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Unashamed Australia Recap

October 12, 20114 min read

A couple of weeks ago I took off from LAX and headed to the other side of the globe with some of my favorite people. Tedashii, Pro, KB, Thi’sl, DJ PDogg, our tour manager Steadman, and I were headed to Australia to serve Jesus.

What we did

We spent two weeks down under traveling through Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. In each of the cities we were part of large concerts ranging from 5,000-10,000 young people. Before the concerts, we went to some schools and invited them out to the shows. What we were allowed to say at many of the schools was limited (because they were non-Christian state schools), but we did our best to encourage the students and point them to Christ.

At the concerts, all five of us hit the stage as one rowdy, unashamed crew. We rocked those stages to the best of our ability while trying to be as clear as possible about the Gospel that moves us to do what we do. More than anything we wanted folks to know Jesus! We always try to make sure folks leave impressed, not by our skills, but by our Lord.

What we experienced

We got to spend time with believers from a different country, with a different culture, from different backgrounds who love the same Jesus we do. One of the joys of going to different countries is being reminded of God’s plan to “ransom for himself a people from every nation.” God is at work, not just here, but all over the world, saving folks and using them for his glory.

We also learned that Aussies talk weird. They call peppers “capsicum” and they call napkins “serviettes.” What!? They think we talk too though… All the dudes were rocking skinny jeans and they drive a lot of miniature cars. Some of the students thought Thi’sl was Biggie (they didn’t know he was dead!) and they thought I was Bow Wow (not my proudest moment). To make up for that some of our hosts gave up some delicious Aussie BBQ, with lamb, chicken, and even some kangaroo. It was nice!

This’l eating some BBQ Kangaroo

Why I Loved It

One of the highlights of my time in Australia was getting to kick it with my brothers. The fellowship was rich, relationships were deepened, and I was edified by godly conversations. I can remember good conversations about marriage, ministry, fatherhood, music, etc. God uses conversations like those to spur me on to good deeds and make me more like Him. I’m grateful to be co-laboring with rappers, DJ’s, and tour managers who genuinely love Jesus.

Thank You’s

I want to say thank you to the ministries who helped make it happen, the hosts who showed excellent hospitality, and the supporters that came to the concerts. Until next time, we love you Aussie!

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