What Topics Does the Book Discuss?

In Trip’s new book, Rise, he tried to write about things that are relevant to this generation. Watch as he walks through some of the chapters and gives a sneak peak at the content.




  1. JTDeanReply

    It’s So Crazy I were Just Employed with New Company Called Rise, That Didn’t Do So well ,But I’m Turned Up To read This New Book that Will Empower The Youth and The older Generation That It’s Super Cool To Be a Christian Know, You Could Go the NBA,NFL, MLB. Play Soccer, Run Track, Produce tracks, Become a Actor, or a Actress. The Sky Is The Limit, where there Spirit Of the Lord Dwells, there is Liberty and freedom in The Good News of Jesus Christ. I’m Thankful For You Lecrea ,Tedesi,and Everybody From The 116 Click ,We Give God The Glory ,We Give God The Praise and Can’t wait To Promote This New Book Rise !!!!!!!He Is Worthy ,He is Worthy To Be Praised!!!

  2. DavidReply

    What an awesome book! Trip Lee has written a must read book for all teens. I couldn’t put it down. 5 out of 5 stars.

  3. YvesReply

    Trip, I was never into reading. But God literally woke me up from my sleep and convinced me to buy your book “Rise”. Man, I haven’t finished it but I realize that I’m dealing with almost 99.9% of the problem you are talking about in Rise. Realizing that is the first step towards my healing and changes. It’s a great book man, and with me being in love with hip hop culture, I praise the Lord for speaking to me through a Rapper/Pastor. I can totally relate to it…
    and one more thing, I like you better as a writer than a rapper but keep doing a great job in this God’s great story :)

  4. BoltReply

    Trip lee tha best! Appreciate your work over here in Nigeria. You a blessing bro, thanks. @iamslizybolt #rhemaprocess #116

  5. PKReply

    Trip, I bought your book a few months ago and I really love how real you are. I admire your passion to serving our Lord and it motivates me to continue to live the way God wants us to live. I am not quite done with the book cause I kinda have that 7 o’clock logic going on at the moment lol! But I’m really inspired by your book. Thank you, brother! God bless you!

  6. CharaReply

    I am so excited to have this book!! I ordered it online and I have been waiting for it to come. I wasn’t sure why I was so drawn to this one, especially considering I have numerous other books on my book shelf that I have not read and don’t really have plans to read any time soon :-) But I’ve been waiting on Rise and it finally came yesterday. When I got home there was a package at the door and I expected it to be the book. Turns out the book was shipped USPS and it was in my mailbox. The package at the door was a pair of shoes I ordered. This is so significant because I REALLY have a thing for shoes and I totally forgot I ordered them. My husband even said I did not need to bring another pair of shoes in this house unless I got rid of a pair. That is flawed thinking to me :-) Perhaps he is catching up with my logic because he did not say anything about the shoes last night!! Anyway, after the kids went to bed I started reading Rise and by chapter 2 I knew why I had been so drawn to the book. The reasons are too numerous to list in the comment section but I am on chapter 4 now and it has already spoken volumes to me. Primarily because of the way it is written and how that links to other things. Anyway, I am excited and I have already been blessed. I am going to continue reading now but I took a break to write this comment.

  7. osehReply

    pst. trip u’ve been real blessin to me. nd i really bless God for makin me encounter u. here in nigeria our local churches still c rap as nt being vry Christian

  8. RobinRichesonReply

    I have been meaning to buy your book and read it but life gets so HECTIC at times. Yet amidst the hectic, everyday lives of my family and me, Christ always comes first.

    Here in our city of Owensboro, Ky. through my church there is a program called Friends of Sinners. Friends of Sinners is a Christ-centered residential substance recovery program focusing on the restoration and reconciliation of men and women to Christ through biblical truths, accountability, and life skills. . .we strive to help our brothers and sisters in Christ seek forgiveness, to learn from their mistakes, to know God and build a personal relationship with him. The residents, employees, and volunteers are all amazing people!

    My husband and I have made mistakes in the past; not knowing God was one of them. Today (3/24) we celebrated 15 glorious years of marriage and we wouldn’t have without glorifying God and knowing his love and grace. This is something we remind our children everyday!

    It would thrill us to have you in Owensboro on August 20th to make an appearance at our annual Friends of Sinners fundraiser!

  9. KiannaReply

    I have my copy. I hope to finish the book by the end of this week. I have enjoyed what I read so far,

  10. CGReply

    Trip your book is amazing!! It has helped me in my walk with God and I find myself referring to it again and again. It has some great principles. My favorite chapter is 4 No super Christians. Your book the good life is awesome too!