Pab peb tawm nrog Unashamed Africa

Txoj cai tam sim no nws yog 12:34 yog nyob rau hauv Botswana. Nws yog peb thawj hnub nyob rau hauv teb chaws Africa thiab tus Tswv yog twb nyob rau hauv kev ua hauj lwm. Cov tag nrho Reach neeg coob tsaws nyob rau hauv Johannesburg nag hmo thiab ya mus rau Botswana no thaum sawv ntxov. Peb tau txais kom tau raws li tons ntawm UFW no tav su ntawm ib tug kos npe rau peb tau rau ntawm ib lub zos Christian tsev muag ntawv nyeem thiab peb muaj ib co zoo kawg sib tham. Tag kis tsaus ntuj yog lub thawj kev hais kwv txhiaj ntawm tus ncig xyuas thiab peb amped.

Peb yeej xav no ncig saib yuav fruitful thiab peb yuav hlub tau koj kev pab. Yuav ua li cas yuav koj pab?

Koj yuav tsum tau pab peb los ntawm kev thov Vajtswv, li ntawd, hais tias muaj ntau yuav muab tsaug rau peb cov sawv cev rau lub koob hmoov tso rau peb los ntawm cov lus thov ntawm ntau.

2 Khaulee 1:11

Peb nrees ntseeg hais tias tus Tswv siv cov lus thov ntawm nws cov neeg nqa tawm Nws lub hom phiaj. Yog li ntawd koj yuav pab tau peb los ntawm thov Vajtswv. Ntawm no yog ib co yooj yim txoj kev uas koj muaj peev xwm thov Vajtswv rau peb thiab nrog peb:

1. Hais tias tus Tswv yuav kom peb noj qab nyob zoo thiab muaj zog

2. Tias peb yuav hwj tau lub cev peb tus kheej raws li cov tub qhe

3. Tias tus concerts yuav mus zoo

4. Hais tias tus Tswv yuav tiv thaiv peb tsev neeg thaum peb yuav cia

5. Tias Tswv Yexus yuav raug rho tawm mus nyob rau hauv txhua yam uas peb ua

Tsaug ua ntej rau koj cov lus thov fam. Peb yuav tsum tau lawv



  1. Eleanor RigbyTeb

    oh my goodness!! i would love to get hold of you guys!! im just starting to introduce your music into a program with the kids from Umthombo, Durban. They are street kids, but they are just like normal kids with a lost hope. They need inspiration, they need some role models. They are so passionate about music, this is all they love doing, dancing and sing and listening to music, nevermind all the other things they get up to, with Umthombo’s help. The issue is MTV seems to be the only thing that sings hiphop and they are exposed to, I would really love it if these kids could hear you live!!!

    email me if you have some time in your schedule!!

    check out:

    I just can’t believe you guys are in SA and I only saw this now!
    Vajtswv yog li ntawd zoo!!

    Keep kiff.

  2. MaureenwabsTeb

    u truly brought the heavens down in Nairobii was touched by the way that u guys not only sing about xtianity bt u live it.i pray for Gods blessings n favour ur way.

  3. AgnesTeb

    Was at the concert on Wednesday in Gaborone Botswana. Wow what a great performance by you all. You inspired us a great deal. I AM unashamed. Looking forward to having you guys back here. God bless you and be with you for the rest of the Unashamed Africa tour. Will be praying for you.

  4. SvetlanaTeb

    Prayed for you and cant wait to hear how it went!!!!! Be safe and will keep you in my prayers!!! Trip Lee when are u comming back to Charlotte again miss u lots!!!!

  5. Joe-sephTeb

    Lord Jesus keep them healthy and strong,watch over their families while they are away,use them to glorify Your Holy name,let the concerts go well and be filled with your presence and let your name be lifted up above everything.Amen

  6. LiamTeb

    I prayed the suggested prayers. Although it was a simple prayer, I know He heard me!

    May Jesus bless, comfort and give you His strength, power and understanding.