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Ity misy lahatsary avy amin'ny toriteny no nitory tamin'ny fiandohan'ity taona ity any San Diego. Ny foto-kevitry ny fihaonambe no "noroahina”, noho izany dia nisafidy ny hitory amin'ny Romanina 12:1-2. Inona no mitovy ny mpino ho "nandroahako?” Ny hevi-dehibe fa ny mpino dia tokony ...

1. Hoenjehin 'ny famindram-po

2. Horoahina ny fotoam-pivavahana

3. hiova

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  • Nillapoet

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:47 aho

    Trip, ever think about putting your sermons up as a podcast?

  • Janna Howard

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:48 aho

    Trip Lee you are an anointed preacher, God definitely gave you a gift. Praise God for our anointed and humble brother in Christ! Thank you for preaching and teaching the word. Your point onIts not just me and Jesus we are a family,” was just what i needed to hear. Misaotra anao. Live out your gift brother, we are praying for you!

  • Steve Waters

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:48 aho

    wonderful sermon, would love to hear more of them. To God be the glory

  • Yelowtail7

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:48 aho

    Misaotra ny fizarana … I will be revisiting the book of Romans.

  • Mika

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:48 aho

    true word! Misaotra anao

  • Jennifer Salas

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:49 aho

    OH SNAP! tell me how one of my youth leaders asked me to start going through the book of Romans with her!! and btw, you speak VERRRYYY WELL, your a blessing :)

  • Jordwins Winslade

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:49 aho

    Thanks for sharing this man! I have been experiencing a lot of what you shared, first handand so the message of being transformed not conformed really speaks to me where I am at! P.s- I love the truth expressed through your musicit’s always so refreshing! :)

  • Dria Elleohvee

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:49 aho

    Thank you soo much Sir. This really helped me like seriously I was just praying to God that He just give me a breakthrough of so sort or show me something. For the past couple of days I can honestly say that I’ve been feelin madd depressed; not wanting to get out of bed to go to class, when I go to church I don’t feel up to it and whatnot but this morning I woke up and felt refreshed and had a great day in class then I came home and saw your video. I never even knew you had a blog.
    I thank God for your ministry. I need to get you in my community, to my church or something.
    Misaotra, much love!!

  • Jade Mahouna

    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:50 aho

    i live at france and i dont understand when you preach ,because i do not speak and understand english.can you translate in french please


    Aogositra 19, 2013 / amin'ny 7:50 aho

    Good job TripI thank God for positioning you where you are at, to instruct us and encourage us. Good job once again

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