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The Beautiful Lives of the Unborn

September 10, 20125 min read

Trip Lee on “Beautiful Life” from Desiring God on Vimeo.

The first song I wrote for my most recent album, “The Good Life” was a song called “Beautiful Life.” Desiring God asked me about that song and my heart behind it. Here’s their entire blog post.

And here are the lyrics to the song, which features V. Rose:

Beautiful Life Inside
Living Moving Breathing
So Let Hope Arise
God knew what He was doing
When He gave
Beautiful Beautiful Life

Verse 1:
Dear sister, I hear the place you at
I know it ain’t nothing easy bout going through that
There’s a baby in your womb, but you wasn’t trying do that
You’d take it all back if you knew that, but you ain’t have a clue that
That time with your boyfriend, that late night
When you thought you was making love, that you would make life
And now it’s feeling unfair, man it ain’t like
You ain’t got a life, shoot, the timing really ain’t right
Can’t quite tell you that I understand your pain
But I know you shouldn’t feel discouraged and ashamed
And I know that baby in your stomach ain’t a game
He’s got a heart beat, he’s bout to grow a little brain
He’s dependent on his mama, God already knows his name
You’re made in God’s image and that baby is the same, give him life

Beautiful Life Inside
Living Moving Breathing
So Let Hope Arise
God knew what He was doing
When He gave
Beautiful Beautiful Life
Beautiful Beautiful Life
When He Gave
Beautiful Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life
Let it Live

Verse 2:
Dear brother, I know you probably caught off guard
By that seed in her stomach, so your heart ache’s hard
Feeling trapped, like prisoners behind those bars
The hands been dealt, but you don’t wanna take those cards
Homie stop, and think about the choice
That baby in her womb, she ain’t really got a voice
So she really needs her daddy, to love her and rejoice
She’s a blessing from the Lord, she don’t need to be destroyed
Don’t abandon her mama, love her and support her
She’s in pain now too, she needs someone there for her
But don’t let her hurt your baby girl, alive in the womb
‘Cause homie you’ll be looking in her eyes pretty soon,
Hey don’t get me wrong, look I agree that we should give women rights
But that goes for unborn women too, give them life!


Verse 3:
Dear friends, I know this probably hurts
For those of you who wish you would have gave that baby birth
But it’s too late now, ‘cause your child ain’t around
I know it hurts to your core, that guilt is weighing you down
But I’ve got Good News and some healing for your hurts
Christ Jesus came, He descended to the Earth
But He ain’t come for good people or even the just
He came into the world just for sinners like us
So yeah He’s really grieved when we take a baby’s life
‘Cause He made them, but He came to save us from our plight
He came shining light that He could save us from our night
He erases all the shame, homie He can make us right
Confess it and believe in the One who paid your cost
He died in your place, there’s forgiveness at the cross, He can give us life


Don’t be afraid
God Himself gave you life
He’ll be right there, right there, right there

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  • Jackie

    August 19, 2013 / at 9:07 am

    Love Trip Lee!!! Amazing profound words, now I know what to say to people about abortion!! Thanks Trip!!

  • Diddleymomma

    August 19, 2013 / at 9:07 am

    This is so amazing. I sit here tonight the sister of an aborted sibling. For years my Momma struggled with the fact that she had taken this child’s life. Until Jesus found her in her darkest hour, she could never feel wholly at peace. Now that Jesus is her Lord, she is completely made new. Now she is proclaiming His goodness and forgiveness to other ladies who have made the decision to abort their children.
    I am a single mom myself. Your song really struck my heart deeply. Thank you for all you do! Praying for you always!

  • Kilikä Täbron

    August 19, 2013 / at 9:08 am

    This video makes me appreciate the song even more.

  • Humdaddy

    August 19, 2013 / at 9:08 am

    Love this song. It was a totally great reminder for me to keep praying that God would end abortion in America, but also that we need to encourage young women and men in tough situations and not push them away as they struggle with the idea of being parents. Thank you for such an encouraging song!

  • Sarah

    January 22, 2014 / at 8:37 pm

    Trip lee thank you for this song it’s so beautiful it brings me to tears. Children are a gift it may take 9 months of hard times to see the gift , oh but it’s so worth it. Thank you for this song.

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