Framtiden för Trip Lee

De flesta av er känner mig som en rappare och artist, men sanningen är, i hjärtat jag har alltid varit en predikant.

Så länge som jag har gjort musik, min djupaste önskan har varit att förkunna evangeliet och förklara godhet och härlighet av Jesus Kristus. Genom Guds nåd jag har haft möjlighet att använda musik för att göra det på en offentlig scen. Jag har älskat varje sekund av det och jag har försökt att göra det med spetskompetens. Över åren, Jag har anade Gud kallade mig och utrusta mig inte bara för att göra musik, men också för att förkunna och att skriva.

Det är därför förra året skrev jag Det goda livet, en bok som dyker djupare in budskapet bakom min spela in med samma titel. Det är också därför jag meddelade i höstas att jag inte skulle resa lika mycket som jag har varit. Jag vill lära sig att vara en trogen pastor, och det kan bara verkligen hända i samband med en lokal kyrka. Så jag tar tid att investera i lärande från gudfruktiga pastorer i min kyrka i Washington, likström. Herren vill, som jag tjänar på personal vid min kyrka, Jag kommer också att kunna utveckla mer av de verktyg jag behöver för att tjäna lång sikt i lokala departement.

Jag litar på Gud att bra dagar är framåt, och oroa dig inte - du kommer att höra mycket mer från mig, från att skriva musik till undervisning och förkunnelse. Jag är tacksam för allt stöd på vägen, och jag inbjuder dig att gå med mig på vägen.


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    • Daniel BlagroveSvar

      No he’s not stepping away from music, he’s devoting more of his time to his pastoral studies and commitment to his local church

    • AlexSvar

      At first I believed he was retiring. Now every time I listen to his old songs, I’m likehe’s coming back, he’s way too good not too. Still one of my favorite artists.

  1. CguerridoSvar

    Awesome it is great to see a young person who is willing to pursue god to the point of stepping down from a career in music as his main focus to putting gods word as a preacher and pastor first. You were already doing that with your music you know, now its a musicless song.

  2. Dervanie CharlesSvar

    Im proud of Trip,for a young person he really gets God.He gets the true meaning for living for God.Keep up the good work TRIP ;)

  3. MalakSvar

    Hey Trip,

    Who do you listen to for sermons? I see Piper’s work interwoven in Reach’s work, what other kind of figures do you listen to for inspiration/enlightenment on scripture?


  4. Jeremydaniel95Svar

    you encouragement makes me feel good in making decision anytime i reflect of some of your music. more grace!

  5. Anthony_NickensSvar

    Definitely understand, the calling of a shepherd is first to his immediate flock. We’re having a conference at my church New Bethel Church in Kansas City, Kansas especially dedicated to up and coming pastors. My pastor Suff. Bishop A. Glenn Brady is an excellent mentor and is passionate about pushing people into the abundance of God’s blessings for their lives. You should look him up on FB!

  6. Angela A. Spencer-MukesSvar

    Just remember that preaching is communicating the gospel, however you do that best. I have always found your music to be wonderful sermons. A lot of times we think that a ‘callmeans we have to do the standard preacher role, when what He is equipping us for is what our hands find to do.

    Just a thought.
    My the Lord bless and keep you.

  7. footeusSvar

    This really didn’t surprise me. I can see that’s where that dude’s heart is calling. He staying true to it and I pray for God’s best for him. And that he stays humble. It’s funny that I’m wearing hisCan I brag on my Lord?” wristband. That’s who I know will get the glory and for that I’m all with it. Let’s GO!!!!!

  8. Paul HorneSvar

    God bless you brother as you go after this endeavor. I have enjoyed your music and your theology is tight. I hope the Lord continues to be glorified through your work.

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  10. CherishJesusLuvSvar

    I am going the distance with you Trip.
    Hebreerbrevet 12:1-2 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [vår] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

  11. tinaSvar

    With you all the way trip! Luv hearing you from your music to your book and your sermons. May our Good Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  12. VenniSvar

    Ur music is just too good for you to put away! Your music is your sermons… touches alot of souls even to the point that you are unaware. It may not be reflected in album sales, Grammys, sold out shows but know that its to His glory. Like you said don’t look for that boxed up comfortable Jesus, it doesn’t exist. I will say this if the conviction or love of music digs into your soul enough, I know you will be back! Think about the missionaries who are tortured and kill in this day and age for Christ…..I know many of them thought of returning to their local churches where there is comfort! They are the brave soldiers…..warriors….i admire them more than any othercliquein Christ….They are trulyunashamed”!