Tag nrho Peb Yuav Tsum Yog Vajtswv

Ntawm no yog lub suab los ntawm ib tug tsis ntev los no cov lus qhuab qhia kuv qhia rau Nkauj 142. Tag nrho ntawm peb mus los ntawm lub sij hawm nyuaj, tab sis lub ntawv nkauj qhia tau hais tias peb hais tias txawm nyob rau hauv lub phem tshaj lub sij hawm peb yuav nrhiav tau txhua yam uas peb yuav tsum tau nyob rau hauv Vajtswv. Cov plaub cov ntsiab lus yog:

kuv. Vajtswv yog peb tus phooj ywg nyob rau hauv lub sij hawm ntawm Teeb Meem

II. Vajtswv yog peb tiv thaiv nyob rau hauv lub sij hawm ntawm Teeb Meem

III. Vajtswv yog peb cov khoom muaj nqis nyob rau hauv lub sij hawm ntawm Teeb Meem

IV. Vajtswv yog peb tus Cawmseej nyob rau hauv lub sij hawm ntawm Teeb Meem



  1. AngieTeb

    Apparently this sermon was from quite awhile ago. I just listened to it and I know God led me to it. I needed to hear this message. Thank You Lord. Bless you and your wife and kid Trip! I pray that the Lord continues to show His favor upon you and your family as you stay faithful to Him and His calling on your life.

  2. Shakinah SmithTeb

    qhuas Vajtswv! He is everything I need. This message really make me think on the goodness of God and how many times he has gotten me out of situation and tough times. He is always with me and for me. My prayer now is that God will just give me strength to go thru whatever i have to because i know who he is to me.

  3. Kenitra BrockingtonTeb

    I think it’s beautiful how God shows us a glimpse of His love through our love for our children. I really liked the analogy Trip made in the beginning with his son.

  4. josephwalkerTeb

    Brother trip, that sermon was blessed! those words where right on time. It’s like we forget that easily during the times of high stress and trouble. This was that reminder.