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Txhua tam sim no thiab ces kuv mam li tham rau ib tug neeg uas hais tias lawv xav los ua ib tug Christian, tab sis lawv zoo li xav hais tias lub sij hawm yog tsis heev. Thaum kuv nug lawv tias vim li cas, lawv qhia rau kuv txog tag nrho cov ntawm lawv tej kev txhaum, tag nrho cov ntawm lawv shortcomings, thiab tag nrho cov messed up tej yam uas lawv tau ua nyob rau hauv lub yav dhau los. Kuv yeej tsis nrog lawv sib ceg txog lawv tej kev txhaum, tab sis kuv ua thawb rov qab rau lawv cov kev xav.

Lawv nyob nraum piv txwv tias yog tias txoj kev txhaum ua cas disqualifies koj tuaj rau Tswv Yexus, thaum lub caij nyoog rov qab no yeej muaj tseeb. Ua ib tug neeg txhaum tsis kom peb los ntawm Yexus Khetos; nws yog vim li cas peb yuav tsum tau Nws. Yog hais tias peb tos kom txog thaum peb saib zoo meej puag nws peb mam li yuav tau tos mus ib txhis.

Nyob rau hauv ib tug ntawm kuv nyiam quotes, Charles Spurgeon kom peb tsis txhob saib peb tus kheej rau, thiab pib nrhiav rau Yexus. nws hais tias:

"Lub! koj hais tias, 'Kuv tsis hloov siab lees txim kom txaus.' Uas yog nrhiav rau koj tus kheej. 'Kuv tsis ntseeg hais tias txaus.' Uas yog nrhiav rau koj tus kheej. 'Kuv yog ib yam nkaus thiab tsis tsim nyog.' Uas yog nrhiav rau koj tus kheej. 'Kuv yuav tsis nrhiav tau,'Hais tias lwm, 'Hais tias kuv muaj tej kev ncaj ncees.' Nws yog ib heev txoj cai hais tias koj muaj tsis muaj kev ncaj ncees; tab sis nws yog heev tsis ncaj ncees lawm mus nrhiav tej. nws yog, ‘Look unto me.’ God will have you turn your eye off yourself and look unto him.”

Kev ncaj ncees yog tsis li cas peb yuav tsum tau nyob rau hauv thiaj li yuav tuaj mus rau Tswv Yexus; nws yog dab tsi peb tau txais thaum peb tuaj mus rau Tswv Yexus. Rau saum ntoo khaublig, Yexus coj lub txim hais tias peb yuav tsum tau txais rau kev txhaum neej peb twb tau nyob. Thiab thaum peb muab tso rau peb txoj kev ntseeg nyob rau hauv Nws, peb tau txais tus nqi zog rau lub zoo meej lub neej Yexus nyob. Tsis yog hais tias amazing?

Nws yog qhov tseeb hais tias peb nyob nraum tsis ncaj ncees txaus, tab sis tus ncaj ncees peb yuav tsum yog nyob rau hauv Nws. tsis, peb yuav tsis zam txim rau peb tus kheej, tab sis cov kev zam txim peb yuav tsum yog nyob rau hauv Nws. Peb yuav tsis cia li pib peb lub neej dua, tab sis lub neej tshiab peb yuav tsum yog nyob rau hauv Nws. Txhua yam peb yuav tsum tau nyob rau hauv Tswv Yexus! Yog li ntawd yog dab tsi yog koj tos? Saib rau Nws tam sim no.



  1. VictorWayneHallJrTeb

    This could not be more true. Jesus died so the lost could be found. Not for the found to be perfect. No one is but him!

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  3. Rupert_langeTeb

    Kuv yuav tsis pom zoo ntau. This is a problem people have when they first get to know Christ, but I tell them of the perfect example for this: Paul. A man who was doing one of the worst things on this earth, and he turned into one of the greatest disciples ever. This should show you how powerful God is, and that you don’t need to be perfect to be a Chrsitian.

  4. AsongTeb

    i’m happy i’m found but i was once lost but now i’m found God bless u my supper star and keep on strenghening u and ur staff ur DG and all those that are contributing for the growth of Gospel hip hop for which i’m one love u

  5. KassyTeb

    Am all the way in Zambia,Africa and your blogs really minister to me I thank God for the good work He is doing through you. For some time this was me till I understood that even in all my sin and brokeness God still saw me as His child and could still love me

  6. AHLTeb

    For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. 2 Cor 5:21

    I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he became Man so that he could receive our sins, sickness, diseases, sorrows, weaknesses and pain by faith. As a spirit of God, he could not have taken this curse upon himself because he was sinless. God poured out his wrath upon him when he had forsaken him at the cross. He took it all and died and went to hell for us! This is the LOVE of God! He paid our debt! And by his faith, he was raised up! THEREFORE, because He delivered me from the curse, because God so loved me, I declare that I AM the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD! No devil in hell will ever confuse me and tell me that I’m not good enough. No way! God SO LOVED THE WORLD that he GAVE his ONLY begotten SON, that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE!

  7. ELIASTeb

    I praise the Lord for this website .Its so sound in doctrine,txoj kev tshav ntuj,love and speech. Keep Braggin on Jesus .. I loved your message from 1John Saturday morn at the UAC13 .. Keep the solid resources coming brother
    O the Good Life book rock my life brother .. keep writting, the Lord really used that mug in my life . If you ever looking to church plant let me know
    i would love to help out in any way I can .

    Grace n Peace

  8. puasTeb

    Dios usandote, gracias por esas palabrasSer pecador no nos aleja de Cristo; Es la razón por la que lo necesitamos.De ver que nunca vamos a poder ser dignOs ante él, pero el es bueno y misericordioso.