La Fidela Evangelista

Jen la audio de kunsido mi instruis antaŭe ĉijare pri fidela evangelismo.

La Fidela Evangelista per BragOnMyLord

Por tiuj mallongaj ĝustatempe, jen resumo de la punktoj:

5 Karakterizaĵoj de Fidela Evangelista ...

1. Ampleksas kaj komprenas la Evangelio

2. Memcerta kaj senhonte de la Evangelio

3. Amas la Perdita

4. Dependas Dio pro Rezultoj

5. Preĝas por la Perdita kaj Ŝancoj por Dividi

Hope it’s helpful


12 komentoj

  1. rebeccaRespondu

    convicted and striving to let others know the gospel.
    danke, vojaĝo, so much for sharing this message with me and anybody else who hears this. I’m so encouraged by the insight God has given you to clearly share what you shared. I’m just wondering if there’s a way this could be in a download format. i would love to listen to this outside of my computer.

  2. RoynMy DunbarRespondu

    vojaĝo….i thank God for your obedience n his workns threw you bro..i needed this ..God opened a door for me to do prison ministry and you dropin knowledge like books falln is rockn meill keep you lifted homie….lookn forward to seen ya in the near future..God bless you forever ..shalom

  3. TheLastLetterstoWilliamRespondu

    I think Jesus would rather you join his true church. Have you ever seen an incoruptible body of a saint that died in 400 B.C? Nope? oh well then? Aint that funny? He was also catholic? well ohWhat is Christ’s true church? Only the catholic church. May Jesus Guide me as I have trouble with english, mi amas vin