The book de Vita

Quicumque vos scitis, Ive 'been opus in mea novissima inter album ad librum, Bonum Vitae. Sed hoc non dimiserunt in October cum Kessinger Publishing 1, 2012. Aenean interdum accumsan luctus gravida infra in circuitu. Et ad et dimisit eum postquam notificabitur.

Artist HIP HOP TRIP gravida scelerisque dimittere LIBER DEBUT Bene vivere DE October 1, 2012 Per Kessinger Publishing

Project have an album supponit current remissionis et redefines «Bonum Christi» provocando homines jam in lucem novam inire mendax mirabiliter transiret.

Los Angeles, Ill. (May 17, 2012) Culpa earum artificem-Lee chart -Billboard Pop debut libro gearing pro solvo, Bonum Vitae (Kessinger Publishing). Quas dimisit ad tardus Aprilis P: † Sequentia album 10, 2012 per pervenire Records, Bonum Vitae Octobris ledo thesauris, et nationwide 1, 2012.

"In annis,, Ive 'been effectus nostri mundi musica provocat digito Christum sententias – Sed defectus semper in music, Nisi quia tam in cantu communices,"Inquit Trip. "Album, dedit auditores snapshots de bono vitae,, et erit quasi liber manualis quam vivere. Rogo ut lectoris animum ab hoc auxilium et ambulate in omni via quam creati sumus ad mendacium. "

Ab alio usu ex his testimoniis animam suam, Iter explorat mendacia, ut dictum est,, et pingit novum, Biblical picture de bono vitae,. Explorans totum possidet beata vita,, rebus, and morality in light of God’s truth Bonum vitae redefines the term as not living to please yourself but living by faith in a good God.

"Non est bonum vitae in verticem ascendisse corpus ladder, ab omni conscientia bona vita non vivitur,"Inquit Trip. "Bonum vitae in sync cum offerrent omne quod complectitur in Christo."

Non advena ad christianam musica scene, Elit scriptor debut album, Si solum sciverint, hit stores nationwide a few days after his high school graduation. That same year, Se quoque columbam lacus nominata featured, saluto classic "Jesus Muzik" label cum coniuge Lecrae. Elit scriptor sophomore Album,20/20, ut remissus esset, in 2008 quanto res et congregabunt: Missa in irritum Top 200, usque #11 Missa in Christiano appulit chart album #4 in Evangelio chart. Cum sua tertia album, Inter duos Mundos, Trip offered a collection of reflections on life in a fallen world. Those reflections resonated with listeners as B2W debuted at #1 Evangelium in Missa christianus Carnotense, #5 ad Pop / Classical iTunes chartula #9 Albums chart in iTunes. Duo quoque et columbam album nominationes Spectralis Evangelium lacus enim Optimus Pop / Classical Anni Album.

Elit scriptor latest album release, Bonum Vitae at debuted #2 Hip Hop et in iTunes, et super chartis, dum in garnering #3 Missa in chart in loco Hip Hop, accedunt, #17 super tecta 200 Et accipiens Missa chart #1 Evangelium in Missa socors christianus chart.

Mundi de via iter faciens enim auditores milia. In conjunction with Bonum Vitae, Trip is currently on a promotional nationwide tour and will be a featured Artist variis 2012 etiam festa Spiritus West Coast, Atlanta Fest et lacus The Classical, inter alios.

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  1. Sabahspsalm777quod

    Peace brother our WHOLE family appreciates your artistry and how the Lord is using you. No offense but some in the community of believers have heard rumors that you are a amasonand down with the illuminati. I am not trying to spread negativity, just would appreciate if you can address this. At the place we are in life there are so much spiritual adultery going on and false christians misleading people, can you please make a statement so people can know what’s up. Some of your label mates seem to be flashing masonic symbols on there videos. I came to the Lord after years in the occult and KNOW that a lot of what is in the church is from satan. i don’t discern that from you, but we all need to be free of deception. Please take no offense this is coming from a place of love and concern.

    Sister in Christ