3 Vias ad Deum negare

Deus universi negasti? Credere vel non,, magna quaestio est de omnibus nobis. Unde manifestum est quod vita aeterna in Scripturis Deo donata sunt confidentes credunt Evangelio, et judicium super illos qui negant fieri. Sed uno tantum modo negare Deum. Tria sunt quae in Novo Testamento.

1. Qui se dicebat, negans se Iesus
“Quis est mendax nisi is qui negat quoniam Iesus non est Christus? Quod est antichristus, qui negat Patrem et Filium. Omnis qui negat Filium nec Patrem habet. Qui confitetur Filium, et Patrem habet.”

1 John 2:22-23

Multi ex illis qui in mundo spirituali hodie religiosi vel. Et credere quod Deus sit,, et colent eum in fugam suam. Aliquam vel propheta etiam Iesum a Deo magister. Si autem quod non dixit qui credit quoniam Iesus est, non negantes.

Cum autem adhuc tamquam magnum magistrum morum deum rejecerint eum, et ideo repudiata. Deus autem attendamus Salvatorem mundi et non aliter nobis offerunt semitae (John 14:6, Acts 4:12).

Et repulsa est repudiationis Dei Jesus. autem, ut Ioannes 1:12 dicit, «Quotquot autem receperunt eum, his qui credunt in nomine ejus:, dedit eis potestatem filios Dei fieri.” Quilibet conveniri potest ex Deo natus est, si non credimus in Iesum.

2. Non confitentur Jesum aliis
“Omnis ergo qui confitebitur me coram hominibus, Confitebor et ego eum coram Patre meo qui est in caelis, qui autem negaverit me coram hominibus,, Negabo et ego eum coram Patre meo qui est in caelis.”

Matthaeus 10:32-33

Confiteor Dominum Iesum et in corde fortasse. Negare non possumus in caeteris erubescens. autem, fidem coram hominibus confiteri tarde Omnes. Sumus in a cultura est magis, quod inimicum, et in specie in religione Christiana. Picta sunt christiani, quod, qui credere stultum morons, noxium, et bigoted mediocris fabulas. Quandoque recurrat ad nos, et pro illis qui non confitentur Iesum irrident nos putamus.

Hoc dictum est,. Facit autem parvi et omne quod est negatio. Sed admonendi, Si autem negaverit coram hominibus placet, Et ille negabit nos ad Patrem. Cum dicit, nisi steteris in conspectu eius, "Non est in me,” nos erant 'non questus in. Neque futurum est proprium Christo Ad, sed cupiditatem et audaciam, ut eum coram aliis communicare.

3. hypocrisis
“Confitentur se nosse Deum,, factis autem negant.”

Titum 1:16

Et fortasse hoc loco sentiant satis agis. Non confitentur Iesum Christum, et vos inflati estis dicere Christianum. Quaesitum est mihi in vobis:, "Quid ergo dicunt animam tuam,?” Et laudabunt super tecta possumus "Ego Dominus Iesus discipulum!” Nuntius tamen talis vitae, ut ex verbis eius submersi sunt.

ad Titum 1, Paulus loquitur de magistri mendaces qui negant Deum in operibus suis. At contra quis poterit habitare de vobis dicimus in via. Semper autem in fide vivimus direxeritis vias. Si igitur nihil mutavit speciem tuam, quod 'non rectum. Negatur enim consilium Dei concupiscentia libidinis. Superbia negatio Dei nostri loci centrum omnium. Omnes nos Deo iusta negatur Dominus totius creaturæ Dei munere.

Et verba, ut agnoscant Iesum, sed eum negant opera tua? An amare (John 15)? Tu es obediendi eum (John 14:15)? Et tu, et fructificat, (Galatians 5:22-23)? Sacrificially vos et tradam te in tuis opibus aliena (2 Corinthians 8:1-5)? Tu exquisivit Dominum in verbo suo?

Respice et vide et plerique ex his unus in omnibus nobis. Si youve 'pudet propter vias negavit, bonum Latin. Etiam pretium Cruce negationem Dei per Iesum, sicut patet clare apud Petrum. Quod si volueritis gentium harum peccatum negationis, et accipere per fidem Iesu, qui peccatum non remittetur.

Crede Christo, Fam.



  1. Thomas Stewartquod

    post mirabilis! It definitely moved me to reflect on my own actions. Small digressionthe verse referenced in Titus should be 1:16, not 2:16. May God continue to use you powerfully man of God!

  2. hospesquod

    I truly believe Jesus is God’s son sent to this earth to redeem every one who is lost. But that being said, I am kind of a shy person around other people, and I get awkward in social occasions that don’t involve conversation about Jesus and the Gospel, let alone the conversations that do involve talking about Jesus because I guess I am afraid of the consequences. How can I overcome this fear? Some verses that will help?

    • Flacoquod

      I truly do understand what you mean when it comes to those times when the conversations seems to turn anti Christian or religious because I tend to get that a lot being in the military. In fact just the other day it happendA captain spoke to me about Aliens creating humans on earth and his belief about them. If you’r not familiar with this view it comes on the History Channel a lot (Ancient Aliens). Though this view is very interesting to me, I do not believe it myself. Usquam, I tend to do ok jobs when it comes to speaking for our Lord. Sometimes I’m nervous, sometimes I’m not, but the important thing is to speak. Let it be known what you believe. Courage is doing something even though we are afraid. To be totally honest, in the end this guy made me look pretty stupid. I choked a lot, I forgot a lot of information I have in the back of my head, and went totally blank. I felt stupid and I’m sure I looked stupid. autem, I did my best and he knows exactly what I believe despite me being able to make a great case for it. This I believe is part of being a Christian; Persecution. I felt harassed and rediculous, but if the chance came again to speak about God I would do it all over again for the Kingdoms sake, but i’ll be ready next time no doubt lolhopefully. It’s all about living for God, and in Christ we see that in living for God we will be persecuted and harrased. The important thing is to stand up for God. I imagin God loves to see a scared little boy attemt to speak for God in a confrontational situation, then see a major theologan shut down every one in his path. I wonder what Jesus looked like to others when he was on the cross. I think stupid would fit right, because he claimed to be God, yet others saw that he couldnt even help himself off the cross. He looked stupid to others just as I had looked stupid to others in my conversation with the Captian, but I wonder what the Father thought of Jesus on the crossproud I assume.

      Matthaeus 10:28
      Do not be affraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather be affraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

      • Aleishaquod

        Hi this comment really ministered to me here in December of 2014. I just asked God to forgive me and to help me to not deny Him and if I ever have to prove He is LLord I don’t care how stupid I look as long as my Father is proud, I LOVE YOU JESUS.

  3. JacobPquod

    Thank you very much for this post! It was very encouraging and uplifting. I enjoyed the insight from the comments too! ut benedicat tibi Deus omnia! Praise Christ King of Kings Lord of Lords! <3 Honestly I have been struggling allot. A lot of times I feel like I'm too bad I won't get any better and I don't really believe with all my heart all my soul and all my mind. I get upset cause I don't put him first a lot. If I did I wouldn't give in to lust. I know I love him tho. I am thankful! I know he loves me! I know he forgives even my sins. I don't understand why. I'm very shy and fearful. It's very hard to talk and show that I'm proud of believing in God I already feel like I'm gonna be ridiculed or they won't care to hear or talk about God. Sometimes I think because I get ashamed. I'm not ashamed of Christ. I'm ashamed that I don't have all the answers and I can't explain all the details that I don't know enough. And I'm ashamed I'm not going to represent Christ well. So I get scared and get quiet. I'm sorry I'm making such a long comment. But I guess I'm just saying I needed the encouragement! That I'm not alone! Christ forgives! I honestly think I am a bad Christian and sometimes doubt I'm saved. A lot lately cause I have been using drugs and been lusting alot and I feel like I have fallen. Like because I'm using drugs again and lusting even tho I want to stop truly, does that mean I'm not saved anymore?

  4. Marcus Tulliusquod

    I couldnt stop My tears when i read whats written because i might have denied Jesus without meaning it and iam truly sorry Cuz i love Jesus and i believe truely in Jesus and God and i Will never again deny or be ashamed in anyway. I have never been ashamed of Jesus its just that à LOT of people make me look stupid when i talk about My belive in God and make me feel iam dum or something and that make me not wanting to talk about My belive in Jesus. Thats wrong i Will never do that again i prayed to God and Jesus for forgivness and from now i Will change and i wont deny him in anyway. I love you Jesus and God thank you for iam Christian and iam so proud. Thank you Flaco and jacobp what you both wrote touched my heart deeply. Marcus Tullius

  5. Latoyah Austinquod

    @JacobP: I’m not sure if anybody else answered your ending question there or not. autem, I felt led to respond: doing drugs, lusting, pride, etc are habits that come from our sinful nature. They are sins and sin, simply put, is anything that separates us from God. When Jesus died on the cross, He saved our souls. John 3:16 comes to my spirit. igitur, you are saved Jacob. autem, the work is not done b/c now we must invite the Holy Spirit to re-birth usas Jesus told Nicodemus, we must be born again. Romani 12:2 tells us to not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. And Galatians 5:16 says that if we abide in the Spirit, we shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. igitur, Iacob, we are saved; autem, we must now allow God to change our old sinful habits, desideriis,, and mindsets through His Spiritthrough His Word. We are sanctified, cleansed, and washed by Christ (the living Word)- reference to Ephesians 5:25-26. Moral of the story is JacobP: Etiam, you are saved. And Jesus loves you deeply. autem, the sin in your life/our lives separate us from Him in those areas. We must allow His Word to renew our minds daily and to transform us into His image. We want to be followers of Christ, not just through word and deedfrom our hearts. Can God clearly see you hunger and thirst for righteousnessdo we truly want Him? …I really hope this helps one of my brothers or sisters.

  6. Kerryquod

    My dear friends in Christ,
    I pray things are going well for all of you. It brings me joy to see many express the difficulties of life and the daily struggles to overcome. I am also happy to see others encourage with scripture and love to aid those who struggle. I’ve thought of several points one can use while in a group to maybe help out the insecurity we all share. Look at it this way: we all have a belief system inside us all. To express what is reallyin youtakes courage but when it comes to people slandering you forwhat makes us unique”, is not truly your problem. Do not be afraid to say that your speech offends the God I love. Keep it simple. We can not all be like Paul, but we can be like Andrew. I’ve found the source of love, Iesu. I’ve found what makes me have peace: Iesu! Maybe when others see you at peace and not participating ingossipwill change even one person. Remember that the praise we really seek is Jesus’, not mans> Keep up the fight, it never gets easier. Lets all of us walk together , fighting the good fight. To God be the Glory!

  7. Joshquod

    This really helped me especially hypocrisy as I’m a hypocrite so I’m trying to correct that. Thanks a lot for this

  8. Katiequod

    @latoyah Austin what you wrote is very true! God does love us and we are saved. @jacobp But we must first confess with our mouth our sins to Christ (this is done through repentance) and then turn from our wicked ways (Ezekiel 14:6). Change does not happen over night and repentance is daily/constantly ,but when we open our hearts and make ourselves available to God to change us He will. I pray that the Lord will meet you right where you are in this walk and that you will begin to hate sin as Christ does. I declare boldness over you that when the test of defending Christ comes around again you will be empowered by His spirit to speak boldly! And help others around you to come to know Christ (you can related to those who have been where you were). God is a strategic God and he does not make mistakes, where things go wrong is when we think we are god and try to make our own decisions/choices in life. I hope you see this and are in a better place now. Also read the bible, God gave us instructions on how to live The New Testament (everything after Matthew) is a great place to start; let it sink in and get understanding before moving on to the next thing.

  9. JaniceMNewtonquod

    I have to ask Jesus to forgive me , i have rejected him in more ways than one out of ignorance, feeling unworthy for forgiveness when it’s not about how good i am, but the blood that Jesus shed was more than enough.

  10. Timmiequod

    Thanks for this. I am always looking for new ways to deny god and this article was a big help in providing me with new blasphemous options. The wholeGod is just another ridiculous myth born of a bronze age society that had no clue as to how the universe actually works.speech gets old after a while. For a time I mixed it up with theThere is no evidence outside of biblical texts for the historical existence of Jesus Christ despite the exceptional job the Roman Empire did at keeping records.and theNo one has to go back to the city they were born in for a census and to pay their taxes. The Romans would have wanted to know where people were living now and wanted the tax revenue there. The trip to Bethlehem is a literary device developed after the fact so that Jesusbirth site lined up with previous prophecy. etiam, the Romans have no records of any such census or taxation.speeches but even those get tired after several dozen times of repeating them to people who can’t be bothered to think for themselves for ten seconds. So once again, thank you for providing me with new and inventive ways to deny the existence of you invisible sky daddy. I fully appreciate it!

  11. LamarHayesquod

    Timmie : “The trip to Bethlehem is a literary device developed after the fact” … vere ? You really believe this ? Sicut una quaestione, 4 verbis … “what if you’re wrong”.

  12. Emily Oquod

    what if someone who has been a Christian their whole lives, been baptized, seen miracles happen, and so much more then tell a lie to someone by sayingI wouldn’t say I’m Christian but I believe in a higher power”.. will God forgive them?? if they truly feel horrible about it and repent?

    • Seanquod

      Yes he will. God understands our weaknesses. That person just needs to become unashamed of the Gospel. God looks for steady growth, not instant perfection.

  13. Dictum: 6 of 3.14 – The Last Toilet Paper Roll

  14. Marshaquod

    I was Christian and my mind took over to where I started to think wrong of God and thought he was sending me to he’ll and he’ll thought would not stop so I thought it was from him to point I accepted going there and threatened God destroy business and self and then hardened heart against God and left faith. Thenot God to me out of family and Jesus said thru minister separation from God now and eternity. I want to receive them back as lord of life but they are not willing to take me back. Help please

  15. JaketaFennerquod

    Hi ladies! Dominus Jesus! Jesus has turned my life around, I am no longer a masturbater, cutter(self-harm), bully, hater, and everything I disliked of myself. It takes a lot for some people to say about what I said, Fortunately, for me It didn’t because God have forgiven me of these sins and I am not ashamed to tell anyone because it didn’t take anything at all for me to say it and I don’t want my secrets to be a stumbling block to someone. I would like for people to continue with the Lord no matter what it takes and ask him to deliver you from any sins and that you will become the will of the Lord! Gratias tibi, God for your mercy and grace! This topic (3 ways to deny God) was very helpful because I searched up on google onhow can I acknowledge Jesus morebecause I want people to know Jesus is Lord over everything and I want to do more and more for the Lord and this is one of the best ways. I am not ashamed of the Lord and I will serve him for the rest or my life until I turn back to dust. Have a great day and I hope this post helps someone out there! There is power in the name of Jesus, thank you Lord!

  16. NormanBerryquod

    In response to Jacob. I just want to say and I don’t have the written scripture available to me at this moment. But it seems as if you are torn between the Holy Spirit and the things of this world. I’m not picking on you this is just what is mortal beings of Gods creation all experience. There is a passage of scripture where a man ask Jesus of what he must do to be saved and Jesus told him todeny yourself, take up your cross , and follow me.” Frater, that is heavy! I do know somewhere in the book of Mark Jesus also saidthat if you do not take up your cross and follow me that you are not worthy of me”. Do I feel like doing that? In my mortal nature I do not. As I have learned of the scriptures and have a clearer picture about the love of God and the sacrifice he made in creating us and then allowing us a freedom of choice of choosing Him and his way or not and then having his Son that lived a mortal life with us for atone only to have him tortured to death because of those times when we don’t follow God, then I believe it is worth it for me to follow what He commanded. Since I have taken the instruction from Jesus and applied it to my daily living I no longer feel a victim of this world and life. I feel I have purpose in living and that I am an important part of this life though it may seem small. God has blessed me with learning and I’d like to say to the intellectuals that science DOES prove a divine Creator. This Creator is not limited to the limitations of a mortal body as we are nor is God creation itself. Let’s take a look at Einstein. Sadly he could not conceive that a divine being could create everything that exist, yet Einsteins findings proved that all matter is made from energy. Energy is not a substance but it is a force. So how then can a force be uniquely be formed into substances and some of those substances become a living creation. There is the proof that there is a God of the universe and we are not alone left to suffer and die in vain glory. God has high expectations of us. This life is a test and we must pass the test with the instructions He has given us.

  17. Mathewquod

    Thank you brothers and sisters for this post. Whenever I am persecuted/abused(this started happening childhood onwards) I started hating the Name JESUS. So even after born again , I am denying Him either through one of the three mentioned in the posts. Even after confession, in my heart there is hatred towards Name Jesus though I want to follow Him and love Him. I am struggling. That is why I started searching for how to acknowledge the Name Jesus or how to come out from denying Him. I saw this blog in the website. Thanks for sharing. Can you please pray me to restore my first love to Jesus Christ and abide in His love even through body, spiritus, soul and emotions so that I will not deny Him till my death or His second coming ?

  18. Mackquod

    I think that God is much more interested if we are loving to our neighbor than whatever speechs we make. The woman instrumental in my conversion was extremely loving and she would always give credit to God, but she would always just discuss it as something that she regularly draws on. BUT, the big influencer was how loving she was. In my former life as an agnostic, people’s words had essentially no impact on me. It was their actions. How loving they were, how compassionate, how accepting. I wear a Cross on a really short chain. (Funny story. I ordered a longer chain in the mail so that my Cross would be hidden so that I wouldn’t “offend”. The Cross that arrived in the mail “mistakenly” was shorter than what I’d had before! Got the message Lord!) So I wear that short chain and EVERYONE can see my Cross all the time. But the big question now is, am I loving. Do I treat everyone as a beloved child of God? We deny Jesus by ignoring the hungry, the prisoner, the homeless. Jesus said clean the inside of the cup and the rest will take care if itself. He didn’t like people making long prayers to seem Holier than Thou. If we have Christ’s love in our hearts and perform loving deeds, we are proclaiming Jesus

  19. Mackquod

    Regarding Jacobs and are we still forgiven? The Bible is full of stories of forgiveness. Look at David who sinned and sinned and sinned. Look at Peter who denied Jesus 3 times and was made the head of the Church. You are now a child of God. Does a good parent abandon their child simply because they are naughty? Certe non. This is your child. How much more our Heavenly Father. It wasn’t the misdeeds Jesus was opposed to so much as the arrogance. Think of the Pharisee praying, Lord thank you for not making me lowly like this sinful tax collector. He was not saved. But the humble tax collector who beat his breast, Jesus easily forgave. In my own prayer life, I experience that God loves us overwhelmingly. That he tends to focus on what we do right rather than wrong. That he is very humble (we shouldn’t be surprised. He chose to be born in a manger and live a life of poverty). It is almost like he is so grateful when we chose to spend time with him in prayer and to seek his will. He is fully aware that we are free to not seek him. So when we sincerely do seek him he is grateful and appreciates our efforts. Many times WE are the ones who push God away because we think no one could love us THAT much. Forgive us that much. But he is not a tit for tat God. All the workers get paid the same whether they worked all day or just in the last hour. He is always ready to lavish you with his love, if only you’ll let him.

  20. Carla Charlesquod

    Knowing that I have sinned is misconduct. The apostles give us hope, through Christ. I always delighted in the pecuilar.

  21. Nixarquod

    I planned to share this to my fellow members of the worship team as the exhortation for our devotions before our practice.
    But I felt guilty about these stuff. I mean there is still something I need to repent ofand that is my denial pf Him unnoticeably at times.
    Father please forgive me of this sin and lead me to your paths of righteousness. amen.

  22. Joequod

    What I always say when someone starts preaching all is Christians are Fools & one day we all will realize it’s just a dream is
    Well if your so right ( which I don’t believe you are) Us Christians have lived & loved what we believe .
    On the other hand if what we Christians believe is true
    (Which I truly believe is God & his Son Jesus is real)
    We all shall see when the day comes. That day you will to believe, but it will be too late for you. I Rest my Case.
    So think about it.

  23. Catherinemeadowsquod

    I feel so ashamed that i denied god cause i was blaming him for my moma for death and im shy to talk to anyone and im scared they going to aruge with me or my words wont come out right but i love my brother jesus chirst and my heavenly father and i do believe that god sent his son to died on the cross for our sin and i do believe in him im saved and i got baptized and i believe in his word but i put him first i need help to get of my scaredness and affarid and shyness can yall help me and thank you so much for that i need it father if i ever denied before out of my actions im sorry father pls forgive me love you and jesus name amen

    • Robertquod

      Hope this helps Catherinemeadows
      Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (see the Bible, Joshua 1:9)

      hodie, the Lord says to you, “be of good courage!"

      “And he said, “O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you; be strong, Etiam, be strong!” So when he spoke to me I was strengthened, and said, “Let my Lord speak, for you have strengthened me.”” (see the Bible, Daniel 10:19)

      Is your heart troubled? Take courageyour God is here!

      The One who gives us peace gives it to us completely.
      Those who keep their eyes fixed on God and go about His business can be assured that He will take care of theirs.
      He’s the One who qualifies those He calls.
      He’s the One who renders justice.
      He’s the One who provides.

      The One who tells you to be of good courage is stronger than what is discouraging you.

      The Bible says again, “But now, thus says the Lord , who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.”” (Isaiah 43:1-2)

      Be courageous, Catherine. Those surrounding you may not know you, but God calls you by your name…! You are His. He is with you, even through the fire of the trial. With Him by your side, you will never be alone. Take courage!

      This site helps me A miracle every day Jesus.net

  24. Tina Olafusiquod

    Thanks a lot sir, it really makes me to know where I am in the Lord which i have to continue working for my salvation.

  25. Mayquod

    Me ajude por favor, acabei de negar a Jesus, Deus me curou quando eu tinha 10 anos, me tirou da prostituição, me tirou da cova várias vezes, tem grandes promessas na minha vida e acabei de negar ele, uma colega minha ne perguntou se era verdade oque estavam comentando, que eu era evangélica agora, fiquei com vergonha que zombassem de mim pelo meu passado e neguei Jesus e agora estou me sentindo mal. :(

  26. Joseph Sabiitiquod

    Very encouraged. I’m preparing a message about 3 ways of denying God and I found your website very helpful and resourceful.

  27. Tracyquod

    Sometimes I think the whole God thing was just a way to make us feel better because deep down we know we die and are gone for eternity. It makes me terribly depressed. But people who have died seem gone forever and it seems like wish fulfillment to want to see them again. Life seems meaningless and many believe this. Some days I believe, some are times of despair. I read and study lots. Am I destined to hell or what is reality?