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Track 12: All My Love

December 4, 20145 min read

Intro: (Natalie)
I see you watching
Do you like what you see?
Am I single?
Well, sorta kinda maybe
What did you have in mind?
Your face looks familiar
I see you all the time
And I can keep you company tonight
You ain’t gotta tell nobody
Ain’t nobody else around watching
Yeah just say the word and you got it
Right here, right now

Verse 1:
Jay was lonely
And he’s looking for love on the net
A man has needs, what you expect?
He looked through all their pages
And when he found her man he lost his breath
Cause it was love at first sight when they met
His heart beating hard
She was kinda light skinned, eyes like he liked them
Can’t fight them feelings when they hit you this hard
It’s long distance, so he’s with her online all the time
He’s at work but this girl’s on his mind all the time
He can’t wait to see her, she got them banging features
When they together he don’t mind he gotta pay with Visa
His homies warned him “slow down that woman can’t complete you”
But he’s in the game of love he don’t want to stay in bleachers
Or so he thinks, What I forgot to say is
Jay is married and his heart’s supposed to be locked away
I pray he break it off but he’s weakened within
And he’d be lost if he can’t see her again, he’s all in

Hook: (Natalie)
Baby come here
Cause I got what do you need
And you want it, you want it
Come see me again
Cause I’ve been waiting for you since morning
And I promise all my love
Is sitting here waiting for you just come get it, get it
All my love
Is sitting here waiting for you just come get it

Verse 2:
Hey he ain’t never seen a face like hers plus her waist right
Can’t fight the urge, he always met her at the same site
His boy told him tell his wife ‘cause this ain’t right
But he was too afraid, she finally caught him and they fight
Words exchanged she like “what’s this charge have you been cheating
Have you been seeing some other broads?”
He’s kinda trapped now and so he backs down
He’s feeling like he should spill all the facts now
And so he tells her ‘bout his different lover
And his obsession about how he’s always eyeing pictures of her
It’s an addiction it’s wicked he want to fix it
But the feeling is in him, he’s really driven he starts to wonder
Is this worth it? ‘Cause his wife said he gotta choose
She like, “It’s her or me your family you bout to loose”
Now Jay got the blues, he wants to scream
Cause he love that pretty woman on the screen
She like


Verse 3:
My dude Jay is at a cross roads
He felt he had joy and happiness but lost those
Feels like a lost soul running down the wrong road
“How did I get here?”
He’s at his all time low
And now he’s crying out crying out
Devastated like, “how she even find me out?”
Then he remembered that God he simply can’t stomach
Our wicked sin and he disciplines to break us of it
Now it hits him the depths of the hurt he caused
The way he grieved his Lord who hung on that dirty cross
The way he hurt his wife with his flirts and perverted flaws
He might mess around and lose his family, so he paused
He takes his laptop her picture’s on the backdrop
He smashes it with a hammer then takes the trash out
He calls his wife and he’s repenting in tears
And says he wants to be committed for years
And God hears

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  • Tish

    December 8, 2014 / at 2:33 pm

    It doesn’t say “and so he DANCE DANCE but I forgot to say, etc…”? It sounds like you repeated something twice.

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