The Temptation of Jesus

Nam Christiani, non quaeritur an non subibit temptationem, Sed quid facimus respondebimus. apud Lucam, 4:1-2, Respondit Iesus et legimus tentatio. Hic audio de brevi sermone super illud evangelium meum post paucos menses retro ecclesiam. Videre volui Tentatio Iesu, His cogita in obedientiam,, et putabit quod possit ex hoc SCENA. Quod in tentationibus sunt Meminerimus? Haec sunt praecipua:

ego. Deus permittit et operum ejus tentatio Plan

II. Excusationem infirmitas non intretis in temptationem

III. Tentatori, iam repulsam

The Temptation of Jesus BragOnMyLord

Incitamento est quaeso illud



  1. N-tahirquod

    Latin 1:13, “Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone.

    • Ebube_nwadieiquod

      That’s exactly what I was coming on here to say. God doesn’t use temptation, but he will deliver us from it if we ask.

  2. sine nominequod

    He made it clear that he is in no way saying that it is God who tempts us but Satan, mundus, and our flesh. The Spirit of God led Jesus to be tempted for a specific reason. God uses all temptation, triumph over the temptations, and even the sins we commit for His glory.

  3. BPro_12quod

    @ N-tahir @Ebube_nwadiei Please listen to the whole sermon again. Trip isn’t saying that God tempts us. He’s simply saying that God allows it. God allows it so that we may persevere through it by trusting him. If we choose to lay down our selfish desires before God and surrender to his will, a result will be a better relationship with Him, which is ultimately what he wants with us. Why else would he send the thing most important to him, his very Son, to die on a cross for something he didn’t do?

  4. Nathaniel Babalolaquod

    Admodum. But God test’s us, just like he did to Abraham. Abraham wasn’t tempted but he was tested