mirehareha Wallpaper

Mila fampahatsiahivana isan'andro fa ianao naorina mba mirehareha? Izahay efa atambatra vitsivitsy ny wallpapers ho an'ny finday, takelaka, na ny biraonao. Misy safidy tsotra telo eto ambany ny mirehareha famantarana. Betsaka kokoa ny ho avy taty aoriana. Ankafizo!

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Download iPhone WallpaperDownload iPad WallpaperDownload Desktop Wallpaper


Download iPhone WallpaperDownload iPad WallpaperDownload Desktop Wallpaper




9 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Enane†navalin'i

    Thanks for the wallpapers bro. Tiavo izy ireo. There is far greater meaning to them than just bragging, but bragging on the One True King, Jesosy. Stay voatahy.

  2. Boltnavalin'i

    I gotta say Trip, I’m really blessed everytime I listen to you, may God’s glory shine in you’r life and your family’s forver. Need I say your son is one of the luckiest in planet earth. And he’s surely not a robot. #116 #rhemaprocess @iamslizybolt

  3. irenesalcedonavalin'i

    Dear, Trip
    My name is Irene salcedo, I serve in the united states Army and I am stationed at Fort Bliss, Tx. I am one of your biggest fans.This year My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer. When she was first screened, the doctors said it was at a stage 2, and they started Chemo treating her for stage two. Recently they compared the results from the First screening, which they said was a stage 2, was really a stage 4. It was their mistake. My mother is still being treated for stage 4 and still going through chemo. Once chemo is over she will have to start radiation, and we cannot be around her for the holidays. All that I ask of you guys, is to pray for her health. She is A servant of God and has shown my sibilings and myself the ways of the Lord. And reminds us daily that God is in Control, I just ask that you just keep her in your prayers, Her name is Yvonne Castro.

    In His Light
    Irene Salcedo