Qhov tseem ceeb ntawm cov lus

Ntawm no yog ib tug cov lus qhuab qhia kuv qhia ib ob peb lub hlis dhau los nyob rau hauv Mathai 12:36. Kuv thov Vajtswv nws yog ib qho kev txhawb zog kom koj.



  1. RubiTootieTeb

    I have kept “Qhov tseem ceeb ntawm cov lus” in my thoughts and heart. It’s been heavy on my soul. Being eloquent is a CONSCIOUS decision to measure the dose of which you insert love, ntxub, siab dawb siab zoo, or hurt into another’s heart, soul and life. But as my neighbor mentioned when he was speaking about his boss, “Does he not see that he does the things he so tells us not to do??? Why is he so blind to himself? Does he not hear himself speak? Does he not hear the words that are coming out of his mouth? I don’t understand him.Are you that person who doesn’t see themselves in a message? Have you survived life by not dealing with particular realities of yourself? Yog hais tias yog li, you have become your biggest obstacle and blessing blocker. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. How long will you go before you stop being insane? How long will you allow the denial of your personal sin to stop you from walking closer in God’s word? Most will continue life hearing only what is convenient for them to hear, but never truly listen, therefore, never apply anything that truly matters. The reason for this is because when you know something is wrong you have to apply change. And changeis a scary and often painful process, but a process that is inevitable. God will change you with grace or without it. It’s like having surgery with anesthesia or without it. God gave you the ability to choose. So choose to live your life in a fashion to make God proud or choose to look the other way in denial. Change is inevitable. Death is too. One way or anotherwe’ll have to answer to the true truth of who we are, were, and will be to I Am Who I Am.

    The question I always ask myself is, “Did I make God proud or was my decisions another reason why God had to weep?”

  2. Aleshia RobinsonTeb

    I must admit I felt condenmed at the beginning. God is no longer investigating our lives to see what is wrong with us. He is looking at us through Christ and stamps us perfect in Him so the first ten minutes or so I was gonna turn it off cause I felt you were putting too much emphasis on us and not HIm. But towards the middle you turned it around to Him and the exchange on the Cross and at the end I felt edified.