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Khiav 12: All My Love

Intro: (Natalie)
I see you watching
Do you like what you see?
Am I single?
Qhov tshij, sorta kinda maybe
What did you have in mind?
Your face looks familiar
I see you all the time
And I can keep you company tonight
You ain’t gotta tell nobody
Ain’t nobody else around watching
Yeah just say the word and you got it
Right here, right now

Nqe 1:
Jay was lonely
And he’s looking for love on the net
A man has needs, what you expect?
He looked through all their pages
And when he found her man he lost his breath
Cause it was love at first sight when they met
His heart beating hard
She was kinda light skinned, eyes like he liked them
Can’t fight them feelings when they hit you this hard
It’s long distance, so he’s with her online all the time
He’s at work but this girl’s on his mind all the time
He can’t wait to see her, she got them banging features
When they together he don’t mind he gotta pay with Visa
His homies warned himslow down that woman can’t complete you
But he’s in the game of love he don’t want to stay in bleachers
Or so he thinks, What I forgot to say is
Jay is married and his heart’s supposed to be

Tsuas Vaj tswv tau txiav txim kuv?

Kuv nyiam tawm tswv yim txog tus vaj tswv yuav rau peb lub neej, Txawm tias thaum twg tus neeg IDEA nrog kuv hais txog nws. Sib tau tseem ceeb ceev real ho – tshwj xeeb tshaj yog thaum peb nyob nraum sib tham txog teeb meem controversial. Yog tsis txhob qhia rau lwm tus neeg uas koj xav tias tsuav yog tsis lom zem. Li ntawd, kuv yuav ua tiag ceev faj txog cov lo lus kuv, thiab cias li vaj tswv hais tias, es kuv lub tswvyim. Zoo li clockwork, ho, hauv tej kis thaum sib tham tus, lawv yuav dawj trump card: "Tab sis tsis cov ntawv Vajtswv kuj hais tsis tau txiav txim? Koj conveniently raug hla lawm pem nqe vaj lug kub ntawd, huh?"Nws yeej tsis.

Hauv Matthew 7 Yexus hais tias, "Tsis txiav txim, los yog koj thiab yuav tsum siv." Txawm tias cov neeg ntawm peb cov neeg twb tsis txhob nyeem cov ntawv Vajtswv yuav cim qhov no nws sermon word rau word. Qhov no tej zaum yuav nqe ntawv Vajtswv tshaj plaws zoo paub hauv peb hnub. Thiab nws yuav hais tau lub tshaj misunderstood

Misunderstanding no nqe vaj lug kub txhais tau tias peb tsis nkag siab li cas peb nyob nraum thiab nyiam ib leeg. Vim li ntawd nws yog ib qho tseem ceeb uas peb nug txog rau lo lus nug: Dab tsi yog Yexus txhais tias thaum nws qhia rau peb cov tsis tau txiav txim?

Nws tsis txhais li cas

Lis xaus tag los, Kuv niam thiab kuv kawm ib tug txij nkawm Rhiav ntawm peb lub tsev teev ntuj. As we walked through every

The Greatest Love of All

Everybody wants to be loved. Whether we admit it or not, all of us have this natural desire to feel adored and appreciated by others. Many of us spend our entire lives searching for someone to love us, in hopes that somebody- anybody- will satisfy this longing inside.

Well if you’re planning to lose yourself in romance today and you’re hoping that you’ll finally satisfy that longing, I want you to know that your aim is too low. You won’t find the greatest love of all at a candle light dinner tonight. Txawm li cas los, there is an all powerful, all satisfying, perfect love available to you. There’s a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine. His love isn’t fickle and you don’t have to woo Him or work for it.

Does God Love Us?

I know sometimes many of us wonder whether or not God really loves us. He seems so far away. And maybe we’d stop doubting if He did something to make it clear for us. The truth us, He already has. The Bible says, “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

And again it says, “For God so