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Inspired By the Lowercase King

January 16, 20123 min read

Today we celebrate the legacy of the foremost leader of the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Lord used this man to inspire a nation, and move a people towards equality. There is still work to be done, but his contribution was invaluable. No hero is perfect, and Dr. King was no exception, but I admire him in many ways and I’m inspired by his legacy. Here are three things about his life that inspire me.

1. Passion for Justice
Dr. King was disgusted by the injustice that was rampant in our world, and dedicated his life to fighting against it. In the Bible, he saw God’s vision for His world, He saw the prophets call for the end of oppression, and He was passionate to see that justice come to pass. I admire this passion for justice, and pray God would continue to work it in my own heart. I want to fight for the oppressed and preach Good News to the hopeless.

2. Leadership
Despite his youthfulness, Dr. King’s prophetic speeches and crystal clear vision led him to emerge as the leader of the movement. He didn’t sit back and complain, he stepped up and led. He was clear on what he thought would help black people move forward, and he led others in that direction. This resulted in the non-violent resistance that helped change the United States forever. We can all learn from this kind of leadership. Vision is only valuable when it’s married to leadership. His leadership helped the vision come to pass.

3. Courage
Of course, his fight was not met with smiles and embraces. He risked his life every time he marched, spoke, or protested. He knew what he was doing was dangerous, yet he had the courage to put his life on the line for his people. The opposition he faced did not cloud his vision, or dampen his leadership. It only reminded him why he was fighting. I pray that the Lord would work in me an unshakeable courage that stands for His kingdom and fights for His glory.

I hope you’re inspired by his example as well, and I hope you’ll join me in praising God for what He accomplished through Dr. King.

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  • Pstan26

    August 19, 2013 / at 8:28 am

    Many people have lost his message, glad it is not lost on you Super Duper

  • for the love of Nigeria

    August 19, 2013 / at 8:29 am

    His life has definitely been a standard, I used this oppurtunity to ask for us to pray for Nigeria, even as we make our input towards fighting for the Nigeria of our dreams, it shall soon be a reality

  • Tamiehicks

    August 19, 2013 / at 8:30 am

    Thanks for share’n Trip

  • Dan Smith

    August 19, 2013 / at 8:30 am

    I agree that vision without leadership is wasted. It’s too bad, because I’m sure there were several people who foresaw the need for civil rights, and even how it could come about, but because they lacked leadership qualities, they are not remembered today. The same goes for the church. For every strong and visionary leader there are undoubtedly thousands who are merely visionary.

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