5 Words vs. 5 Lies

The way we respond to a message depends on who it’s from. Let me give you an example. If a stranger walks up to me on the street and says, “Let me borrow the keys to your car real quick. I want to get some money out of your glove box,” I would probably look at him like he’s crazy and walk off. But if my wife were to come up to me and say the same thing, I’d give her the keys without a second thought. We listen and respond differently depending on who’s speaking.

How about one more scenario. If one of my good friends insisted that I must submit to his perfect authority over my entire life, I would probably look at him like he’s crazy and go get some new friends. And it would be fine for me to respond that way. But what if God Himself said the very same thing?

2 Timothy 3:16 hais tias, “All Scripture is God-breathed.” That’s not the whole verse, but those five words say enough to meditate on for a lifetime. The fact that the words of Scripture are the words of God Himself is significant. And I think those five words, “All Scripture is God-breathed,” help us fight some of the lies that we sometimes believe about the Bible. I want to look at five.

1. Because Scripture is God-breathed it’s not: Tswvyim

Many of us treat the Bible like a book full of suggestions or a collection of wise sayings. It would be fine to treat the Bible this way if it was just a book of quotes that someone gathered together. We could flip through and highlight the parts we like. But it’s not.

God has authority over every living soul and when He gives commands, they’re not mere suggestions. They’re not opinions we can choose whether or not to subscribe to. God doesn’t have “opinions.” He’s God. Whatever He thinks is truth.

2. Because Scripture is God-breathed it’s not: Outdated

Many people today talk about the Bible as an old book with old perspectives that we need to get past. To them, it’s often offensive and in some cases downright immoral. Others say, “It’s old – get what you can from it, but don’t take it too seriously.”

God’s truth does not expire. God is not a man who’s influenced by some cultural setting. God is from everlasting to everlasting. The Bible is old and it was written in different cultures, but all of the truth is just as true today. So our job is not to ignore the stuff that doesn’t “fit us” or that doesn’t match what we think is moral. Our job is to read what God said, figure out what it means for us, and submit to it.

3. Because Scripture is God-breathed it’s not: Just Information

Some of us like theology for the wrong reasons. We go to Scripture so we can learn stuff and feel deep. When you read Scripture it’s not just a history book, or just a book of wisdom, or just a book of stories. It is those things, but never just those things. When you sit down with the Word, you are meeting with God. Never read God’s Word without that reality at the forefront of your mind. God is speaking. Listen.

4. Because Scripture is God-breathed it’s not: Boring

I think this is probably the sinful perspective that all of us have been guilty of at some point. We don’t want to read the Bible because it doesn’t really grab us. It doesn’t keep our attention. I’ll just say one thing: How could it be boring to see God!? It’s evidence of our sinful taste buds. It shows that we have tastes for all the wrong things.

Let’s repent of that, trust Christ, and take advantage of the privilege to meet with God.

5. Because Scripture is God-breathed it’s not: Weak

God’s Word is powerful. It was with His Word that He created the entire Universe. He said, “Let there be,” and there was. When Jesus, God the Son, came to Earth the power of His Word was on full display. When He spoke demons cowered, winds and waves retreated, diseases fled, and dead people came back to life. God’s Word is unimaginably powerful.

It’s by God’s Word that any of us can be saved. God uses His powerful Word to break into cold dead hearts and give them eyes to see Jesus, who was raised from the dead by God’s Word. And it’s by this same Word that God continues to reveal Himself to us.

The book that sits untouched on your shelf is the Word of almighty God. It is holy, sacred, true, and unimaginably powerful.

When God Himself speaks it should change the way we listen.


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  1. ClarenceTeb

    This post was very touching. Made me realize the value of Gods word and how to apply in my life daily. Keep doing the good work He placed on your life Trip!!!

  2. TeeTeb

    OmG! The second point is exactly what the Lord was ministering to me about this afternoon.. Praise God for more revelation! This is a great post may the name of the Lord be glorified..

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  4. Athenkosi NogcinisaTeb

    Dear Trip Lee

    Those words really spoke to me because just earlier on I looked at my bible, “it’s old” thiab “Do I have to really read it?”.This blog really changed the way I view my bible.God Bless You and Thank You

  5. JoelTeb

    Tsaug mus txawv tebchaws.
    Li ib 19 yr old guy, I feel like u relate with my generation.
    Just wanted to say, I appreciate what ur doing.. and ur the only guy that I can listen preach for 1hr without blinking! I wanna hear more of ur sermons up on this site plz!

  6. CherishJesusLuvTeb

    This Blog just kept getting better.
    My Bible is not on the shelf I am in Ezekiel 24. I am reading straight threw. But I have never read anything like this….The way he describes Jerusalem is crazy. I can almost feel God’s pain threw this chapter as He describes this Judgment.

  7. ReneeBTeb

    Really?! Qhov no yog txaus!!! Don’t ever think you’re not doing enough or saying enough with your life.. Just remember what He brought you from and you’ll quickly see what He has done, and is doing.. He is using you so powerfully!!! Thanks for everything you do, it gives hope!!!!!!

  8. Omario.Teb

    Let every WORD, be used and meditated upon with boldness and willingness,
    So the sonship and power can be revealed upon Us by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ Name.

  9. ollilovelyTeb

    Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom! Reminds me that His promises aren’t just feel-good words or inspiring and encouraging quotesthey are so much morethey’re God’s truths over our lives. #ILoveIt!

    Praise the Lord for His infinite wisdom and love made evident through His holy Word. And thank you for your sensitivity to His Spirit. I hope that my art will reach people one day the way yours does! Keep preaching, Bro!

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  11. wayne millerTeb

    I thank god for the anointing he has places on your life o loved the blog and look forward to reading more. God has really blessed the wisdom you possess

  12. TerranTeb

    Txawv tebchaws, that is something I think we all deal with especially when that fire dies down. I see some that see books written by other authors giving their perspectives of scriptures but forget that the Bible is God breathed. Always take the Bible as the higher authority!

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  14. JosephBonacciTeb

    zoo nkauj. Vaj tswv’ word never changes. It is the same today as it was thousands of years ago and will still be true thousands of years from now. Man loves to alter, change, misinterpret, and manage it for his purposes. Read it, study it, live it. Be a doer of the word. Identityfulfilled.com

  15. ShelbyTeb

    I can’t explain how much I needed this, and how thankful I am that you listened to God’s voice as this message was being written. ua tsaug!

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  17. WalkerTeb

    sinful tastebuds,” I love that. It’s so true. I come to the Word and fall asleep. That’s terrible. I need to repent and ask God to open my eyes and satisfy me, like the psalmist. Keep writing and ministering Trip, it’s good stuff. Very encouraging and down to earth.

  18. ChelseaTeb

    WOW. Every single one of those points is right on and gave me a new perspective on the Bible. Thanks for speaking the truth of God. It’s toughing the lives of many.

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