Ua brag Pt. 1

Nobody likes name droppers. You know who I’m talking about. Those people who want you to know that they know people that you probably want to know. When I think “namedropper,” there’s one guy that immediately comes to mind. I’ve only met him a handful of times, but every time we’ve talked, half of our conversation is taken up with blatant name drops.

He knows a good number of “big time” people, and he has an absurd ability to sneak those names into any conversation. Here’s an example. Kuv hais, “Hey man, what time is it?” His reply: “Oh, it’s about noon. Reminds me of that time I played putt putt with Michael Jackson at noon in Paris.” Word?

Honestly, it’s not just name droppers that irk us though. It’s people who brag in general. We get tired of hearing grown men brag about their high school football days (it’s time to move on, sir). We grow weary of our privileged friends that find some way to tweet about every exotic place they visit. And we don’t have much patience for people who detail for us every expensive item they purchase (unless they’re rappers, tau mas). Whether it’s covertly bragging about who you know, or unashamedly pointing out all your accomplishments, bragging just isn’t cool.

Stop Bragging

Simply put, to brag is to “talk boastfully.” And all of us have been guilty of it at some point. It always provokes an eye roll when others do it – so why do we still take part in it ourselves?

Bragging happens when you have something (or do something) so amazing that you think everyone needs to know about it. And not only do they need to know about it, they need to recognize how awesome you are for having (or doing) nws. If we’re honest with ourselves, we name drop and humble brag to our friends because we think it makes us look good. And that’s exactly why it’s wrong.

The problem isn’t that what you’re bragging about isn’t great. It might be. The problem is that the end goal isn’t so great. Anything you do for the sake of personal glory is sin.

Scripture speaks pretty strongly about this kind of boastful talk. One example is in 1 Corinthians 4:7, in which Paul asks, “What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?” He’s basically saying, “Everything you have was given to you. So why would you brag when all you did was accept a gift?"

Each boastful word we utter is a shot aimed directly at our Maker. Every good thing comes from Him, which means none of us can take the credit for it. All the glory in the Universe belongs to God, but we’re constantly trying to keep some for ourselves. In the academic world, taking credit for someone else’s work is called plagiarism. In the real world, it’s called bragging.

Start Bragging

Well that settles it then, txoj cai? Never, ever brag!

I don’t think it’s quite that simple. Not only do I think you should brag sometimes, I think it’s what you were created to do. Let me explain.

Remember, the root of bragging is thinking something you have is so amazing that everyone needs to know about it. Those of us who’ve been redeemed by Jesus do have something to brag about – God Himself. If we know God, we should be so blown away by Him that we feel compelled to proclaim His excellencies to others (1 Pet. 2:9). He’s too great to keep to ourselves. Jeremiah 9:23-24 sums it up well.

This is what the Lord says:
“Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom
or the strong man boast of his strength
or the rich man boast of his riches,
but let him who boasts boast about this:
that he understands and knows me,
that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,
justice and righteousness on earth,
for in these I delight,"
declares the Lord.

If you know God, I want you to brag. But when you do, don’t let it be in Koj txhab, los sis Koj muaj zog, los sis Koj riches. Instead, brag about His. Boast in the fact that you know the One with perfect wisdom, all-powerful strength, and never ending riches of grace. Instead of using your words to acquire your own fame, use them to show off His.

The Universe is like a display case for God’s glory. The Earth was created to show His power. Trees were formed to flaunt His beauty. Animals were crafted to point to His greatness. And you? You were built to brag on Him. So if you do drop a name, let it be His.


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  1. Justin HumphreyTeb

    Tsaug mus txawv tebchaws. This is a really good point. Our personal achievements compared to God’s never ending grace are worthless. Let’s starting bragging about our Lord and Savior!

  2. JayTeb

    HEY TRIP!!!

    I have something HUGE to share with you!! Li ntawd, I follow these two 18 year old Christians on YouTube, Instagram&Twitter and A MONTH and TWO DAYS ago, they said that they were told by God to leave NC and go to Los Angeles. They arrived yesterday!!!! GREATEST PART?!! They left NC with SIXTEEN dollars, a back pack and their faith and started WALKING!!! Along the way, they were given bikes, then food, shelter, rides &finances to help on their journey. And they didn’t even ask for it!!!!! People would just come up to them and give. Like they could see the spirit of God all over them!! They recorded vids on the way on YouTube and posted photos on Instagram and they keep us up to date on their twitter as well. Their YouTube hasn’t been updated in a week but they still have MARVELOUS testimonies shared on there from throughout the journey and they update their twitter and Instagram almost DAILY. Just wanted to spread this with you so that you could spread this great news of Faith. Maybe you can even get in contact with them and TRY THEIR SPIRITS. These men of God are legit. AMAZING TESTIMONIES. Lets spread the good news!

    Their YouTube:

    Their Instagram: Livin4Christ4Lyfe

    Their Twitter: Liv4Christ4Lyfe

    Be blessed brother!! This increased my faith an hope it increases yours too!!

  3. Ben Sudderth IIITeb

    I enjoyed reading your blog. It was interesting and easy to understand. Keeping doing what your doing!

    Enjoy God’s Blessings

    Ben Sudderth III

  4. David GainesTeb

    Yes as God’s children we are built to brag about His awesome power, hlub, mercy and especially His grace. The Lord says, If any man boasts let Him boasts in the Lord. The word Swag means also to boast or brag which is a prideful thing to do when you make it all about you. When it comes to swag, the world sets the standard, they tell people whats the trend or what is cool or not. Being a Christian is not the most popular thing to be in society these days, but it surely is the most vital. As a Christian its perfect for us to have swag, the best swag, and thats a Godly Swagg which simply means to boast in the Lord God. In our walk, our talk, and through our music we boast and brag on the Lord Jesus Christ because through the cross we have become products of His Grace and it is our life’s mission to win more souls through the preaching of the Gospel of grace.

  5. Sarah SarahTeb

    Absolutely agree with you! I never thought of being “ua tau los hais txog” but you definitely convinced me. I very much enjoy reading your writing. Incredibly thought provoking but balanced with encouragement. Perfect mixture of the two!! Thanks for writing.

  6. KGRANTTeb

    I stumbled upon this article and boy, do I feel encouraged. So much to ponder from these words. It’s both an encouragement and a need to examine oneself and motive. Glory be to God for giving you the gift to write this!!!

  7. JamesTeb

    So great to see Trip still speaking the truth even if it’s a medium different than music. That was a great read, I look forward to hearing more of it. thov Vajtswv foom koob hmoov rau koj, Txawv tebchaws.

  8. broChrisTeb

    Great thought provoking read Mr. Txawv tebchaws. Many can take this to heart, and now into practice. Keep using the gifts God has given you, which now includes being a pretty great writer, and continue to share the message with those giftsit is reaching more than you’ll ever know. Vaj tswv foom koob hmoov, #JesusIsKing

  9. IsaacDTeb

    Qhov no yog ib tsab xov xwm zoo kawg thiab, very well written, and I really loved the audio component you added to it. Thank you sir for sharing this.

  10. AmberTeb

    I often do this; brag. It’s more a reflection of the pride we keep on top of our softened hearts. For some reason giving God the glory in front of non-believers can be difficult but only because of pride.
    Recently I scored very high when I re-took the ASVAB. I was so excited because I knew God had helped me do it. His favor was what gave me that score and the knowledge He put in me helped me to truly understand mathematical equations I never could comprehend before. Yet when I got back to my unit I told everyone what I got with excitement but later I felt convicted because I knew I’d only told those I knew were believers that it was all God. The unbelievers I never told my testimony.
    I do jail ministry on Sundays and it’s weird because when I’m in front of them I could care less if they think I’m a fanatic then when I’m at work I hardly ever bring up the name. Everyone knows I’m a Christian but none of them have any clue how He’s all that’s on my mind 24/7.
    I’ll work on this. Tsaug rau sib koom.

  11. AlejandroTeb

    Txawv tebchaws , God Bless you man !
    This was needed as a reminder and for that I thank you, allowing God to use you to minister. We defiantly have the best thing to brag about.

  12. IsaacTeb

    I am so amazed at the way you inter-related the old and new testatment to help us understand the danger of braging on ourselves!! Is this the inspiration for your recent trackBrangin on my God”???

    I love your music coz its so relevant!! thov Vajtswv foom koob hmoov rau koj!! Khaws cov hauj lwm zoo!!

  13. JayTeb

    Remember the homeless Christians I told you guys about? They need help.. Any help would be great guys. God will provide but even Jesus couldn’t do works where there was no faith. Everyone in LA is turning their backs because of their lack of faith. Lets support the kingdom and give what we can. They also do music and the Spirit really speaks in their lyrics. Lets spread that as well! We do this for the kingdom y’all. Tug .. Lets help the brethren. Love you all.

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  16. TerenceTeb

    Powerful! You broke this down in simplicity. So much wisdom for a young man. I’m praying with and for you and your family. Your gifts will make room for you. Only do what God called you to do, you have the Oil, His Holy Spirit. Peace and prosperity to you (Shilom)!