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  • 十二月 18, 2014By 行李

    係罗利高級學院會議嘅簡短信息, 數控. 你可以閱讀下面嘅手稿: 我想非常簡短地和你談談如何用我哋嘅恩賜嚟榮耀耶穌。. 你有冇聽過仔女問問題? 佢哋有一種驚人嘅好奇心,似乎冇盡頭. 嗰個神奇嘅問題

  • 九月 10, 2013By 行李

    Introduction I love kids. One of the reasons I love kids is because they show us ourselves. They’re like little mirrors. Let me tell you what I mean. Kids have pretty much all of the same problems we have, but those problems are just a lot more obvious because they don’t know how to hide them yet.

  • 八月 21, 2013By 行李

    This video and manuscript is from Trip’s General Session at the Legacy Conference 2013. Introduction The theme of this conference is Soli Deo Gloria, or glory to God alone. That’s a great theme. And we want that perspective – that all the glory in the Universe belongs to God alone, to inform every single thing we