Pitulung Us Out jeung Unashamed Afrika

Ayeuna éta 12:34 Kami di Botswana. Ieu poe full kahiji urang di Afrika jeung Gusti geus di pagawean. Sakabeh ngahontal awak landed di Johannesburg tadi peuting jeung flew ka Botswana isuk ieu. Urang meunang papanggih ton ngarojong soré ieu dina Signing urang teu di toko buku Christian lokal jeung urang tadi sababaraha wawancara gede. Isukan peuting téh konser munggaran tour jeung urang amped.

Urang rék tour ieu jadi fruitful jeung urang tangtu cinta bantuan Anjeun. Kumaha anjeun bisa mantuan?

Anjeun oge kudu mantuan urang ku doa, ku kituna loba bakal méré hatur nuhun atas nama urang keur berkah nu dibérékeun urang ngaliwatan solat loba.

2 Korinta 1:11

Urang pageuh percaya yen Gusti ngagunakeun solat jalma-Na pikeun ngalakonan rencana-Na. Jadi Anjeun tiasa mantuan kami ku solat. Di dieu aya sababaraha cara dasar Anjeun bisa neneda for jeung urang jeung jeung urang:

1. Yen Gusti bakal tetep urang sehat sarta kuat

2. Urang bakal sikep diri urang sorangan salaku pagawé

3. Nu konser bakal balik well

4. Yen Gusti bakal nangtayungan kulawarga urang bari urang jauh

5. Kristus anu bakal diangkat nepi di sagala rupa nu urang ngalakukeun

Atuh sateuacanna pikeun fam solat Anjeun. Urang kudu eta



  1. Eleanor Rigbywalon

    oh my goodness!! i would love to get hold of you guys!! im just starting to introduce your music into a program with the kids from Umthombo, Durban. They are street kids, but they are just like normal kids with a lost hope. They need inspiration, they need some role models. They are so passionate about music, this is all they love doing, dancing and sing and listening to music, nevermind all the other things they get up to, with Umthombo’s help. The issue is MTV seems to be the only thing that sings hiphop and they are exposed to, I would really love it if these kids could hear you live!!!

    email me if you have some time in your schedule!!


    check out: http://www.umthombo.org/

    I just can’t believe you guys are in SA and I only saw this now!
    Allah sangkan alus!!

    Keep kiff.

  2. Lesco101walon

    i hv seen wat u guys are doing,no doubt u Christians,God will multiple n increase u.u leave to know him and to make him known

  3. Maureenwabswalon

    u truly brought the heavens down in Nairobii was touched by the way that u guys not only sing about xtianity bt u live it.i pray for Gods blessings n favour ur way.

  4. Agneswalon

    Was at the concert on Wednesday in Gaborone Botswana. Wow what a great performance by you all. You inspired us a great deal. I AM unashamed. Looking forward to having you guys back here. God bless you and be with you for the rest of the Unashamed Africa tour. Will be praying for you.

  5. svetlanawalon

    Prayed for you and cant wait to hear how it went!!!!! Be safe and will keep you in my prayers!!! Trip Lee when are u comming back to Charlotte again miss u lots!!!!

  6. Joe-sephwalon

    Lord Jesus keep them healthy and strong,watch over their families while they are away,use them to glorify Your Holy name,let the concerts go well and be filled with your presence and let your name be lifted up above everything.Amen

  7. Liamwalon

    I prayed the suggested prayers. Although it was a simple prayer, I know He heard me!

    May Jesus bless, comfort and give you His strength, power and understanding.