Hier ist ein Video von einer Predigt, die ich predigte zu Beginn dieses Jahres in San Diego. Das Thema der Konferenz war "Driven”, so wählte ich auf Römer zu predigen 12:1-2. Wie sieht es aus wie für ein Gläubiger "gefahren werden?” Meine Hauptpunkte waren, dass der Gläubige sollte ...

1. Lassen Sie sich von Mercy Driven

2. Angetrieben to Worship

3. transformierende

Hoffe, dass seine hilfreich!


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  1. Janna HowardAntworten

    Trip Lee you are an anointed preacher, God definitely gave you a gift. Praise God for our anointed and humble brother in Christ! Thank you for preaching and teaching the word. Your point onIts not just me and Jesus we are a family,” was just what i needed to hear. Vielen Dank. Live out your gift brother, we are praying for you!

  2. Jennifer SalasAntworten

    OH SNAP! tell me how one of my youth leaders asked me to start going through the book of Romans with her!! and btw, you speak VERRRYYY WELL, your a blessing :)

  3. Jordwins WinsladeAntworten

    Thanks for sharing this man! I have been experiencing a lot of what you shared, first handand so the message of being transformed not conformed really speaks to me where I am at! P. S- I love the truth expressed through your musicit’s always so refreshing! :)

  4. Dria ElleohveeAntworten

    Thank you soo much Sir. This really helped me like seriously I was just praying to God that He just give me a breakthrough of so sort or show me something. For the past couple of days I can honestly say that I’ve been feelin madd depressed; not wanting to get out of bed to go to class, when I go to church I don’t feel up to it and whatnot but this morning I woke up and felt refreshed and had a great day in class then I came home and saw your video. I never even knew you had a blog.
    I thank God for your ministry. I need to get you in my community, to my church or something.
    Vielen Dank, much love!!

  5. Jade MahounaAntworten

    i live at france and i dont understand when you preach ,because i do not speak and understand english.can you translate in french please