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Track 14: Sweet Victory

Hook: (Dmitri)
I feel thorns where my crown was
I’ll be weak but I’m alive
From the dust until dawn yeah
I’ll survive cause I got
Sweet Victory
Nobody can take it from me
Sweet victory
Cause I got, sweet victory yeah

Verse 1:
You see me limping , I know you see me limping
You can’t tell on these CDs, but bro I’m knee deep in it
I’m wading in my weakness, he made me dependent
I’d be lying through my teeth to say I don’t resent it
Even as I write these lines I’m close to tears
My body ain’t been working right for seven years
So miss me with that “keep your chin up try to smile”
Bruh I’m twenty-six, I should feel better by a mile
Keep all your anecdotes and cute quotes
I’ll pass on clichés for true hopes, he’s too dope


Post Hook:
Toast to the King, cheers to the ceiling
Feeling good we gon’ to make it to the finish
Sweet victory
You hear me, holla if you feel me
We still running even though we limping
Sweet victory
Cause we winning, yeah you know we winning
Even though we winded we still in it
Sweet victory
Cause we winning, yeah you know we winning, now we live in
Sweet victory

Verse 2:
They see me on the stage, they…

Track 13: I’m Gone

Verse 1:
It’s something on my mind do you got a moment?
Soapbox swag, I just got upon it
I been in these chains and I’m tired of it
(Car noise) I know you hear these tires rubbing
Screeching down the road, gotta get away
I plotting my escape, I think this the day
‘Cause I been in bondage do his dishonest lies
Tried to free myself but wasn’t qualified
Get em high, get em high, get em high
Novacane in my body, no I ain’t feeling lies
They say that I’m salty and they can criticize
But I’m praying for slaying, can’t wait for his demise
Before you groan, and tell people I’m gone
I’m talking bout the loser Lucifer, you know he wrong
I know you ain’t posed to break up on the phone
Is it wrong if I break up in a song?

I hear what you saying, but I don’t believe you
‘Cause you just be lying, and I don’t need you
I got a new Lord, I know I don’t see you
But I see right through you, so I gotta leave you
(Repeat 2X)

Verse 2:
How many times do I gotta
Tell y’all that I refuse to follow
That bad deal, cause that old master kills
Call me Harriet I’m trying to get…

Track 12: All My Love

Intro: (Natalie)
I see you watching
Do you like what you see?
Am I single?
Well, sorta kinda maybe
What did you have in mind?
Your face looks familiar
I see you all the time
And I can keep you company tonight
You ain’t gotta tell nobody
Ain’t nobody else around watching
Yeah just say the word and you got it
Right here, right now

Verse 1:
Jay was lonely
And he’s looking for love on the net
A man has needs, what you expect?
He looked through all their pages
And when he found her man he lost his breath
Cause it was love at first sight when they met
His heart beating hard
She was kinda light skinned, eyes like he liked them
Can’t fight them feelings when they hit you this hard
It’s long distance, so he’s with her online all the time
He’s at work but this girl’s on his mind all the time
He can’t wait to see her, she got them banging features
When they together he don’t mind he gotta pay with Visa
His homies warned him “slow down that woman can’t complete you”
But he’s in the game of love he don’t want to stay in bleachers
Or so he thinks, What I forgot to say is
Jay is married and his heart’s supposed to be…

Track 11: Lazarus

Verse 1:
Boy I hopped out the grave good morning
I been sleeping for too long I’m yawning
Everybody talking trying to see me, disbelief
Like how he breathing? He was six feet deep
Boy what you saying? Hold up shut your mouth
Dead men can’t holla, what you talking bout?
‘Cause once through that door it ain’t walking out
But let me take you back in time to my coffin now
Ooh know you smell it in the air
Cause I been in the grave for too long I swear
People crying I’m missing, obituary been written
My face pale, they can’t tell your boy about to be risen
Close the coffin, call the preacher, he so gone
It’s over can’t nobody reach him, say so long
But hold on, before you cry and run out
I heard somebody coming, saying something yelling, “come out”

Hopped up out the grave, good morning
I been sleeping for too long I’m yawning
They buried me in black suit, black tie
I’m alive and I woke up looking fly
So from now on

From now on you can call me Lazarus
From now on you can call me Lazarus
From now on you can call me Lazarus
Former dead man walking Lazarus (Repeat)

Verse 2: (This’l)
They got a missing persons report and…

Track 10: Something New

Hold up, hold up
Let me get another one (Repeat 4X)

Boy you know I got them J’s, rock them on my feet
Caught up in the craze, my closet ain’t complete
You know I got them 5’s and I just got them 12’s
But you know them 1’s I really wanted is on sale
So a couple more clicks on the site, till I’m feeling just right
Bruh I gotta keep my sneaker game tight
If everybody got them homie that ain’t what I like
Now everybody wanna be like me instead of Mike
My addiction isn’t women or the booze
Sneakerheads anonymous, I’m itching for some shoes
Put it on my card, I ain’t got nothing to lose
Sometimes I wonder what it is I wanna to prove
Cause I wan’t something new
What I got it won’t do
I think I got some kinda flu
Cause I’m addicted to that new
It got me like

Yeah it got me like
Hold up, hold up
Let me get another one (Repeat 4X)

Track 9: Insomniac

Verse 1:
I’m going in today
This my only shot
My life could end today
Yeah my heart stop
If I go out tonight I’m going out on top
I give it all this life ain’t all I got
Yessir now wait a minute bruh
I see y’all rocking with your hands high
Waiting for that beat to take off, 808’s on standby
When I’m breathing bangers I say statements that I stand by
The ground gon shake when that beat drop, landslide
Please let me off my leash
I feel it, I feel it, I’m feeling too good
Like I’m a beast
Like a gorilla who’s real in the hood
So I’m going on and on
I’ll be resting when I’m gone
Rise and grind is what I’m on
Bruh that’s why I wrote the song
Tonight I’m going off like
My life span just lasts all night
If I don’t wake up in the morning, bruh I’m gon be alright
Throw caution to the wind
Let go we bout to go in
No slowing down, we gon win
No slowing down, we know him

Tonight I’ll risk it all to follow
And live like my life’s over tomorrow
We love it
We go hard all week
’Til it’s over ain’t no sleep cause we getting it getting it getting it

We be getting it…

Track 8: Beautiful Life 2 (Mine)

Oh, I love you, yeah
Like no other, yeah
When I see you smile you shine just like the summer, yeah

Verse 1:
You know that feeling when them words fail
It’s hard to verbalize what I wanna tell
To my mini me, my little man
Be talking baby talk, I don’t know what you be saying
But it’s music to my ears though
Boom bap to your daddy when I’m near though
Mommy put you in them polos and skinnies
Curly fro wild, you be flyer than a leer though
You got that mixed kid swag on them
Looking like your mama and your dad on them
Straight out the womb you was real fresh
I cried so hard till I ain’t have tears left
Since then you keep a smile on my face
Wrestling and dancing, wild in the place
Look I know you got my name
But I want wearing his living for his fame, I love you

Oh, I love you
Like no other
When I see you smile you shine just like the summer
My vision can’t be clearer no no no
Cause you’re beautiful, it’s no wonder I love you

I can’t believe you’re mine, I can’t believe you’re mine
You’re always on my mind, I can’t believe you’re all mine (2X)

Post hook:
I can’t…

Track 7: All Rise Up

If we all rise up, oh yeah oh yeah (repeat)

Verse 1:
I know I don’t deserve to touch the mic bro
But this craft is something that I would fight for
I’m in the lab with this pen and a pad
Knowing I might finish last, that ain’t really why I write though
Let’s go back in time to ’04
I met 116, quickly I was on board
Fast forward four years, we on tour
And we ain’t know just what he had in store
But now here we are ten years later, flows got greater
Bonds got closer, plus it’s more haters
Saying we just do it for dough, but they won’t break us
‘Cause the Lord we serve with the flow he is so gracious
And if they ask me why I do it
I tell them it’s the music of a movement
Yeah I’m speaking for my unashamed crew
That will never touch a stage but they’re walking in his newness
Rise up

Pre Hook:
If we all rise up
That would be my dream
We should all rise up
And give a standing O for the king cause he’s good

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah
We should all rise up and give a standing O for the king cause he’s good (3X)


Track 5: You Don’t Know

Some days I feel so close
And some days it seems so far
Surely goodness and mercy shall always follow
And never return void, oh
Hallelujah being the highest praise
I’ll give it to you gladly all my days
I just hope that all my life conveys that I mean every word, ooh
Even with evil with me
Jesus, Oh Jesus, My Jesus, that’s why I love you so

Verse 1:
Boy I feel like I’m gliding
Running to make my election sure, Obama Biden (get it?)
Everyday I’m homiciding
Killing that villain within me, sometimes it’s traumatizing (ain’t it?)
But bro it’s not surprising
That it brings me joy when I cling to his word
I’m promise riding
I promise I been regretting it when I’m not abiding
I’ve been exposed, but I’m in him
Synonym: I’m in hiding
Feel like I got a hole in one
They throwing shade, but I’m beaming cause I know the Son
Feel like I’m dreaming with eyes open, my minds floating
Gliding by sky rises, cloud 9 that’s my ocean
Swimming in that ozone layer layer
Hey I’m soaking
But he lit that fire up under my behind I’m smoking
Can’t undermine him, he’s higher than us you silly boy
Look I just say all that to say man I’m feeling joy

The way you…

Track 4: Manolo

I do it for the turn up
Got that ammo locked and loaded
I ain’t talking about no burner
Flip a page, I’ll explode it

Got a cabin in Manolo (nolo)
Manolo (nolo) Manolo (nolo) Manolo (Repeat 2X)

Verse 1 (Trip):
Trying to tell them boys I never leave the crib alone
Cause I keep one in my car and I got two at home
They different kinds, but they do the same thing
Double edge, double barrel, bang bang
I’m out here facing dragons, I ain’t out my mind
They coming for my soul, so it’s bout that time
Them lies they trying to kill me, if you don’t believe me
I don’t care, I don’t care, I can’t take it easy
I’m flipping a page, I’m trigger-happy a clip and a gauge
Clicking it, hitting the stage
Hit you with truth, its in every phrase
He cut me deep I’m diving, I’m diving in
When I ride I got that fire fire, I’m alive again


Verse 2 (Lecrae):
Manolo Manolo, I’m out here going postal
My partners think I lost it, my mama think I’m loco
I keep my shooter close though, you know it’s fully automatic
Shoot you straight, man that truth will do you plenty damage
I got enemies I can’t see them all but…

Track 3: Shweet

Get them hands in the air
Make a little noise in the stands if you there
Brag on the Godman if you dare, only if you dare
That’d be shweet
What if when you brag it wasn’t ‘bout the clothes with the tags?
That’d be shweet
What if when you brag it was bout him who’s the first and the last?
That’d be shweet

Post Hook:
I heard them talking like they hot man
Somebody got them gassed up, on that octane
Look I hate to tell them they ain’t better
Better get a umbrella, God reigns

Verse 1:
Let’s go back in time to late eighties
D town hold me down, that’s where they made me
When I’m back there, I ain’t vaca-ing (vacationing)
Feels like I’m home, thinking about staying, I ain’t staying though
Ooh already already
Lone star state bred, how could I forget it
But I ain’t pop up out the blue
It’s fly how he knit me, I ain’t talking bout the shoe, shoot
I got a lot of problems but I’m straight, that’s shweet
I know my God will toss them in the lake, that’s shweet
How many times I gotta tell you he’s the boss and to him anything’s a piece of cake?

Post Hook

Verse 2:
I been in the A a…

Track 2: Lights On

Oh oh, the light
We don’t know where we going (repeat)

Verse 1:
Look around it’s all dark, all black everything
Like the million man march, but I’m talking bout everything
Dark hearts, dark souls
Dark minds writing dark flows
Can I get a little light though?
Is that something I can fight for?
Hey we so blind we don’t know
On that highway we go
Go full speed ahead, flying but we low
But we don’t know just what he got in store, no more falling for the okie doke
Nope, he can give us sight for things we never saw before
‘Till that light get to glowing, we don’t know where we going
But it ain’t no google map for life, and it’s like our headlights are broken
Proof: we flashing, passing on some treasure that’s golden
For some nickel and copper, trying to get glory that’s stolen
And reaping what we sowing
Hey we all got dreams, this is mine
I’m praying that he’ll flip that switch and shine, kids are blind
We know you got it, Lord we know you got it
Only you can take us higher, you the pilot
Lights please

We don’t know where we going
We so far from our home
We don’t know where we going
Blackout, no power’s on
We don’t know…

Track 1: Rise

Today’s the day when we all rise
My anchor’s gone so watch me come alive
Together we stand against the burning lies
And now that I found my wings I’m ready to go
Rise, we all rise
Oh oh oh
We all rise
Oh oh oh
Today’s the day

Verse 1:
Hold up I’m back to boast on these tracks like
I’m mad at em, might back slap mics
Never mind mind the fact I never left I’m hype
Listen up right you ain’t gotta ask me twice
I’m here, I’m here to brag on him like I’m known for
While folks snore I’ma go for it
My God ain’t no folklore, ‘cause he real, he real
Now to the topic at hand
I know the designer, he’s higher than pilots who fly up in clouds he designed with his hands
I’m writing to tell you this life is a flash in a pan
How I’ma retire when we need a cryer to tell us to rise up and stand?
Check yo plans
My dude, that grave ain’t your home
Cause you been underground way too long
Six deep with a date on your stone
All they say, “That boy gone”
Come on, don’t you wanna go home?
Don’t you wanna be more than a clone?
Do you know that you’re loved…

iLove Lyrics

These are lyrics from my song iLove on my new album “The Good Life.” Anybody else suffer from iLove?

Verse 1:

My girlfriend’s name starts with an I

Shines bright like stars in the sky

Stays by my side, when its dark she’s the light

She befriends many, and we get lost in her eyes

Staring at her instead of watching our steps

Run to her when we wake without catching our breath

She’s addicting, the truth: we’re fiends

But we ain’t sniffing glue, we’re just glued to the screens

She rules us, see the proof when she rings

We’d probably take two of her over two human beings

Her sisters? Some bigger some smaller

We sync her with em daily to keep her in order

We get her when she drops even if we can’t afford her

Ask me if I really need her? I be like, “sort of”

But when I seen her at the mall I had to court her

I keep her in accessories, ya boy do spoil her

I want her in my life, I’d do anything for her

Forget about a dime boy, she’s more like a quarter

I’m with her all the time, it ain’t nobody cooler

She’s a lil jealous man and I don’t wanna lose her

So instead of spending time with…

I’m Good Explained

I’m Good” was one of the last songs to be recorded for my new album, The Good Life. Lecrae and I actually wrote and recorded an entirely different song, and we liked it at first. But eventually we decided it was just pretty good; and we wanted to put out something great. So I played a few beats for him that I hadn’t written lyrics for yet, and we were both in love with this one. It was epic, aggressive, and catchy.

I told him I wanted to write an anthem that communicated our security in Christ. I wanted to encourage Christians to stop living in fear and start living in Romans 8. We decided on the “I’m Good” theme, we asked the Lord for help, and we started writing in opposite corners of Reach’s Atlanta studio. We recorded most of our vocals that night, and when it was all done we loved it.

Hopefully this explanation of the lyrics will help us to digest the content…

Verse 1:
I hear the trouble’s coming for me, death is at my door way/
Fear says I’ma perish bro, but that ain’t what my Lord say/
He said…