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Thoob plaws hauv kuv lub neej, Kuv twb ploj mus los ntawm lub caij thaum kuv twb tau tiag tiag kev mob siab mus ua hauj lwm tawm. Thaum kuv nyob hauv tsev kawm ntawv kuv cia li xav mus yuav buff txaus rau impress cov ntxhais (kuv ua tsis tau tejyam). Nyob rau hauv lub hlis ua ntej kuv kab tshoob Kuv twb sim mus ua hauj lwm rau kuv honeymoon puam lub cev. cov hnub, Kuv yuav cia li sim kom paub tseeb kuv nyob yav tag los kuv twenties. Kuv caijnyoog tau hloov ntau lub xyoo, tab sis li cas tsis tau hloov yog yuav ua li cas fickle cov caijnyoog yog.

Tej zaum koj nyob nraum lawm mob siab mus ua hauj lwm tawm-lub suab nrov nrov tawm mus rau kuv cov phooj ywg uas post pics thiab yeeb yaj duab ntawm lawv txoj kev kawm regimen txhua hnub. Tab sis yog hais tias koj zoo li kuv, koj caijnyoog mus li thiab zoo li ib tug me nyuam yaus nyob ib trampoline. Yuav ua li cas yog hais tias tus tau los ntawm koj ua hauj lwm tawm ntawd kub ntev li mus ib txhis, tab sis yog? Koj puas xav paub ntxiv mob siab?

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Thaum lub sij hawm lub caij ntuj no Olympics lub hlis tas los kuv nyob rau hauv awe raws li kuv saib xob ceev bobsledders thiab highflying snowboarders. Kuv twb nyiam los ntawm lawv cov kev ntaus kis las zoo, tab sis kuv yog txawm ntau impressed thaum kuv xav txog lub txim kev kawm nws yuav tsum muaj npaum li cas los tau muaj.

Thaum lub kawg ntawm txhua kev tshwm sim thaum lub yeej ncaws pob sawv rau tus khiav lub podiums, nrog smiles ntawm lawv ib sab thiab medals so rau hauv lawv chests, lawv reaping cov kev pab cuam ntawm lawv txoj kev kawm. Tab sis raws li phau Vajlugkub, muaj ib tug superior zoo ntawm cov kev kawm-tsis vim hais tias lub cev kev kawm yog worthless, tab sis vim nws yog tas.

Yog hais tias koj twb puas tau xav paub Vajtswv xav tias hais txog koj workouts, ntawm no yog cov lus teb: Nws xav tias nws muaj pab, tab sis tas, tus nqi. Yog li ntawd thaum koj nyob nraum khiav, ua xyaum, thiab lifting rau tes taw hnyav, so nyob rau hauv kev txawj ntse hais tias nws yog ib tug zoo tshaj plaws ua. Ua kom koj lub cev zoo zoo lawm yog commendable-txawm txawj ntse-tab sis nws tsuas yuav kom tau koj kom deb li deb.

Qhov no yog dab tsi tus Thwj Tim Povlauj hais rau Timautes:

"Tab sis muaj tsis muaj dab tsi ua nrog irreverent thiab dag dag neeg. es, qhia koj tus kheej nyob rau hauv Vajtswv, rau txoj kev kawm ntawm lub cev muaj ib tug tsawg pab, tab sis zoo li Vajtswv yog pab nyob rau hauv txhua txoj kev, txij li thaum nws tuas cog lus rau lub neej tam sim thiab kuj rau lub neej tom ntej." (1 Timothy 4:7-8)

Peb yuav sum txog Paul txoj kev xav ua hauj lwm tawm li no: Lub cev kev kawm yog zoo, tab sis ntawm sab ntsuj plig kev cob qhia yog zoo dua. Thiab hais tias yog vim hais tias lub dag lub zog yog ib ntus, thaum zoo li Vajtswv yog nyob mus ib txhis. Thaum Paul hais txog "kev cob qhia rau Vajtswv" Kuv xav tias nws txhais tau tias ua tej yam uas ua rau koj sab ntsuj plig muaj zog. Nws txhais tau tias pib nyob rau hauv cov kev ua ub uas ua rau koj xav paub ntxiv godly. Tej zaum lifting peb phau Vajlugkub yog txawm tsawg ntshaw tshaj lifting ib tug luj, tab sis tsis nws txhais tau tias peb tsis tau tawm rau ntau tshaj noj qab nyob zoo.

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Peb txhua tus yeej paub hais tias thaum ib yam dab tsi ntev nws yog ntau tshaj ntshaw. Tsis muaj ib tug yuav ib lub tsheb paub nws mam li zom cov nram qab no lub hli. Peb yuav theej yuav ib yam dab tsi uas kav ib pliag, vim hais tias peb yuav tau tshaj tawm ntawm lub peev. Tab sis yog hais tias peb nyob nraum li xam nrog kev txiav txim siab txog tsav tsheb, ntau npaum li cas xam peb yuav tsum hais txog peb tus ntsuj plig los?

Yuav ua li cas feem ntau ua koj xav txog koj tus nyob mus ib txhis? Qhov tseeb yog, peb yuav tsum xav txog nws ntau tshaj li peb ua. Yog tsis muaj lo lus nug uas peb txhua tus yuav nyob mus ib txhis; cov nqe lus nug yog li cas tias tas mus li yuav ua tau zoo li. Yog li ntawd peb yuav tsum ua cov kev nqis peev tam sim no, paub txog hais tias lub txim yuav tsis xaus.

Qhov no yuav tsum muaj kev cuam tshuam dab tsi peb tsom rau ntawm ib hnub rau ib hnub. Cov kev ua si yog zoo, tab sis tsuav yog tsis txhua yam. Lub dag lub zog yuav tau koj mus rau hauv lub tsev kawm ntawv, tab sis nws yuav tsis tau txais koj mus rau hauv ntuj ceeb tsheej. Koj yuav tsum tau saib xyuas ntawm koj lub cev, tiam sis peb muaj ib yam dab tsi hnyav yuav tu. Yuav ua li cas noj qab nyob zoo yog koj tus ntsuj plig?

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Vajtswv pab peb txhim tsa "sab ntsuj plig nqaij" thaum peb cia mus ntawm txoj kev txhaum thiab lob ib tug tuav ntawm Yexus. Thiab ces nws xa peb mus rau lub gym. Nws ua siab zoo muab peb ua nws cov lo lus, nws cov neeg, thiab txawm nws pob ntseg. Yog li ntawd cia tus nyeem, kev phooj kev ywg, thiab thov Vajtswv. Ncaws pob qhia ib vim hais tias lawv xav tau npaj rau qhov kev ua si los yog match ua ntej ntawm lawv. Lawv xav tau los sib tw ib theem siab.

Peb txhua tus yuav fim ntawm sab ntsuj plig kev ntsuam xyuas, tej kev txom nyem, thiab battles txhua hnub. Yog koj npaj? Coasting tsis ua hauj lwm rau ncaws pob thiab nws yuav tsis ua hauj lwm rau cov Khixatia. Tsaib no tus ntawv Vajtswv nyeem ntawv yog tsis txaus rau txhawb nqa nej lub xyoo no. Peb mam li tsuas ua rau nws los ntawm no marathon los ntawm Vajtswv txoj kev tshav ntuj, tab sis nws npaj peb rau cov haiv neeg los ntawm peb sab ntsuj plig ce.

Nws yog yuav pab tau rau kuv nco ntsoov tias thaum cov kev pab cuam ntawm lub cev kev kawm yog tas, cov kev pab cuam ntawm sab ntsuj plig kev kawm yog unlimited. Nyob rau cov hnub thaum kuv tsis xav tias zoo li thov Vajtswv los yog nyeem Vajtswv Txojlus, Kuv yuav nco kuv tus kheej hais tias cov kev pab yog tsis me me los yog ib ntus. Nws yuav tsis tsuas pab kuv tom ntej no lub lim tiam, nws yuav pab tau kuv nyob rau hauv lub tom ntej no lub neej. Uas yog tag nrho cov txug kuv yuav tsum tau.



  1. Daniel DryIce ReyesTeb

    Trip thank you for this. For the past week I’ve been fearing death. I don’t know why but I do. I really needed to be reminded that heaven is the best thing ever and this earth won’t get me anything.

  2. GregBrownTeb

    Thanks for this bit of encouragement! It is easy for some of us to become obsessed with eating healthy and exercising. But do you spend more time planning your meals and at the gym, than in times of prayer and study of the Word? It’s easy to have your priorities messed up, even on the mission field.

    Blessings in Christ to all!

  3. MattTeb

    I agree. The spiritual fitness/exercise is FAR more important than any physical fitness/exercise, but I ALSO believe that both can be done at the same time as well. I know there is a fine line between working out for yourself and working out for God, but there is a difference (believe it or not). Working out for God, physically, includes the spiritual element. For instance, when you have a workout partner, you two talk periodically when you workout together. Imagine if, when you two talk, it isn’t about a pump, your muscles, thiab lwm yam. Es tsis txhob, when you talk, speak from your heart, and have fellowship with one another in Christ. The physical working out may be a common interest for those in the gym, but if you add the spiritual aspect, your fitness with go to an unearthly level (right where we are supposed to be), spreading the love of Christ. Khaulauxi 3:17

  4. CaseyTeb

    It amazes me how The Lord speaks in so many different ways. I was wrestling with the thought ofI should work out todaybut was feeling like I fail at this area over and over again and somewhat feel it can be wasted time if it’s not something continuous in my life. Reading this blog was a reminder from God that He>I and when I focus on Him and train spiritually, I feel so much better and trust that it’s not time wasted. I think staying healthy is important but I know that digging into His word and seeking him is well worth every second of our life. Time with God is never wasted. Thanks for being obedient to what Christ has called you to share. Kuv yuav tsum tau no. God bless You and your family Trip!

  5. MrsRondoTeb

    This was awesome. The two things I hope to gain and retain this year and yet I struggle with the one that is far more important than the other. tsaug dawm, your timely blogs have been very inspiring, and they constantly point me back to Superstar.

  6. Tee-boyTeb

    Bro this is what I needed. I’ve been struggling and fighting with the spirit for the last couple of days. Just forgot to pray, read my bible, and even go to church. This is a wake up call. From now on I’m a changed man in Christ. I even thought God will n longer listen to me because of my ungodly life. Jesus died on the cross for me and I know I’m always welcome in his presence and he is just and faithful to forgive me from my sins.
    Bro I thank God for your life and the great work he he’s doing through you. God bless you for accepting his works.
    Stay blessed my brother.

  7. LoganLongTeb

    I think this is very relevant in our culture today. How often do you see people at the gym for hours? dawm, I work at the YMCA and I see the same people day in and day out for at least an hour of working out, but generally more than that. And it gets you thinking, there’s probably a lot of Christians that come into my Y (We’re the largest in Indiana), so how many of them are spending 1-2 hours a day engaging themselves in spiritual activity? This is relevant to me because it’s the call out I needed to get back in shape physically and spiritually. Thank you brother.

    Vajtswv foom koob hmoov rau,
    Logan Long

  8. JoshTeb


    This is a word-for-a-season. In a culture there are so many social pressures to look good and for guys to be fit and ‘buff’, we can get so caught up in what we think we should be like, in what others tell us we need to look like.

    Saying that God thinks that workouts have limited value is spot on, compared to the eternity we can spend with God.

    This reminds me of David’s story when he is anointed king by Samuel 1 Xamuyee 16). God says in verse 7, “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

    Bless you,


  9. MannyRuizTeb

    Really encouraging Trip! Anything that gets me closer to God truly brings me happiness and strengthen me! So thank you man. I really appreciate you. I’ll keep praying for you :)

  10. BrianTeb

    Wow as a fellow blogger I love the content of this. I am a workout buff but it comes easier than sometimes finding the time to pick up my Word daily. I then wonder why I don’t stand up to trials like I should. Awesome reminder. tsaug dawm

  11. NjokiTeb

    This is really encouraging and it has been something that’s been on my mind. I don’t read my Bible everyday, in fact, I could go for 2 los yog 3 days without getting in touch with God’s Wordbut now I know that I’m denying myself eternal benefits. It means so much to me that what I read today will help me next week or next month. I can’t rely on what I did last year, or last weekI’m working out for my eternity!!
    Godliness has value for ALL THINGS holding promise for both the present life and the life to come!
    Tsaug dawm Lee, for letting God work through youImma read the Word more! :)

  12. NgosaTeb

    that was awesome message Trip, I have always wondered whether working out is wrong or not or simply unnecessary. Your analysis clears the air on that one. Thanx, keep BRAGING BRO!!