Gratias tibi

EGO iustus volo dicere gratias omnibus qui pro nobis in itinere essemus in magna continentis Africae. Ait Dominus donavit multa ex orationibus, usum et sex regionibus ictum facere nobiscum. Peregrinatione domum conversi sunt et ad finem iam nocte.

Et bene youd vestram tutum pro eo, et pro sanitatem. Nos tam paucos pertinet et non vis sanus domum. Exspecto a blog stipes de itinere nostro loqui ad vos omnes. Nos appreciate donec orationibus



  1. Njerucathyquod

    It is such a challenge to see and witness how you live your lives poured out to Christ. Rich is your rewardmay He bless you and your families with abundant health, amen.

    Cathy. Nairobi kenya

  2. Kristy Cothranquod

    Still praying. Thanks for your boldness. It’s an encouragement to all. Video blog and tell us how things were in Africa.

  3. Cera Ngunjiriquod

    i pray that you make it safe to your home:)i also thank God for you for the word that you’ve spread acros africa.u left a great impact here in Kenya u hav no idea.stay blessed Triplee n th 116clique

  4. Josiahquod

    Pray that you guys continue to be strengthened as you serve Him, even us Paul was strengthened by the Lord (2 Tim 4:17). Really blessed by you guys in KE!