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Track 11: Lazarus

December 4, 20143 min read

Verse 1:
Boy I hopped out the grave good morning
I been sleeping for too long I’m yawning
Everybody talking trying to see me, disbelief
Like how he breathing? He was six feet deep
Boy what you saying? Hold up shut your mouth
Dead men can’t holla, what you talking bout?
‘Cause once through that door it ain’t walking out
But let me take you back in time to my coffin now
Ooh know you smell it in the air
Cause I been in the grave for too long I swear
People crying I’m missing, obituary been written
My face pale, they can’t tell your boy about to be risen
Close the coffin, call the preacher, he so gone
It’s over can’t nobody reach him, say so long
But hold on, before you cry and run out
I heard somebody coming, saying something yelling, “come out”

Hopped up out the grave, good morning
I been sleeping for too long I’m yawning
They buried me in black suit, black tie
I’m alive and I woke up looking fly
So from now on

From now on you can call me Lazarus
From now on you can call me Lazarus
From now on you can call me Lazarus
Former dead man walking Lazarus (Repeat)

Verse 2: (This’l)
They got a missing persons report and they can’t find the body
Let them tell the story I was shot up at a party
Or was I high speeding on a bike
Head onto a truck high speeding through a light
You can tell it anyway you like
End story homie I was raised up by the Christ
Dead man walking, green mile
Go and check my grave it’s been cleaned out
Now come and look into my eyes bruh
You can see the fire go and tell em I’m alive bruh
Full of power like a wire bruh
God connected to me like some cables and I’m fired up
Dead men don’t talk, tell lies or truth
Dead men don’t walk
So what that mean for me is that they signed off
On my death warrant, but I was raised before it dried off


Verse 3:
Hopped up out the grave, thriller style
They ain’t think that He could do it, but he did it now
I mean the Captain, the almighty Lord
Setting captives free, all aboard, all aboard
Can’t stop him when he got his mind made up
He don’t like that grave? Sayonara, see you later
He made the blind see and got the lame up
So it’s no surprise he can raise us
Wake them up now
Believers when your life is looking tough now
When you’re at your all time low
Don’t forget that power that he already showed


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  • TravisBracht

    December 27, 2014 / at 9:08 am

    So sick!!! Especially Gawvi’s remix!!

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