史詩, 積極, 和引人注目.

我告訴他, 我想寫首國歌, 傳達我哋喺基督的安全. 我想鼓勵基督徒停止生活喺恐懼同開始生活喺羅馬人 8. 我哋決定 "我好好"” 主題, 我們請求上帝的幫助, 我哋開始寫喺到埗嘅亞特蘭大工作室嘅對面角落. 嗰晚我哋錄低咗大部分嘅聲, 當一切都完成了, 我愛佢.


诗 1:
我聽講麻煩來了, 死亡係我嘅門前
恐懼說我會滅亡兄弟, 但唔係我既主所講嘅


For the first half of 2011, I did no songs, no features, no shows, no nothing. I moved to Washington DC and took about 5 months off for a pastoral internship. Even though I wasn’t traveling the world and standing in front of a sea of people every night, it was one of the most fruitful seasons of my life. When the internship ended I started traveling again and slowly started working on new music. Around fall I kicked into full gear working on my fourth solo album. And after months of hard work, the album is pretty much done.

I can’t even express how excited I am to release it. I’m always looking to give people something I haven’t given them before. I don’t want to remake an album I’ve already made. I want to give you a new album, with new music, and new ways of celebrating the same old truth.

In 2006 on my first album, 如果佢哋淨係知, I wanted to tell people about a glorious God who I wanted them to know. In 2008, “20/20came out and I wanted to encourage folks to see the Lord with real vision. 2 years later, “Between Two