Coulda Been Me Lyrics

Makke troch: Gawvi
Ekstra Vocals troch: J. Paul
Artwork troch: Alex Medina
Mongen en mastered troch: jacob “biz” morris

Fers 1:
Net gjinien wol hearre ús pine
Dat is hoe't ik bin gefoel doe't ik bin Flipping troch harren twitter comments, alles ik fiel is rein
Se telling my krije oer it âlde
Dat guod net bestean net mear
Mar dat net ring wier as ik sjoch yn dizze strjitten
Sa is it echt doe't ik fiel like it coulda west my

Minske kin ik sis jo hoe't ik fiel rjocht no
Och se wanna witte hoe't ik fiel rjocht no
Ik fiel like it coulda west my
Ik fiel like it coulda west my
Wy allegearre makke yn Gods byld jimme witte
Al ús libben ta, ús fisy is broke
Wy fiele pine oarsaak wy west hjir foar
Wa is ûnskuldich Ik wit net
Mar it coulda west my
Ik fiel like it coulda west my

Fers 2:
Ik wist net Mike Brown
Ik is net witte Trayvon
Ik wist net Sean Bell
Mar ik wit se gone
Ik is net witte Oscar Grant of Tamir Rice
Ik wist net Eric Garner
Mar ik wit se it libben
Is mear wurdich is as se sizzen op de tv skerm
Ik haatsje ik krige in lange list, jo finna sjogge my scream
Want ik fiel as se net sjogge wy keningen
Made te hearskje as Him, se tinke wy earme fiends
Ik wie der net doe't se skeat op de man
Ik kin net oplosse gefallen, sille net sizze, dat ik kin
Mar ik wit it libben as jonge swarte man
Tink ik kin net gek dat guon net begripe
Mar miskien kinne soe
As jo ​​seach myn libben en dy stie dêr't ik stie
Brûk myn eagen te sjen op dizze strjitten
It is te echte doe't ik fiel like it coulda west my

Minske kin ik sis jo hoe't ik fiel rjocht no
Och se wanna witte hoe't ik fiel rjocht no
Ik fiel like it coulda west my
Ik fiel like it coulda west my

Fers 3:
Picture my as in teen
Picking út drinks yn de winkel doe't ik sjoen
De kassier looking oan my, doe hy âlet
Wiist op myn heup en fertelt my ik bin sjoen
Mar hâld up, Ik is net wit, dat ik wie dat Scary
En ik net wit, dat ik koe sjit jo mei in blackberry
tige odd, that he saw me as a thug
Doe't ik nea fongen in gefal, nea stiel of kocht drugs
Of hoe bout de tiid, dat ik fleach nei in foarstelling
Fol fan freugde, finna rap foar in keamer fol folks
Bûten dan fyn ik it in gewear yn myn gesicht
Handcuffs op myn hannen, Pat del by de mul
It is itselde ol, deselde ol
Ik passen de beskriuwing fan in krimineel dy't se witte
Se liet my foto, kom op
Binne jo in grapke? Wy net sjen in like
Well the cops thought we did if you looking right
Elke swarte minske ik witte
Got ferhalen lykas dy, reaping wat se is net siedzje
As se tinke in thug fan de sprong
It net út as jo sied mei in pomp
Sjoch ik wit net oft Mike Brown hie syn hannen omheech
Mar ik bin it skriuwen sizzen Homie I'ma stand up
En I'ma sis dy Ik fiel ik sjoch yn dizze strjitten
En sis it is echt doe't ik fiel like it coulda west my


Fers 4:
Skies fiele griis, eagen read
Black and white clash, Wolken boppe holle
Hoe lang oant se hearden wat wy sein
Hoe lang oant se hearre wat ik sei?
Roppe út nei al it goede Cops
Fighting bad guys, it meitsjen fan goede haltes
Ik haatsje dat op de kap blokken
Yn de ein se kinne besykje om Klontsje jo yn mei alle de skurken
I wanna sizze tsjin al myn jonge swarte manlju
Ik wit it gefoel as wy krekt net winne
Mar yn jo grime net sûndigje
Net befestigje wat se tinken
Net lit gjinien fertelle ús wy wurdt net krige wurdich
Guon sil besykje te shut ús del dat sil net wurkje
Ik wit it is net earlik, mar wy witte dat Hy jout
En ien dei hy sil wipe fuort triennen

Wêr is dyn hoop op? Mine is yn him
Wêr is dyn hoop op? Mine is yn him
Wy krige wurk te dwaan, mar myn hope is yn him
Se krige wurk te dwaan te, mar myn hope is yn him



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  2. JordaanjeAntwurdzje

    I see some of the points made in the lyrics, and I know this song is personal, but it feels like it’s a song that’s giving in to this chaos.

    The second section of the 3rd verse, talking about being patted down because hefitsthe description of the criminal. I’ve been patted down before, on the side of the interstate after being tailed for 3 miles, because I wore a beanie and a sweatshirt that made me look like I was from the harsher side of town. Not just that, but I was driving my grandfathers Impala with my dad in the passenger seat, and they checked our stories about us heading back from the local Apple store where I dropped off my Macbook to be fixed. Call it profiling, call it whatever, but it was anything but the color of my skin. One officer was white, the other was black. That was me.

    First line of the first verse: “Net gjinien wol hearre ús pine”. Pretty sure I know what it means. The word “ús” in that phrase, to me feels like alienation from the song, like I won’t understand what the struggle is, or how you feel. I may not be able to understand, but God gave me the means to support, through Prayer.

    Continuing on that thought, “Wy allegearre makke yn Gods byld jimme witte”. There’s the whole counter to the song. God created us in His image, and no color, disabilities, gender or origin of nation has ever made God look at any individual He created any differently, so why should we? Why should I look at myself any differently from you, and vice versa?

    I could get further, but I feel I’ve said enough. Reis, as a follower of Christ we wear our faith, we don’t look at any person any differently or treat them differently. We throw away Self, and focus and put the attention on Him, and regardless of how any one of us feels, when we say we are Christians, the way we act and the things we say reflect how people see Him through us. So if it could have been you, should I look at you any differently? What if it was me?

    My point is, beColorblindin this world.

    • ToryAntwurdzje

      Brother Jordan, can I just express thatcolorblindnessis not the answer to these issues? Let me switch it quickly from race to gender. Men and women are very different, en dat is in goed ding! To begender blindwould be very detrimental, because it would naturally cut off the importance of our differences, and make us miss out on God. What I mean in that is that as men, mercy tends to not come as naturally as it does for women (notice the word tends!). If we only looked at men, we would miss out on the mercy of God. We would read about it, but see no tangible, human example of His mercy (I’m know I’m speaking in aggressive generalities, but only to make a point).

      Race is the same way. We are actually very different, naturally! Blacks, Asians, Whites, Hispanics, we are usually very different in our worldview, personalities, culture, etc. This is a beautiful thing. By looking at one cultures passion over another, we can see that God is a passionate God (passionate about the right things). By looking at one culture’sslow to anger(ness),” we can see that God is patience with us, and is slow to anger. By looking at different cultures, we actually get to see many pictures of God.

      Without question, we are all to be treated the same, because we are all created in the Imago Dei. lykwols, we are different, en dat is goed! I’m half black, half white, and have a ton ofblack traits,” en “white traits.Okay. That’s great! Hopefully they show us something about God! I vote for celebration and learning of differences rather than colorblindness, and a true celebration can only happen in the gospel.

      • NateAntwurdzje


        Your words have inspired me to write a song using a variation of your words: “We are all created in the Imago Dei, however, we are different and that’s more than OK”. Thank you for your initiative to speak and spark wisdom. The rest of the song has turned out to prove itself as purely an undeserved gift of words to express our unity in diversity and in Christ.

        Grace and Peace,

    • TaevanAntwurdzje

      Well said Jordan. I will say this one thing: Instead of being colorblind, could we instead see our different ethnic backgrounds as God’s creativity? We stand together with Him under the name of Jesus. He is our bannerno matter if we’re from Ferguson, Cali, Oregon, Alabama or New York. Jesus is our focal point. And in a culture that wants to separate us intominoritiesand different groups, we stand as Christ’s body, underneath Him.

      But I do appreciate your insight on the song. Thank you for building the Kingdom up for His glory!

    • joshAntwurdzje

      trip, thanks for these thoughts. I appreciate your sharing your experience as a man of color who thinks of his identity and the tragic state of our culture through the Lens of the Gospel. May the Lord continue to build his Kingdom and fame through your work. Dankewol.

  3. MichaelAntwurdzje

    It’s saddening reading all the events going now in the world. Right from NYC to Kenya. Painfull issues yet we don’t learn from them and keep doing the same things. It’s time we truly became our brothers keepers

  4. RichardAntwurdzje

    really sad to hear, still can’t really imagine how y’all feel but I see that a lot of black ppl just get just really to fastfeel sad for u al, I feel powerless at all

  5. ToddAntwurdzje

    Powerful statement, beautifully crafted. Brought years to my eyes when I least expected it. I only recently discovered your music and it has been a wonderfully inspirational discovery at the time in my life God deemed it so. Much praise to you, young brother.

  6. Neame: New Music: Trip Lee – “Coulda Been Me” |

  7. AmandaAntwurdzje

    To say that God doesn’t see color is unBiblical. (Jordaanje) The Bible says that God created different nations and tongues to showcase His majesty. We shouldn’t pretend that it doesn’t exist! If you say you want to be there for a believer who deals with these things by prayer or whatever avenue then why are you trying to argue his song? He is sharing his hurt. His pain. Stuff that black people, go through. Why do you have to feel alienated for him saying that. Why does your ONE example of a bad experience have to rule out or invalidate the hurt and frustration that many black people have to face daily. Not just that one time. My husband always has to go above and beyond to make sure he comes off as non threatening to people!! Wêrom? Why is it that he is black so he is considered scary and threatening. Why is it that he talks articulate that people feel they need to make the comment, wow you are not what I expected, or you are not like other black people. Do people go up to you and are they surprised by the way you speak? Stop for a min and just hear people out, you don’t have to agree or understand. Just show some empathy and help be a part of the solution! Thanks for sharing your heart Trip Lee.

  8. AbigailAntwurdzje

    Reis, this is good.
    My heart is hurting because there is still a reason to write songs like this. There is still a fight for black lives.
    Maybe one day we can make it right.


  9. WilAntwurdzje

    Keep up the good work Trip! Your words and your witness are powerful! May the Lord bless you, keep you, make his face shine upon you!

  10. CharlotteAntwurdzje

    Trip Lee man,

    Can I just state that I have grown to love the major authenticity in your voice?! Ahh it’s so raw and real! This is a great feat. bro. Very true, I am very saddened to hear about all of the corruption in which has been shown here on the air and it is crazy how bias and upside down this world can beI’m very disappointed in my own race in which has been stereotyped and broadcasted upon. The video from Brooklyn NY is one of the most saddening things I’ve seen in a long time.

  11. VictoriaAntwurdzje

    I love what Jordan is saying. I myself am a black America, a woman, but in my opinion, gender doesn’t play a huge role, black woman can be targeted in discriminatory ways also. I have never been targeted personally for the color of my skin, but I like to think I’d never hate or wish bad things to someone who was to harm me or kill me in a circumstance like the ones we are talking about. Being a Christian, I’m constantly reminded of the verse where Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek. If someone hates you, you love them despite that. Racism will never stop happening, but if someone attacks you, turn the other cheek. You can’t make anyone accept you, stuff like this isn’t going to stop. But we need to stop thinking that blacks are the only race targeted. The only difference is, the white on black crime is the only crime being brought up in the news. What about a white guy killing a Hispanic? Or an Asian killing a black? We are all created equally. Ja, there was a time when slavery was all black people knew, but today there’s slavery and racism happening among every race. God does not see the deaths of these black men any differently than he sees the death of anyone else. I think we are forgetting that concept, no person’s life matters more than another. And let’s also not forget that we really don’t know the exact facts of these crimes. Reis, I’m not hating on your song at all, it’s great that every person has their own opinion and this is yours. Although, I will say, yes it could’ve been you, but it also could’ve been a white man. Us black people are not the only targets. Let’s try to see each other the way God sees us, 100 percent equal.

  12. DanielleAntwurdzje

    As a biracial, Color blind(Ja, because my heritage and culture include too many different races to start focusing on one at a time. I celebrate THEM none the less) woman I can’t imagine anything that a black man is going through. Especially when people jump straight on race and leave God out of it. But I’m glad that you put God in it where he belongs. He belongs in this situation, He belongs as the Justice giver. We belong and trust in Him.

  13. AnthonyAntwurdzje

    I played this song for a room full of people trying to hear their brothers and sisters cries yesterday. There were about 18 of us and 6/8 were white. Your words cemented things.

    Know that your words are reaching people in deep, beautiful ways. Thank you for your honest reflection.

  14. JohnnyAntwurdzje

    If you are making this about yourself or about a specific race then it has nothing to do with God. Your song only shows why the racism issue continues the way it does because no one is willing to change the cycle only cry about how they are treated poorly white, Mexican, Asian, people die in the same ways all the time by committing crimes and being stopped by someone we have accepted as a protector. Your either for justice completely or you aren’t there is no fine lines or excuses. You bring up fears and anger, Gods not in those yet you choose to be. You put God in this so g just so Christians keep listening to you rather then making the right stand for God instead your our lyrics say your gonna stand up for racism that your going to make tis song about racism and not God. You can’t sit at 2 tables you either sit at the table if the Father or you sit at the table of the fallen. Either way you’ve lost a fan. I hope you can come to terms with your fear and see how simple respect would change fear into shared respect and working together. If it coulda been you, then maybe you need to rethink your life choices.

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  16. MerkAntwurdzje

    Do all my brothers, sisters, disillusioned, and hurting. I am sorry. I am a part of this as an American. But I am listening. I hear your pain.
    I am sorry.
    The word is getting out. No criticism, only love.