Ширин Ғалаба Видео

Санҷед берун видео барои ширин Ғалаба аз охирин албоми сафар мекунад, Бархезед


20 тафсирњо

  1. Tirzahҷавоб

    Thank you Trip for putting out another album with which to honor our Almighty King. Sweet Victory is near and dear to my heart. At the concert in Plano, Tx, this song felt like a worship song during the concert and what a great worship time it was. Keep praising and honoring Him!!

  2. DerrickMichaelWilliamsҷавоб

    Thank you Trip Lee for your honesty. This album encouraged me during the most difficult time in my life. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. #SweetVictory

    “Вудкои ба Подшоҳи, Барои Саломати! ба шифт, Эҳсоси нек gon ба он кунад, ки ба марра
    пирӯзии ширин
    Ту маро бишнавед, holla, агар шумо ба Ман ҳис, Мо то ҳол иҷро Гарчанде ки мо суст
    пирӯзии ширин”

  3. Carltonҷавоб

    So does the car represent theChristian Lifeor does it represent “Исо”? Or does it represent both? Either way, the video brought me to tears.
    #Ғалабаи ширин

  4. ManuelAdamsҷавоб

    The gospel message and the central theme of Victory through persecution and trials is so needed today. My prayer is that many people will embrace the essential tenant portrayed in this song and video. May God continue to inspire you to make an impact through your gifts.

  5. KIANNAҷавоб

    одам, I took the time to review the lyrics to this song. Let me just say I love the message behind the song. The ultimate victory is the death that Christ died. ҳа, he died but rose with all power. сафари Ли, May God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!