Are You a jó élet?

Korábban ebben az évben mentem turnéra az új könyv, A jó élet. Each night, Adtam egy vita, hogy kerestük a választ a kérdésre, "Mit jelent élni a jó élet?” Chattanooga, TN, felvettük az üzenetet, és én hirdették meg a fenti. A könyv megjelent október 1, 2012 and you can purchase it itt. To learn more about the book you can click itt. Megvásárolhatja The Good Life album itt. Te jó élet?


4 Hozzászólások

  1. sonjjVálasz

    this message is so inspiring!!! Thank you Trip Lee!!! Mint a 45 year young mother of 3 children in their twenties and an eighteen year old I’m always searching for examples of young people that areliving the good lifethrough Christ!!! I will share your message with my children but I will continue to follow you myself because I loved it and I love your music!!!

  2. CherishJesusLuvVálasz

    I am living and He has put His Good Life within me :) And I look forward to living with my King forever in the Goodness of eternal Life with Jesus Christ the one to whom All Honor is due.

  3. SashaVálasz

    The video is a Blessing! I enjoyed watching it. Thank GOD for HIS WORD! Utazás, I do love that you give scripture to back up what you are saying. Very pleasant message and I was definitely laughing at your jokes. So true about that chicken joint!!!