Tuhan yang Demons

Berikut adalah video dari khutbah baru-baru ini saya di Gereja Summit di Raleigh, NC. Saya berkhutbah pada Mark 5:1-20 mengenai kuasa, pihak berkuasa, dan rahmat Yesus. Saya berharap ia adalah satu galakan kepada anda



  1. Aaron j RobinsonBalas

    Being a Detroit Youth Pastor, and urban evangelist, you have been in my top 3 artist list since your debut. But watching this raises my bar of respect for you far beyond an artist. Sesungguhnya, you are a minister of the Gospel!

    Keep Preaching & Reaching!

  2. Sandi StaleyBalas

    Brother, can I just tell you I love you in the LORD? I just heard about you tonight by following a link to your song Beautiful Life, posted by Ryan Bomberger on LifeNews.com, and I am so excited to see the LORD using you! May He bless you (and your new family!) abundantly as you continue to minister to those He came to seek and to save.