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Does it Matter if Jesus Rose?

Well we are around that time of year. One of the two times many of us go to our mom’s church, or put on a nice easter suit and head to a nearby church building. I know some of y’all already have your easter suit and dress picked out.

It seems everybody gets takes part in the festivities. Christmas and Easter are those interesting times of year when even people who usually don’t care about Jesus get involved in some way. There are easter eggs and easter candy for sale everywhere. There are easter programs, and parades. Easter takes over a little bit, though many don’t believe in the easter story.

It’s not surprising though because Easter and Christmas have become cultural events. They’ve turned into little more than national holidays, family reunions, and opportunities for retailers to make some more money. Of course, those who believe in the birth and death of Christ celebrate that, but it’s not required.

I remember growing up my family would go all out for easter. We’d go to the mall the week before and take picture with the Easter Bunny. I personally think that is the creepiest of all the holiday mascots. A gigantic…

The Temptation of Jesus

For Christians, the question is not whether or not we will face temptation, but how we will respond when we do. In Luke 4:1-2, we read about the temptation of Jesus and how He responded. Here’s the audio from a brief sermon I preached on that passage at my church a few months back. I wanted to look at Jesus’ temptation, reflect on His obedience, and think about what we can learn from this scene. What are the things WE should remember in times of temptation? Here are the main points:

I. God Allows and Uses Temptation as Part of His Plan

II. Weakness is Not an Excuse to Give In to Temptation

III. The Tempter Has Already Been Defeated

The Temptation of Jesus by BragOnMyLord

I pray it’s an encouragement to you

I Take It, Then, That Unbelief In Jesus

I take it, then, that unbelief in Jesus (NOT believing in Jesus) is a turning away from Jesus in order to seek satisfaction in other things. And BELIEF in Jesus is coming to Jesus for the satisfaction of our needs and our longings.

Belief is not mainly an agreement with facts in the head; it is mainly an appetite in the heart which fastens on Jesus for satisfaction. [Jesus says,] ‘He who comes to me shall not hunger and he who believes in me shall never thirst!’

John Piper