The New prajanjian

Punika khutbah anyar aku martakaké ing Jeremiah 31:33. TCTerms utama padha:

Aku. Gusti Allah Punika Makarya internasional

II. Gusti Allah Punika Makarya internal

III. Gusti Allah Punika Makarya Interpersonally

IV. Allah Ing Work

Enggo bareng

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  1. MstoniajohnReply

    I got my #goodlifebook and i’m loving it. God bless you Trip. I love to see what the Lord is doing witrh your life

  2. Scott LarrisonReply

    Thank your for sharing the TRUTH of God’s word. Your message touched my heart this morning. God bless you brother and I hope to see you all in OKC on 10/25.