Ara Llegint: Per què vaig escriure un llibre


Per què vaig escriure un llibre

setembre 10, 20121 lectura mínima

Les presentacions de llibres on octubre 1, però es pot pre-ordenar ara aquí.

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  • bre

    agost 19, 2013 / a 9:06 sóc

    I am a fan of yours and is very interested in your music. You are such an inspiration to me i am a 17 year old girl thats on fire for God. Your music is very helpful to me, and i agree also books have made me grow as well. Very interested in reading yours.

  • Humdaddy

    agost 19, 2013 / a 9:06 sóc

    Already read the first chapter, can’t wait to read the rest. Your music has always been an encouragement to me and I believe the book will be the same!

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