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没有人喜欢的名字滴管. 你知道谁是我说的. 谁想要你的人知道,他们知道,你可能想知道的人. 当我想到“namedropper,“有一个人可以立即想到的. 我只见过他的时间屈指可数, 但每次我们已经讨论过, 我们谈话的一半是采取与明目张胆的名字滴.

他知道一个好一些的“大时代”的人, 他有那些名字潜入任何谈话一个荒谬的能力. 下面是一个例子. 我说, “嗨,老兄, 几点了?“他的回答: “哦, it’s about noon. Reminds me of that time I played putt putt with Michael Jackson at noon in Paris.” Word?

老老实实, 它不只是名称的激怒我们虽然滴管. 这是谁在吹牛一般人. 我们厌倦了听证会成年男子吹嘘自己的高中橄榄球天 (现在是时候继续前进, 先生). We grow weary of our privileged friends that find some way to tweet about every exotic place they visit. 我们没有为谁的细节对我们每一个昂贵的项目,他们购买的人太多耐心 (除非他们说唱歌手, 当然). 无论是隐蔽吹嘘你知道是谁, 或者底气十足指出你所有的成就, 吹牛只是不冷静.


简单的说, 吹嘘自己是“吹嘘说话。”我们所有人都犯了它在某些时候. 它总是激起眼睛卷当别人做 - 那么为什么我们仍然参与其中自己?

当你有事情发生了炫耀的资本 (或者做一些) 如此惊人,你认为每个人都需要知道它. 而他们不仅需要了解它, 他们需要认识到你是如何真棒具有 (或做) 它. 如果我们对自己诚实, 我们的名字下降和谦虚吹嘘我们的朋友,因为我们认为这使我们看起来不错. 而这也正是为什么这是错的.

这个问题是不是正是你吹嘘不是很大. 有可能. 的问题是,最终目标是不那么大. 任何你的个人荣耀的缘故要做的就是罪.

圣经相当强烈谈到这种自负的谈话. 一个例子是在 1 科林蒂安 4:7, 在保罗问, “那您有没有收到? 如果你没收到, 为何自夸,仿佛你也没?“他基本上是说, “你有一切都交给你. 那么,为什么你会吹牛,当你所做的一切就是接受礼物?“

每个字夸口说出我们是一个出手直接在造我们的目的. 每一件好事都是他, 这意味着没有人可以采取它的信用. 在宇宙中所有的荣耀属于上帝, 但我们一直在努力保留一些给自己. 在学术界, 对别人的工作采取信用叫剽窃. 在现实世界中, 这就是所谓的吹牛.


好吧那就解决了,然后, 对? 决不, 曾经吹嘘!

我不认为这是相当简单. 不仅我觉得你应该有时吹牛, 我认为这是你的建立是为了做什么. 让我解释.

记得, 吹牛的根掉入自己有东西是如此惊人,每个人都需要知道它. 我们这些谁已经赎回耶稣确实有值得吹嘘的事情 - 神自己. 如果我们知道神, 我们应该被他交口称赞,我们感到有必要宣布他三公给他人 (1 宠物. 2:9). 他太伟大了,保持自己. 耶利米 9:23-24 概括起来很好.

我是耶和华, 谁行使仁慈,
declares the Lord.

如果你知道神, 我要你吹牛. 但是,当你做, don’t let it be in 你的 智慧, 要么 你的 强度, 要么 你的 riches. 代替, 吹嘘自己. 吹嘘的事实,你知道一个完美的智慧, 全能实力, 和永不落幕的恩典财富. 而不是使用你的话来获得自己名声, 用它们来炫耀自己.

宇宙就像一个陈列柜为上帝的荣耀. 地球是为了展现他的能力. 树木形成炫耀他的美. 动物制作指向他的伟大. 你呢? 你建吹牛祂. 所以,如果你删除一个名称, 让它成为他的.


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  1. Justin Humphrey回复

    由于旅行. This is a really good point. Our personal achievements compared to God’s never ending grace are worthless. Let’s starting bragging about our Lord and Savior!

  2. 松鸦回复

    HEY TRIP!!!

    I have something HUGE to share with you!! 所以, I follow these two 18 year old Christians on YouTube, Instagram&Twitter and A MONTH and TWO DAYS ago, they said that they were told by God to leave NC and go to Los Angeles. They arrived yesterday!!!! GREATEST PART?!! They left NC with SIXTEEN dollars, a back pack and their faith and started WALKING!!! Along the way, they were given bikes, then food, shelter, rides &finances to help on their journey. And they didn’t even ask for it!!!!! People would just come up to them and give. Like they could see the spirit of God all over them!! They recorded vids on the way on YouTube and posted photos on Instagram and they keep us up to date on their twitter as well. Their YouTube hasn’t been updated in a week but they still have MARVELOUS testimonies shared on there from throughout the journey and they update their twitter and Instagram almost DAILY. Just wanted to spread this with you so that you could spread this great news of Faith. Maybe you can even get in contact with them and TRY THEIR SPIRITS. These men of God are legit. AMAZING TESTIMONIES. Lets spread the good news!

    Their YouTube: YouTube.com/Livin4Christ4Lyfe

    Their Instagram: Livin4Christ4Lyfe

    Their Twitter: Liv4Christ4Lyfe

    Be blessed brother!! This increased my faith an hope it increases yours too!!

  3. Ben Sudderth III回复

    I enjoyed reading your blog. It was interesting and easy to understand. Keeping doing what your doing!

    Enjoy God’s Blessings

    Ben Sudderth III

  4. David Gaines回复

    Yes as God’s children we are built to brag about His awesome power, 爱, mercy and especially His grace. The Lord says, If any man boasts let Him boasts in the Lord. The word Swag means also to boast or brag which is a prideful thing to do when you make it all about you. When it comes to swag, the world sets the standard, they tell people whats the trend or what is cool or not. Being a Christian is not the most popular thing to be in society these days, but it surely is the most vital. As a Christian its perfect for us to have swag, the best swag, and thats a Godly Swagg which simply means to boast in the Lord God. In our walk, our talk, and through our music we boast and brag on the Lord Jesus Christ because through the cross we have become products of His Grace and it is our life’s mission to win more souls through the preaching of the Gospel of grace.

  5. Sarah回复

    Absolutely agree with you! I never thought of being “内置吹牛” but you definitely convinced me. I very much enjoy reading your writing. Incredibly thought provoking but balanced with encouragement. Perfect mixture of the two!! Thanks for writing.


    “我们厌倦了听证会成年男子吹嘘自己的高中橄榄球天 (现在是时候继续前进, 先生).” #Preeeach!

  7. KGRANT回复

    I stumbled upon this article and boy, do I feel encouraged. So much to ponder from these words. It’s both an encouragement and a need to examine oneself and motive. Glory be to God for giving you the gift to write this!!!

  8. Terrence回复

    Great Job Trip! Love the audio piece. Never seen that before! It reminds me of the time I hung out withJust kidding! Great Exhortation.

  9. 詹姆士回复

    So great to see Trip still speaking the truth even if it’s a medium different than music. That was a great read, I look forward to hearing more of it. 上帝祝福你, 旅.

  10. broChris回复

    Great thought provoking read Mr. 旅. Many can take this to heart, and now into practice. Keep using the gifts God has given you, which now includes being a pretty great writer, and continue to share the message with those giftsit is reaching more than you’ll ever know. 上帝保佑, #JesusIsKing

  11. PhillipHolyApostleMurphy回复

    Very good messageBlessed to hear our Lord speaking throughOur God is great!!!! Our God is good!!!! He is so awesome!!!

  12. IsaacD回复

    这是一个伟大的文章, very well written, and I really loved the audio component you added to it. Thank you sir for sharing this.

  13. Amber回复

    I often do this; brag. It’s more a reflection of the pride we keep on top of our softened hearts. For some reason giving God the glory in front of non-believers can be difficult but only because of pride.
    Recently I scored very high when I re-took the ASVAB. I was so excited because I knew God had helped me do it. His favor was what gave me that score and the knowledge He put in me helped me to truly understand mathematical equations I never could comprehend before. Yet when I got back to my unit I told everyone what I got with excitement but later I felt convicted because I knew I’d only told those I knew were believers that it was all God. The unbelievers I never told my testimony.
    I do jail ministry on Sundays and it’s weird because when I’m in front of them I could care less if they think I’m a fanatic then when I’m at work I hardly ever bring up the name. Everyone knows I’m a Christian but none of them have any clue how He’s all that’s on my mind 24/7.
    I’ll work on this. 感谢分享.

  14. Alejandro回复

    旅 , God Bless you man !
    This was needed as a reminder and for that I thank you, allowing God to use you to minister. We defiantly have the best thing to brag about.

  15. BrantPhelps回复

    That’s good stuff, 旅… Everything we have was given to us by an Outstanding and Awesome Creator God who’s worth bragging about!

  16. 艾萨克回复

    I am so amazed at the way you inter-related the old and new testatment to help us understand the danger of braging on ourselves!! Is this the inspiration for your recent trackBrangin on my God”???

    I love your music coz its so relevant!! 上帝祝福你!! Keep up the good work!!

  17. 松鸦回复

    Remember the homeless Christians I told you guys about? They need help.. Any help would be great guys. God will provide but even Jesus couldn’t do works where there was no faith. Everyone in LA is turning their backs because of their lack of faith. Lets support the kingdom and give what we can. They also do music and the Spirit really speaks in their lyrics. Lets spread that as well! We do this for the kingdom y’all. 电子邮件 livin4christ4lyfe@gmail.com .. Lets help the brethren. Love you all.

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  20. Terence回复

    Powerful! You broke this down in simplicity. So much wisdom for a young man. I’m praying with and for you and your family. Your gifts will make room for you. Only do what God called you to do, you have the Oil, His Holy Spirit. Peace and prosperity to you (Shilom)!