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Søde Victory Video

juli 28, 20151 min læst

Tjek videoen for søde Victory fra Trip seneste album, Rise

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  • Bolt

    juli 28, 2015 / på 1:41 pm

    SWEET VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this jam.

    • Natangwe

      december 18, 2015 / på 7:58 pm

      Namibia Loves you Fam’..

      May his grace be with you all days of your life man.

  • makayden

    juli 28, 2015 / på 1:53 pm

    I love this song. Ur such an inspiration

  • Tirzah

    juli 28, 2015 / på 1:55 pm

    Thank you Trip for putting out another album with which to honor our Almighty King. Sweet Victory is near and dear to my heart. At the concert in Plano, Tx, this song felt like a worship song during the concert and what a great worship time it was. Keep praising and honoring Him!!

  • Valerie

    juli 28, 2015 / på 2:27 pm


  • DerrickMichaelWilliams

    juli 28, 2015 / på 2:50 pm

    Thank you Trip Lee for your honesty. This album encouraged me during the most difficult time in my life. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. #SweetVictory

    “Toast til kongen, Cheers til loftet, Følelse god gon vi "til at gøre det til slut
    Søde sejr
    Du hører mig, holla hvis du føler mig, Vi kører stadig, selv om vi haltende
    Søde sejr”

  • Carlton

    juli 28, 2015 / på 6:12 pm

    So does the car represent theChristian Lifeor does it represent “Jesus”? Or does it represent both? På den ene eller anden måde, the video brought me to tears.

  • Carlton

    juli 28, 2015 / på 6:13 pm

    So does the car represent theChristian Lifeor does it represent “Jesus”? Or does it represent both? På den ene eller anden måde, the video brought me to tears.
    #Søde Victory

  • Keinya

    september 7, 2015 / på 10:28 er

    Love this video. Symbolic on many levels! Thank you for what you dowhat God does through you is deeply felt.

  • ManuelAdams

    september 16, 2015 / på 11:57 er

    The gospel message and the central theme of Victory through persecution and trials is so needed today. My prayer is that many people will embrace the essential tenant portrayed in this song and video. May God continue to inspire you to make an impact through your gifts.

  • Nick

    september 18, 2015 / på 7:14 pm

    Rejse, you’ve impacted me in a lot of ways. Thank you for spreading the word of God to all people. I love your work and what you have to say. Gud bevare!

  • Leslie Dzvimbo

    november 6, 2015 / på 9:36 er

    Keep ministering Trip!….Your music is helping through my darkest moments in my life. Soul searching. #Rise

  • Little Jerry

    januar 10, 2016 / på 12:06 pm

    That’s awesome Trip,may the good Lord increase His messages in you….God is your strength #RandomBars

  • Joanne

    februar 12, 2016 / på 4:21 pm

    Søde Victory!!! Winter Jam 2016 Knoxville, TN. Can’t wait to worship with you!

  • BrendaHohensee

    februar 15, 2016 / på 11:46 er

    I cried watching this video because it made me think of the struggles I went through last year and how it kept getting worse but not giving up and in the end Jesusgrace saving me!!!

  • Jesudunsin Stephen

    april 19, 2016 / på 2:10 pm

    wow,my best song

  • Kianna

    Kan 20, 2016 / på 4:12 pm

    The concept of this video is very relatable. Jeg nød at se det.

  • patrick

    Kan 23, 2016 / på 11:48 pm

    I love this tune soooo damn much! can’t count replay hits.

    • Jon Westra

      juli 1, 2016 / på 2:43 pm

      It’s an amazing song, don’t get me wrong, but did you really have to use the wordda**to describe it?


    juni 26, 2016 / på 1:28 pm

    Mand, I took the time to review the lyrics to this song. Let me just say I love the message behind the song. The ultimate victory is the death that Christ died. Ja, he died but rose with all power. TRIP LEE, May God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JordanLivada

    november 21, 2017 / på 9:58 pm

    DOPE!!! So awesome, God’s sooooooooooo good. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! :) Wow, let me know if you need prayers, anyone. :) He will answer!

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