Manere, Mortis - Non te recipito?

A duobus mensibus ante annuntiando quisque mirari torris novum album, “Surge,.” Non intellegitis quomodo titulus erat ante oculos et abii tacere publica. Album opus fuerat ultra annum, et nullam facere sinentibus moram dicere omnes homines - praesertim qui aliquid fluens cum rogabat.

Responsum ut consolatione est maxime. Miratus sum, quod mihi quidem suscipere usque fui otium fere biennio. Et tumultus incresceret amor tantum mihi.

mane secessu

Nec mirum est quia per hoc unum respondeant: "Manere, Ego autem receperunt?"Haec quaestio velud umbra sequitur me. Allocutus sum eam conloquia, tweets, et blog posts, Scio quosdam autem adhuc incertum. Moriatur anima mea usque posuit recordum recta conantur: Et non receperunt.

In 2012, Et nuntiatum est, quod ego, "conculcarent a musica." Yes, Secessu icis sonat nescio, sed non ex proposito, non ut verbum,. Quia non est insidiatus vaga custodivi 100% quod quidem non esset, tamquam.

Intellexi autem possibile quod "Cicero 'album fuit, sed ego scio quod non. Ecce ego cognovi ea: esset ingens diverticulo, ut prius essent ASPERITER mutare quomodo ad musicam. Et consilium meum est cum esset in itinere quantum Emcees. Non poterit crank fasciculum de Music. Non erit tempus rapper. Volui ad novi pastoris ecclesiae Dei.

Cum quod tempore, Ive 'been in ministerio ecclesiae in Washington D.C. in variis pastoralibus muneribus. Admin opus feci, Verbum et doctrina, puer ministerium, matrimonium consiliandi, etc. Et abiit facere menses sine ullo scripto vel spectaculorum unum bar et canticum de officiis Ecclesiae. Et ego sedebam est 2013 Unashamed Tour. Et quamquam nova musica adfui, Ego amo quod patrarat. Qui fecit salutem quaestiones interdum dolor, sed eam esse retribuendo tempus me et in domum patris mei.


Deinde anno plene ministerio pastorali, Initium novum paulatim placuit record. Diffusa est creativum juices mea erant, et paratum esse ire. Sed plus quinque vel sex menses non intermittas scribere impetu ac notando, tardus et stabilis esset album quia tempus meum Job musicam. Quia magna operatus est et mihi inter artem paulatim Song, et quantum ad perfectionem quam.

Placuit hoc opus faciens unum, track animadversionibus de fasciculum diversis acceptis pro guys. Eduxique Gawvi idea sit amet, Siquidem nos erupimus ad invicem et re incredibili. Omnis trinus ut Atlanta facta est crucial quia ita ut ab Ecclesiae et familiae officia,. Hic autem per annum, Quod suus 'prope est!

Scio quosdam confusum quid adhuc a me in posterum. Sunt enim plures incognitae a me, sed dicam quod scio:

– Ego vis ad pastorem.
– Ego vis ad musica.
– Volebat adhuc loqui ad corradere.
– Ego volo scribere Books.

Et si quid ego possum scrutantes omnia haec tractavi in ​​via honorat, dum fida meorum et ecclesiae Dei.

Numquid “Surge,” esse album? Quod potest esse, spes autem non. nunc, Communicabo tecum velim habere momenti puto quid tamen opus meum. Quia multum mutatum 2012, sed idem unum maneat: Dominus Jesus, Volo illum honorem musicae.



  1. Tonyquod

    Good Day my good brother? Its an awesome thing that your passion and desire for music is still flowing through your veins as well as your desire to spread God’s word through sermons. I can imagine how time consuming things are with family, Music, ministerial duties etc. Born from D.C and raised in Ft. Worth, its a great thing to see a brother from my neck of the woods doing God’s work in every area.

    Thanks for the music brother.


  2. MrAveryBrownquod

    Trip has always been intentionally consistent in his approach to teaching, preaching, and music, which has encouraged me and continues to encourage me, daily. When the initial announcement was made in 2012, I knew it wasn’t an officialretirement”, just a strategic shift to focus on other things. Even now, he’s delicately balancing preaching, docens, Music, and family in an awesome way. That’s why I’ll continue to support him in his endeavors, and as he mentioned “Dominus Jesus, and I want to honor Him…” dico, keep going Trip, your life, music and ministry speaks volumes, beyond a stage, a mic, or a sound bite, your life and the way you intentionally carry yourself, speaks volumes.

  3. DavidQuinonesquod

    Trip leeyour life and passion for Jesus amazes me!! You really bless my heart. i am someone who loves authentic people and though i do not have a close relationship to you, that authenticity comes out through your music and your messages. i met you in Philadelphia at Carin University two years ago and it was a life-changing experiencemy dream is to one day work with you in ministry and in music…. keep the faith my friend!!!

  4. MattShaferquod

    I’m glad you’re back making music but, more than that, I’m glad that you’re following the way the Lord wants you to go. Your music, books, and messages have been a great uplift to me over the past couple of years. Thank you so much for those. You’re in my prayers.

  5. Michael Jimenezquod

    Trip you’re an inspiration to all of us Christian Rappers. We support every and any decisions you make. Keep it



  7. Teriaquod

    Iter, I am do glad you decided to allow God to use you in music once again. I love his work, and I am happy that soon I will have more relevant tunes to praise God to. Iter, you have been such an encouragement, not only to the young, but to the young at heart, and those across the world. I hope my son turns out to be a man after God’s own heart, such as yourself, and that he will allow God to use him in everyway possible. It is important that our young men have a Godly example before them. Keep doing the will of God. I believe that by staying obedient, God will show himself and bring healing to you. beatus erit!
    T. Holmes

  8. Andrewquod

    I love how Trip Lee is doing what the Lord has called him to do. He is following the Lord and honoring him with his music. Keep doing what the Lord has called you to do.

  9. Robert Mayquod

    I am very excited to see that you are disciplined enough to slowly do music and be fully committed to your family and God’s Church. Can’t wait to hear your album though.

  10. Kudzquod

    Woow this is awesome Trip.I cannot wait for Rise to come out soon.I definetly think this album is going to touch a lot of people.Your music inspires me.Continue to honour the Lord as you do.
    Blessings all the way from New Zealand!

  11. RommelAlonzoquod

    hey Trip,

    I really look up to you bro! As someone who is a PhD student in engineering, a youth pastor and a worship leader amongst other things, you’re struggle to find a way to use the talents God has given you has inspired me not to give up in finding the Good life. As soon as I heard the title of your new album, I knew this was God’s way of tellin me it’s time to wake up and to not give up on finding the Good life in him. Even if I fail, your music reminds me that he won’t. Thanks for your music and for the struggle you put yourself through to simply get the message out.

    Much Love

  12. Sarahquod

    Much respect for you, Lee Trip. You’re a man of God. You’ve always been one of my favourite rappers and I couldn’t be happier that you’re releasing new music whilst fulfilling your duties to your family and church.

    I have so much gratitude to God for that fact that artists like you exist. You, through God, have provided me so much inspiration in the midst of both my struggles and triumphs, and for that I’d like to show my sincere appreciation. It’s one of my dreams to see you in concert, either by you visiting New Zealand or by me travelling to the US for one of your shows! God bless and much love to you and your beautiful family.

  13. Ashleyquod

    Awesome Trip! Keep going where He leads youand please share all of your amazing experiences with us as you go!

  14. Brandonquod

    I am always stirred up and encouraged by Trip’s artistry. I praise God for that brother. I hope he moves to Atlanta so we can build.

  15. ErickCorralquod

    I can’t wait for this new album. I Started listening to Christian hip hop in 2013. First artist I heard was Lecrae. I was hooked since I first heard Church Clothes. Time went by and I started to find out about Andy Mineo, MB, Lee Trip, Tedashii and so on. All of these guysmusic has changed my life. Totally changed my taste in music and also encouraged me to get more involved with my faith. Thank you Trip and the rest of 116. I hope I get to see you in concert soon. Deus benedicat.

  16. CBquod

    Iter, as you were out of music, I noticed an extreme difference in your approach to your faith & career from other 116 artists. I have been able to see & feel through your journey that being pliable in the hands of the Father has been your number one priority (not saying that isn’t true for the other artists). I admire you for the way that you’ve gone about your pursuit of your goals. I’m proud to be a fan of yours & SO EXCITED that there’s new music from you. I am praying Isaiah 60:1-2 over you & your family, as I feel that RISING to the glory of God that’s shining into your life, is what you’ve been doing over the last years. Salute!
    #Q. Tadio cognovistis

  17. JoshuaDenimquod

    I’m happy for you bro. I know you’ll do whatever God is asking of you. But for you to say this is your best work yet..I’m really excited to hear what God has been laying on your heart through the music. God bless you man and thanks for teaching me all the things you have through you music.

    PS – 20/20 was BOSS!! Lol


  18. AustinRobertsquod

    Iter, I’m happy to know you have created a new album. I’m more happy as to the fact you stepped side from music for a while to focus on things in your personal life, that you felt were far more important in which the were. For years I have looked up to you as well as a few of your fellow emcees because if I hadn’t began listening to, what most would call mere lyrics, I would much rather call your words, or songs rather, lyrical testimonies and preachings. Before hearing your music, I was in a dark place. I had fallen far from the arms of God. Your music, as well as other artists, brought me closer to God and motivated me to better myself. I thank you as well as other emcees in your category for inspiring me and motivating me to come closer to God. I support you and what you do because you don’t do the things you do for yourself. No. You do them in the name of the Lord and I respect that so much. Keep on doing the things you do. God isn’t done working with you yet. Deus benedicat.

  19. LIllianquod

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I’m proud of you, Iter, and excited for everything you’re doin. :) Keep it up!

  20. GabeTavianoquod

    Some just didn’t catch your words of prophecy, that you weren’t just referring to God being on his Brett Favre.

  21. DrowningInGracequod

    I praise God for your diligence and dedication to His word. The time spent on your album is evident in the tracks that have been released so far. I love your work and ministry and look forward to what God has in store for the Body of Christ through you.
    Gratia vobis, et pax.

  22. Julia Riebquod


    I recently (4 days ago) just saw you in concert in Salt Lake City, UT. I absolutely loved the way you were so transparent in your songs. You preached the gospel so clearly, gratias tibi. Thanks so much for bringing hope to the world in the name of Jesus. Love you!


  23. tamsynquod

    Hi Trip Lee. I love your song sweet victory. I love the authenticity of your lyrics. Its really helped me feel like there are people who can sincerely relate with my struggles as a Christian. Cause its not easy. Witnessing how Gods used you due to obedience, ie remaining faithful despite the pain- both encourages and challenges me not to tap out, but to keep pressing on.Christ is soo proud of U. Deus benedicat! Tamsyn, South Africa

  24. JesiliaLeaupepequod

    My husband and I are excited for this new album and have listened to every song that has been released so far from Rise. You got great stuff on it bro. We’re glad to be supporting you by buying your new album. (By the way, you’re a HUGE inspiration to my husband. He’s a big fan of yours-from rapping, to buying your book, and to admiring your love for your wife and kids and how you display it all the time in interviews).

    God bless you bro. May God continue to grant you the strength you need to deal with all your responsibilities. Supporting you all the way from the Bay in California.

    -the Leaupepe’s.

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  27. Umbraquod

    Bro I just downloaded your album and maaaannnn certain songs almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for reppin the Lord man you all have been a huge blessing in my life and brought me closer to Jesus with your music. #116

  28. Abigailquod

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TRIP!!!!! I love how you represent the gospel through your music. Gratias tibi!! Deus benedicat!!!