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時不時地,我回去聽專輯和歌曲真的感動了我藝術上和精神上,當我聽到他們. One of those albums is 該索盧斯基督項目 by Shai Linne. 這是我最喜歡的嘻哈專輯之一- 期. 生產是獨一無二的 (雖然不是商用), 內容是不可思議, 夏嘉曦和抒情技巧是充分展示. 這是使這些專輯之一說唱歌​​手問自己, “為什麼我還是再次說唱?”

我無法引用整個記錄在這個崗位, 但這裡是從專輯我最喜歡的詩句之一. 這是曬的詩句從“麥克風檢查1,2″:

他給自己的生命作為贖金, 我是炒作,我跳舞
當我背誦基督的國歌, 正義羔羊誰點亮燈籠我
我有氣無力的話- 的確不夠來形容聖母無染原罪種子
在十二歲, 他的老首長在他的見解感到驚訝
聽從他的父母, 雖然他創造了風管
一個真正的異常- 誰又能參悟
撒旦扔一切障礙在他, 但無法捉摸
完美的人性化- 然而,隨著神冒泡
難以忍受的痛苦, 無限的痛苦
陛下沒有​​罪, 他是一個替代品
第三天上漲不勝- 這意味著歷史

那, 我的朋友們, 是有史以來最偉大的嘻哈詩句之一. 韻方案, 詞彙, 內容的清晰度和深度, 流- 這一切是瘋了. 讚美上帝用我的兄弟夏嘉曦. 一些y'alls最喜歡的專輯和詩句的是什麼?


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  • 背風處

    八月 19, 2013 / 在 7:27 上午

    To respond to your question Tripthis was the verse that compelled me check out Shai in the first place, off Flame’s Our World Redeemed, “2nd coming.Amazing.

    In the scriptures we find facts
    Pictures of divine acts
    Prophesied God provides wisdom the mind lacks
    At History’s climax
    More vivid than IMAX
    The sky cracks with
    Jesus on some, I’m back
    現在, just try to visualize the most
    Glorious site ever to hit physical eyes
    Holy angels in Christ who gets minimalized
    in splendor arrives and all the dead in Him will arise
    Believers who are alive become a maturated Order
    And caught up in the clouds like evaporated water
    To Be captivated by the Master’s grace and aura
    Before He Activates the slaughter
    on the cats who hate the Torah
    The File wildinout and doubt and wouldn’t call on Him
    And now Crying out for the mountains to fall on ’em
    The dead come Out the grave at the holy judge they look
    They’re broken up and shook
    while He opens up the books
    All sins will be Weighed not ignored
    And law breakers slayed (slain) by the sword
    on the day of the Lord
    While we gaze and admire His
    Greatness, liars and fakes who hate Messiah expire in
    The fiery lake
    Made for Satan and his angels sent to deceive
    Multitudes who refuse to repent and believe
    The elect have no hell to fear
    Cause we’re related to the judge
    Like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Another verse that hit me, Lecrae’s verse onBeautiful Feetoff Rebel. It was amazing and really hit at the heart for me:

    Eric used to go to bible study as a kid
    He got older and started doing what the hood did
    A rival gang caught him slippin tried to take his life
    But the jammed up so them beat him nice
    He woke up in the hospital singing bible songs
    Praise God he had a place to learn the bible from
    But then he gets saved and wanna preach Christ they make him change his whole culture and way of life
    He gotta get him a bachelors wear a suit and tie
    Go to seminary by then all of his boys will die
    Jesus came to invade culture outta nazereth and used a couple fisherman who people saw as hazardous
    The feet are beautiful if only they’d go
    If ain’t nobody in hood preaching how will they know?
    Eric is better used taught trues in his context
    Somebody please plant a church in his projects.

    The last one I can think of off top is Tedashii’s verse from Between Two World’sBear with you” (which I think is my favorite song on the whole album) –

    Life done been crumby, since I been walkin a young’n
    Call me different or funny, wish I could change it like money
    Grew up off in the country, we’re lookin different n funny
    Stupid head or just ugly, no matter what it kept comin
    Askinmy momma where daddy, he aint here to protect me
    Teach me, raise me, or carry my load when it get heavy
    So I did it on my own, fightn carryin on
    It don’t matter what they told me dawg, I thought I was grown
    People tell me that I’m trippin, n i tell them they wrong
    All the while I’m actin out, blamin my daddy who gone
    Fast forward by 10, when God saved me from sin
    And He changed my heart from dark to light to show to all men
    And I got the conviction, call him up and stop trippin
    Thats when I found out he’s a Christian, who got saved in omission
    Thats when it goes past religion, and then it makes an incision
    Into your heart n then you start forgivin, man and start buildin!

    Cheers to good music and hail to the King!

  • JulianH

    十月 31, 2013 / 在 2:55 下午

    I’m constantly amazed by the show Shai and others like yourself put on through your lyrics. I figure most Hip Hop isn’t that difficult because you have the freedom to create bars that really don’t have to relate to your previous bar. Just saying random things that rhyme, pretty much. But you guys have to pick a subject and make it rhyme while still having a clear message. I couldn’t measure the difficulty of that. And that Shai verse you posted, in light of that difficulty, is truly amazing.


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