The Good Life bụ ebe a!

My anọ solo album, "The Good Life” ka eze tọhapụrụ! Zụrụ album si iTunes Ebe a. I nwekwara ike ghota ihe album na-echekwa na Lifeway, Family Christian, Mardel, na Target & Wal-Mart (họrọ na-echekwa).

Ọzọkwa, ị na-ekiri ọhụrụ video maka "M na Good” featuring Lecrae Ebe a. Anyị partnered na Voice nke Martyrs on a iji mata banyere mkpagbu na-agba ume kwere ekwe iguzosi ike.

Sonyere m na-ekpe ekpere na Jehova ga-eji nke a oru ngo iji maa na-agba ume ọtụtụ!



  1. Charlene I'maCharity Hamiltonzaghachi

    One more thing Trip, do you have any suggestion on how to break into the biz, I love singing for the Lord and would loved to be used in a mighty way to share the gospel through my music. ma, if that’s not my assignment I understand because I just want to live in the perfect will of GOD not mine! Chukwu gozie! :D

  2. Mikeyla Victoria Arellanozaghachi

    How have you managed everything you have done being so young and keeping faith?
    It seems like everywhere you turn these days there is someone saying you can’t do sonething or you’re not good enough to do it.
    How did you get past all the negative remarks and make it as a well known Christian Rapper in the world of music we know today?

  3. Charlene I'maCharity Hamiltonzaghachi

    I absolutely love this album thank you for making music that glorifies the lord, and is enjoyable to listen to for the youth. I’m a single mother of 4 afọ 16, 14, 11, na 4! I listen to your music along with various other artist in hopes that it will help me to share the gospel with my children and show them that being a follower of Christ isn’t boring lolz and not just old people are saved. Not saying I’m old, I still consider myself young and prefer to listen to hip hop, and neo soul. Ko,just want to say thank you for allowing God to use you and your talent to Bless and reach so many people of all ages and races. Chukwu gozie

  4. Danielzaghachi

    Praise the Lord bro, I just want to stop by at your page and advise you that everything your doing is for the honor and glory of our savior Jesuchrist!!! Bro in Jesus name i declare blessings for you, your family and your music in which is a very beautiful form to express Jesus’s all mighty love, ebere, power, and what he did for us. Stay up, faith up and heymaybe we can make a track together cause I declare to seek for my gift in which Jesus has given to me; Chukwu gozie, amen.

  5. Humdaddyzaghachi

    Thank you so much for your diligence on this album. Lyrically, it is such a great encouragement and I am praying that the album will reach the ears and hearts of many! Praying for you too, I know your work has been a blessing in my life!

  6. Jannettzaghachi

    I remember as a kid praying for a Christian rap artist so that I would have music to listen to. It’s not often that I hear the gospel as more than just the things God can give you or that if you don’t have things it’s good cause you still have Christ. Your ministry has been a real encouragement and I love the theme of your album. Ikpe ekpere maka unu