5 Foveisque de Social Media

Guest Post a Jessica Barefield

Permissum mihi satus importat impugnationem dando. Haec est quam malo amicabiliter interventus. In mensura, cum status ad dextrum cordis, potest esse mirabile. Illud autem quod dictum est in parte aliqua fovea amicabiliter interventus potest examinare et exhortandos pro vita vestra consummationem enim et quantum ad participationem amicabiliter interventus. Isti sunt quinque viis pascent, quod amicabiliter interventus non desideriis carnis nostrae.

1. Social Media non consumis tempus tuum

Haec nihil est quod non prius, sed repetenda est. Nos in memoriam Ephesians 5:16-17 et quia dies mali sunt, ut nobis optime utatur temporis. Quod facere non posset paulisper quippe omnibus locis. Dum expectat tempus sit, servare possemus orare pro populo nostro album extra minutis telephonum in oratione pro nobis impendet familiares. quidem, uno aut altero, Facebook rea exigens, omnes horas in die et non aperiens verbum Dei. Quoniam a Domino datum est repente, pretium quaerunt te, "Est operae pretium esse posse aliquid in expendendo tempus?"Maxime in tempus,, Et respondendum est, quod sic forte.

2. Amicabiliter interventus suggestus dat ut omne cogitationis,

Amicabiliter interventus stipes consensionem esse puto in dolo ratus, paulo post aliquid 'OK. querimur, anonymously ut bash populo, et in contemptum nos potestatem,, et nos dicimus quod de fieri, uerum non quasi hominibus. Uos autem non satis credimus ex eo. Ne erres in cubiculum tuum, iam non erit qui stet contra faciem cum Deo vivo et privatum rationem reddere verbis. Matthew satis aperte nos monet,, "Et erit in die judicii,, omne verbum otiosum quod locuti fuerint homines, reddent rationem. "Et iterum commoneri nos monet de Statu nostro update.

3. Social media can fuel discontentment

Expendendo tempus extenditur perfundens agere et dicere quod alii, trahit et non attendamus ad universos desunt ex omnibus. Merito potest cur eadem non contemplantibus nobis. Quod illa auctoritas non puto? Utinam sic esset oratio. Et novam domum modo est maior quam nostrum! Si sunt non diligenter, XXX minutes in Facebook aut Pinterest potest relinquam vos Sententia, sterilis, invenustum, cum vita sua et underwhelmed. Hebrews hortatur nos, "Ab amore pecuniae custodiat animam tuam, contenti quid habes, ipse enim dixit:, Quia non dimittet, nec derelinquet te. "Non possumus nobis contenti denique omnia, quae necessaria sunt, quia credentes in Christo. Vide an vero in usum tuum cedent amicabiliter interventus iuvat aeternum credis hoc.

4. Social media can fuel pride and keep you inwardly focused

Social Media possit cito nostri pro sui promotionem podium. We have to ask ourselves what our motivation really is for posting the things that we do. Quaero utrum sympathia sive laudis? An gloriaris amet velit vel rerum cogitatione nos arbitremur? Tu quam multa constanter reprehendo "similia" vel "Retweets" accepit post te? Omnes de his, quae superbia, et pabulum, nos focused in nobis. Hoc est quod maxime difficile ultra foveam suggestum suos cuique familiares. Whether you do music or have a popular blog, milia auditis quia non omnia quae dicenda sunt animo. Considerandum est quod Retweets, Comments, et similia, non esse legitimam, quod sponte det post nos. Deus videt in corde et causam recte confici non seducat post. Et Samuel, I 2:3 cautiones, "Nolite multiplicare loqui sublimia gloriantes recedant vetera de ore vestro loquimini, quia Deus scientiarum Dominus est et ipsi praeparantur cogitationes. "

5. Social media can distort our view of relationships

Quia amicabiliter interventus est beneficium pro consanguinitates, Incommodum est,. Facile est ut cum his qui te diligunt (maybe etiam facile?). Adhuc abyssus Operor vos have, significanti sermone in persona,? It is easy to keep up with a lot of people you love—and a lot of people you don’t even know (fortasse nimis?). Oversaturated apud vos singula 300 bene facitis quod non es hominibus vitae amare 10 et tibi septem ebdomades? Nos mox ut doceant nos perussi notitia pro suos populi. Aliquis certus de vita communi omnium vestrum de via amicabiliter interventus non idem sit amicus. Sed quid est esse perfectum exemplar hic est verus amicus. Jesus docet,, "Hoc est praeceptum meum,: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, ut animam suam ponat quis pro amicis suis. "tabulae status updates summa plus Amicitia. Amicitia est sacrificium,. At alter alterius onera portantes. Suus 'non-virtualis est tangibile.

Jessica Barefield vivit in Washington D.C. cum viro Trip, et filii eorum, Q. Vos can lego magis domi Blog, Similis Amor.



  1. Xavierquod

    This is so true. I will openly admit that I waste hours and hours of my time and days on social media and all the points brought forward, I can directly relate to. I know in my mind and heart that I want to and have to cut it out, or greatly diminish it, but it isn’t easy. But the message you have conveyed and the words of God that you’re using to reinforce this speak to me clearly. Thank you for this article :)

  2. Tyronquod

    Very good read! Was never involved in social networks until a little over a year ago and these are some of the reasons why. I have actually been thinking about deleting my social networks to focus on what needs to be focused on. Lot of good points here. Thank you for taking your time to write it and share.

  3. Danielaquod

    Curabitur! Sic verum est. I definitely need to work on my social media intake. It’s very consuming one of the very reasons I stopped getting on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Staceyquod

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been fighting with myself about getting on Facebook. Seems lately all it does is make mad angry. This was everything I needed to hear and will reread when I need to be reminded. Thank you and Trip. Deus benedicat.

  5. Eulaivi Clutarioquod

    You are an inspiration! So many good points you have here. Praise God for your wisdom that’s understandable and very relevant to our generation! :)

  6. kasewequod

    I have been cut to heart by this powerful sharing. I believe we are all found wanting in this area. Thanks Trip and Jessica. May God continue to use you .

  7. Calebquod

    Bene dictum! I’ve had some of these same thoughts about social media over the past fee years. Keep writing!


  8. CLARAquod

    Thank you so much Jessica for these words that are so true and conviction given. May God continue to use you and you household :-)

  9. Angelaquod

    Thank you for this enlightening post! This should prompt us to fix our eyes on Jesus and less on others and self.


  10. Marcusquod

    Gratias tibi tam, for thelittle peoplewith out a voice it speaks numbers to think oursocialvalue is derived from social media. Thanks for the wake up call !

  11. Oyishoma Emmanuelquod

    That is so true. We waste precious time on social networks without purpose, and whenever purpose is not on ground, abuse is inevitable. I myself i’m guilty of this at times; but i pray for the grace to redirect my priorities.

  12. ADIN MOOREquod

    This is a really good post. Thank you for sharing it with us, enjoyed reading it and it opening my eyes to the pitfalls of social media. :) gratia vobis, & pacem.

  13. Josephquod

    Exactly why I PERMANENTLY deleted my Fakebook in early 2012. Just like how I gave up cable TV in 2001, I don’t miss either Fakebook or TV. FB makes it easy to love yourself, which is idolatry. Being on the computer for work (video editing) is all the more reason why I do not want to spend time on it in my free time, but it is so easy to waste time on the computer. If I’m on YouTube, it’s to watch edifying videos from other Christians. I HIGHLY recommend every Christian to read this article: “Forming our Souls with Facebookby Shane Hipps (Second Nature Journal dot com)

  14. Barbaraquod

    Omg I was so convicted last week by exactly what you saidspending hours on facebook that should be spending in the word! I love this blogkeep the knowledge coming!

  15. Priscillaquod

    I like your balanced position; not completely condemning social media, yet pointing out the issues/tendency for sinfulness. Reminds me of iLove.

  16. Susanquod

    Thank you Jessica for this article & thank you Trip for posting on fb so I could see it & come to the blog to read it.

  17. Christaquod

    Curabitur! This is amazing! Every point hit me and I really needed to hear it. Gratias tibi tam. Deus benedicat!

  18. Rozquod

    Lorem tam huius. It is so very insightful and has helped me a lot in recognizing that I need to limit my time with social media. Many of the things you’ve described are all things I can relate to. Spending too much time on social media is not beneficial for my spirit your blog has really put it in words for me. Again thanks so much

  19. Clement Magomboquod

    God bless you for sharing this. I need to be pure and thoughtful in whatever I do online/offline. Gratia vobis, et pax,

  20. Adamquod

    This article caught my eye quick because my job is online and a big part of it is social media. Before this was my job I could completely relate to this. It really can be a time waster if there is no self control. It should be something approached with caution for sure!

  21. Naishaquod

    I saw this link on my Facebook and was dreading to read it because I knew it would convict me and today I said, “Consentio… Let me have it.lol. Just about everything in here is true about how I spend my time online and I am going to assume that the person who wrote this article would not have posted this if she had not struggled with this herself in some way. So it is nice to know that there are other people who carry or did carry the same burden. At church you tend to feel like you shouldn’t admit to stuff like this, because we have created the idea that no one else struggles with it. Just the other day I was talking to my husband and telling him how I deleted some apps on my ipod (yes I still have an ipod and not an iphone, by choice) because it created unhealthy/ungodly thinking. I use to play Home Design where you can create your dream home and in turn I would become so depressed with the house we live in. I still love playing Mall World on FB and confessed to my husband that I like it because my avatar is someone I am not, she is pretty, skinny, independant and it is fantasy that I enjoy living through. Maybe I sound weird or people may think I shared too much but this is my own conviction. Thank you for reinforcing what I know by sharing your own conviction with us writer and other commenters.

  22. ChinaJohnsonquod

    I will be deleting my Facebook and Instagram for a while. This was my wake up call. My husbands has been telling me about this and the discontentment has gone too far! Thank you Jessica!

  23. RJquod

    Gratias tibi! I’m gonna take a week long break from Facebook, Email, and Instagram and work on those relationships I have with people I see in my daily life.

  24. Tacitusquod

    Fantastic stuff! I’m a high school student and the part about putting so much stock into retweets and likes is so true! I definitely think their are some good things that can come out of Twitter/Facebook but it’s all about where you heart is!

  25. Dictum: Daily thesauri | thesaurizas Christi


    Wow thank God that was written for me,may the life giver always bless you and your family.Trip has always been the man of days The music,writtens etc keeps me awake.we thank God for you

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  28. Mirandaquod

    Really good post! Social media can be a little too much but when I see souls reach and they are planted into a church with their families and serving in church and in their community with the families.. That’s amazing to me.

  29. Keinyaquod

    Curabitur. This really spoke to me and I appreciate it. It’s so well articulated and has some great advice on ways to reflect. Gratias tibi!

  30. Marjoriequod

    Thank you for posting this! I’m so glad God led me to your blog today because I definitely needed to read this!

  31. Jerdonquod

    I love coming to this blog and reading all of these awesome posts by Trip and his wife. Keep up the good work you two!!! Deus benedicat.

  32. TheMesengerquod

    That is sooooo true it can take time away from god also you won’t seem to have the time 4 him we’ll cut it off make the time

  33. katquod

    awesome read. admittedly, i spend too much time looking at pretty boys and pretty things and getting caught up by all these superficial things on tumblr that i tend to push God aside. it’s a sad, sad thing; i could be reading up on His word and spending more time with Him….thanks for the eye opener!

  34. Charityquod

    Curabitur. I thought I was doing good because I was just on two networks. This definitely helped me check myself. I thought because I wasn’t sinning I was okay, and of course there is always room for improvement.

  35. Yashiraquod

    God bless you for sharing this and thank you! This post just got me thinking about the time I waste with social media and its networks. It has helped me to re-think what I’m doing with time.

  36. misericordiaquod

    I agree with every point. I for sure have been avoiding instagram because I found myself comparing my self to other girls on there. It’s not good to feel ungrateful. I like looking at cute animals. Lol
    I considered deleting my fb, instagram accounts numerous times. I do think it’s good for keeping up with family members far apart though. :)

  37. home decorquod

    Excellent blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed ..
    Any ideas? Gratias tibi!