Är du Bo det bra livet?

Tidigare i år gick jag på turné med min nya bok, Det goda livet. Varje natt, Jag höll ett föredrag som försökte svara på frågan, "Vad innebär det att leva det goda livet?” i Chattanooga, TN, Vi spelade in meddelandet och jag har skrivit det ovan. Boken släpps oktober 1, 2012 and you can purchase it här. To learn more about the book you can click här. Du kan köpa The Good Life album här. Lever du det goda livet?


4 kommentarer

  1. sonjjSvar

    this message is so inspiring!!! Tack resa Lee!!! Som en 45 year young mother of 3 children in their twenties and an eighteen year old I’m always searching for examples of young people that areliving the good life” genom Kristus!!! I will share your message with my children but I will continue to follow you myself because I loved it and I love your music!!!

  2. CherishJesusLuvSvar

    I am living and He has put His Good Life within me :) And I look forward to living with my King forever in the Goodness of eternal Life with Jesus Christ the one to whom All Honor is due.

  3. SashaSvar

    The video is a Blessing! I enjoyed watching it. Thank GOD for HIS WORD! Resa, I do love that you give scripture to back up what you are saying. Very pleasant message and I was definitely laughing at your jokes. So true about that chicken joint!!!