One он алты Бейне

менің кітап босату мерекелеу жылы, Жақсы өмір, Мұнда бір алты «ресми бейне,” менің ең жаңа альбом бастап, Сондай-ақ, деп аталатын Жақсы өмір.


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  1. Tree84жауап

    As directed by my cousin, “I’m type late”, but thank God I have experienced this song and this ministry. Definitely listen to this album “Жақсы өмір” EVERYDAY!…May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as you follow Him.

  2. Keinyaжауап

    Love the album and I appreciate the whole 116 message. I love that there is something that sounds good, has a good message, and can appeal to young people. I bump this in the car with my little ones and just listening to the different songs generates such meaningful dialogue between me and my kidsEven with my hubby. кейде, something as simple as music is a great way to share Gods word and influence others to be able to experience the good news that you may be feeling so good about! Мен осыны жақсы көремін! It’s just been a great supplement to my personal journey. Man I’m in my late 30’s and like to thinkI ain’t old.” Қатты күлу! It’s just funny because I don’t really listen to rap and haven’t since I was younger, but now that I’ve been working hard to find my way by going back to church, reading, and researching stuff to feed my spiritual soul so that my kids and family have a relationship with God (of course myself too) I’m listening to all this 116 rap and I feel more drawn into what is being said in the songs than anything elseThe beats and style is just a plus, but it had my hubby last night saying, ” This is cool, but just interesting because it’s so not you.” Қатты күлу! Just thank you for your inspiring work…. All of you!