Gloria 14: O Victoria

L.: (Demetrius)
Ego meum, et corona spinea qua fuit,
Vivitur et infirmus ero
De mane usque ad pulverem Yeah
Ego autem sum causa superstes
O Victoria
Nemo tollit eam a me,
O victoria,
Quorum ego got, dulcis victoria Yeah

Vers 1:
Vos autem videtis me claudicabat , Scio te me claudicabat
Non haec dico CD, bro sum genu, sed penitus in eo
I, in fine infirmitate mea, et factus est mihi secundum
Libet iacere non est moleste dentes meos
Et cum haec scribo, ego lacrimis prope est
Non annis corpus operatur iustitiam
Ut detur mihi et quod "servare conantur, mentum usque ad faciem"
Bruh ego sex et viginti,, Sim passus a levius
Custodite omnia missa cute quotes
Ego autem quia veritatem spes clichés, ipse quoque dope


Post Hook:
Toast ad regem, ducitur ad summitatem
Inde gon bonum, ut ad finem
O victoria,
Tu exaudi me, si attrectaverit me Holla
Nos tamen, etsi cursum claudicabat
O victoria,
Ut vincere causa,, Yeah vos scire conciliandos
Et nos sumus in hoc ambagibus
O victoria,
Ut vincere causa,, Yeah vos scire conciliandos, nunc vivimus,
O victoria,

Vers 2:
Et adhuc in me, quod sicut "homo est puer, quod"
Et percussit eos Play song, et plaudentes stat in eis
similis illi, "I bet you got a sors eorum in acervos Flexilis vincula"
Dico itaque quod paucis annis fuisse puto difficile ludo
Sed vos non scire pueri mei, nescis animam pueri
Nescis quid quasi uxorem meam
Non pugnam puer meus
In his locis firma est trying pugna hostes mei
Et cum non pugnare non humiliavit se humiliat
Et humiliavit, Scio non sustineant onus

Post Hook

Vers 3:
Ut et, "ego audiunt sermones tuos uincit et I damnum"
"Et quasi festum celebrantes diem, sed coronis tuum cruces"
Thats paradoxum, quod non fit in arca epulare
Ne intelligere nisi ambulaveris in par tibialia
Non thats unum victor et victor septimo inning
Nec ad suos recepit manubiis haec inchoasse
Cum dico, non dico vincere sum in praesentem diem
Quando ergo dico cinereo nubes exerit
Im 'victor' ideo regnant cum illo,

aliud: (Quæ)
Ait tu es rex coronam spineam
Coccino, non potest fucum tuae
Yeah, et configatur in manu tua, Iudaee mortis nostrae
Ex cruce, et regnavit
Regnum non habet finem,
O Jesu,, te lucratus est omnium
O Jesu,, victorem (x2)
O Jesu,



  1. Cameronquod

    Curabitur. So many websites have gotten the lyrics to this song wrong. haha, but thanks for posting the real ones! Always loved this song and I really appreciate the heart you put into it. This really encouraged me at the right time in my life and now I know I can look forward to victory in Jesus, regardless of my weaknesses and struggles. Iterum gratias, Iter!

  2. Salvador Gardunoquod

    I can really relate to this song including the back story, how you wrote this song while gawvi was trying to get you to rest, I have also been wrestling with fatigue since I was 19 yrs old.I have been fighting sleep apnea with borderline narcoleptic symptoms. ego sum 29 nunc, and with everything I’ve fought through this song has become my anthem and my declaration of faith. I thank God for using you and your music. God Bless you brother. I pray he continues to bleed you in your journey.

  3. Gloriquod

    I love love this song. I’ve been fighting kidney disease for the past couple of years and recently got put on the transplant list. This song inspires me to keep fighting. It may not have been the intention or meaning of your song, but it has really helped me. thanks so much!

  4. Jaretquod

    This is an amazing song. Right as Rise was coming out, my wife came was being diagnosed with MS. The song still chokes us up as she lives your words. Truly a blessing, and we can listen to that song over and over as we remember we have Sweet Victory in our Lord. Gratias tibi, Iter, for preaching the truth in all the ways He has for you. You may never understand what your songs have meant to so many, including us, over the years until that glorious day when He will show you. Keep on, fratris!

  5. mikequod

    Listened this song many times,God Bless you Trip, and thank you for posting this lyricsjust one minor comment, on the hook part,…From the dust until dawnI think it should beFrom the dusk until dawn. Right?:)